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I was watching the Ed Show tonight, and Richard Wolfe was discussing the whole "Romney momentum" meme that has seemed to permeate the airwaves, in addition to the serious con game Romney is running on the American voting electorate.  Schultz flatly asked Wolfe, "does the Romney campaign really think voters are this stupid?"

Richard Wolfe said something so simple, yet so profound:

"The Romney campaign doesn't think the voters are stupid.  They know that the press is stupid".

This, my friends, sums the entire election cycle up.  Think of it this way-presidential candidates have lost elections for some of the most ridiculous reasons.

1.  Dukakis lost because of his apparent phoniness riding in a military tank
2.  George HW Bush lost because he kept looking at his watch during a debate
3.  John Kerry lost because he opposed the war before he was against it

History has taught us that presidential candidates have fallen, and fallen HARD, from a simple lapse in judgement, from a seemingly innocent gaffe that was blown up by the media.

Fast forward to 2012.  Mitt Romney hasn't had gaffes. He's had monumental fuckups (excuse my language), lie after lie, misstatement after misstatement, reinvention after reinvention, con after con.  Romney is the only presidential candidate in history to lie his way through an entire debate and actually not only be declared a winner, but be bolstered by the press as the winner.  In this country, our press is supposed to be the last bastion of truth, the people who can't be bought.  Sure, we have always had slime in the press, but there have always been a group of brave souls who swam against the tide in pursuit of truth.


No tax returns?  Not an issue.
No details of what deductions he will cut to pay for his enormous tax cuts for the rich?  The voter really doesn't care
2 trillion in military spending?  For what? Another War?  Nah, he wouldn't dare
Romney lied through the first debate?  Who cares, he looked "presidential".  What a game changer
Obama and Biden won all the others.  Not enough to change the trajectory of the race, so call it a draw and move on while simultaneously debasing the moderators.


I dont' know who has been worse, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, or hell, even NPR.  The minute the first debate ended, the media was supposed to be all over Romney's ass like white on rice.  Instead, we had the right ignoring the lies and claiming a "game changer", with the left wetting their respective pants and basically handing a tainted victory to the GOP without blowing consistent gaskets over Romney's blatant series of lies.

One commercial of John Kerry windsurfing railroaded his campaign, and, if I can recall, the left rolled over.  Mitt Romney has given the media so much catnip to work with, it seems almost implausible that they haven't trounced on him like a wounded cat.

Now, we have this unadulterated fool Donald Trump coming out with some crap tomorrow that will certainly be overblown and overtake any momentum the President will have gained from the debate.  The question is, what will the media do about it?

My guess?  Nothing.  Nada.  Not a damn thing.  I swear, if I don't see Democratic surrogates screaming bloody murder tomorrow (they are already late) instead of trying to appear to not be a part of the mythical "librul media", I may never participate in the Democratic process again.  If the GOP is successful, they would have won the biggest con game in the history of American politics.  And we will have let it happen.

Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 6:40 AM PT: Wow! I'm on the rec list?  Thanks!  That's a first for me.

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