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    I am 40 years old and this is the first time I will be voting.  After hanging around here for several weeks I am very embarrassed about this fact.  I registered for the first time in February only because I wanted to sign a petition to end the death penalty in CA.  Once I received my practice ballot, I decided I would research the issues in order to be an informed voter.  As I have always agreed with democrats over republicans, I found Daily Kos during my research.  Here I have discovered that democrats are not the lesser of two evils, but are a progressive force for good, much more closely akin to my own ideas and ideals than I had ever thought before.  I am grateful and humbled to be among  you all.  After being an outsider for all of my life, I have, through reading many diaries and comments, found a place that feels comfortable and right for me.  If you care to, please join me below the jump.

    This election terrifies me.  I have begun researching a move to another country in the unlikely event of a Romney win.  Conservatives terrify me as well.  I have never seen or heard of such disrespect for a president, ever.  I am talking with anyone I can, pushing the importance of a vote for President Obama.  
     I am terrified of myself as well.  I was once a quiet, live and let live, atheist.  More and more I find myself reacting to oppressive theists in an aggressively anti-theist manner.  All of this makes me unhappy.  But I am happy to finally be a voter and I am happy to have found like minded people here at Daily Kos.  Thank you for your time and patience.

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