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Listen, all of y'all, it's a sabotage . . .
   A small Florida-based Tea Party group, Lee912, is urging Republicans to sabotage a key Obama campaign organizing tool, an online feature that allows supporters to access a list of phone numbers and place calls on behalf of the campaign from home.

    Posting on the website,, the group's founder — Dr. Joe Magnant, a vein specialist practicing in Fort Meyers, Fla. — asked Lee912 members Thursday to use the Obama phone list to campaign for Romney.

    Magnant suggests callers make the case directly for the Romney-Ryan ticket or just mark the voter as "already called" ("This will remove them from their call list," Magnant explains).

   Lee912's message board home page cites Glenn Beck's 9/12 project under "What we're all about", which pretty much says it all right there.

   Slightly more below the fold . . .

    Buzzfeed reports that Magnant posted this message in ALL CAPS to make his case and encourage others in his group to take part. ALL CAPS being how right wing cranks prefer to communicate . . .

   "If you don't feel comfortable knocking on doors, making phone calls or volunteering at a specific time or location then this might be just down your alley. You can from the comfort of your home on your computer use Obama's own call tool to fill out responses of folks on their call list without even having to talk with them. This will remove them from their call list. This is not being dishonest. You can answer neutral to the questions posed. Just get them off their call list and reduce the pool of eligible voters for them to contact. The alternative is to make the phone call and ask the question as a 'volunteer' not an Obama volunteer and make the case for a Romney/Ryan vote."
   "This is not being dishonest". What? Sixteen words later Mr. Magnant actually gets honest when he says the goal is to "reduce the pool of eligible voters for them to contact."

    I don't think calling Obama supporters and trying to convince them of the great taste and medicinal powers of Romney/Ryan brand snake oil is going to be a very effective use of time. But if they can't convince you to vote against your own economic interests as a non millionaire Romney/Ryan supporters can certainly sabotage the ability of others to organize and utilize our democratic rights. Of course, those same self proclaimed freedom loving defenders of the Constitution will tell themselves this is not being dishonest. When you are voting for an unprincipled weather-vane of a liar like Romney that's the only way to keep your head from exploding.

     Is this on par with other voter suppression efforts that Tea Party Republicans are pushing nationwide? Probably not, but it is dishonest as hell. Nothing quite says "Tea Party" the way the word sabotage does. Tea Party Republicans can't seem to enjoy the freedoms embodied in the Constitution unless they are denying those same freedoms to others.

   The floor is now yours . . .

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