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I'm at the stage of anxiety about this election where I start looking for omens. I realize this is irrational, like wearing only black underwear to the Operating Room (as I did throughout my surgical career) or not jinxing my husband's team by watching the playoffs. But I don't let this stop me. I know I'll never again wear the gorgeous totem necklace I was wearing for the first time the day my daughter's breast cancer was diagnosed.

So yesterday as I watched a double rainbow form, then extend into a complete arc, then fade, in a direction I can see from my house but none of our right-wing Christian "family values" neighbors across the way can see from their houses, I couldn't help but see this as a good omen for Obama and Biden.

Even better, recently a devoted pair of our local crows (they know me as the hat lady who won't let them harvest her tomatoes but will share the end of her strawberry crop and will occasionally toss them a few peanuts) sat on their wire staring at me in my kitchen most of the morning, until finally I broke down and scattered a few peanuts on my way out to the car. Had to cross through their party with all their friends and relations because I forgot to remote-open the garage door, to much fluttering and commenting but no actual flight-taking. Now, I'm not crazy about crows because they eat baby robins, but at least they chased off the hawk that was preying on the sparrows and finches around here, and they're intelligent and fun to watch if you grok their language; I love the way they tag-team the olfactory squirrels, and vice versa. Anyway, I arrived home from the grocery store to find all the peanuts gone, no crows remaining in our yard, and a beer-bottle cap with its shiny silver underside facing up, lying in plain sight in the middle of the paved path to our back steps. No way I would have missed it as I was leaving. No way any homo sapiens in our neighborhood would have crossed our property and tossed it through a locked gate: not without tossing the bottle.

I understand from ornithology experts that crows sometimes leave tokens. By golly, I believe one of that pair was saying they want to continue our relationship. This strikes me as a great omen for Four More Years!

Originally posted to pianogramma on Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 07:20 AM PDT.

Also republished by PaganKos and Community Spotlight.

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