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       On Monday, October 22, 2012 - this brief (here) was sent to the Delaware Federal BK Court, the United States Trustee, the Department of Justice and various parties of interest. Yesterday, I wrote a Diary "here".

       Today I am told that the Philadelphia SEC Prosecutor (Paul Rihn) has been removed from the case and it is no longer a matter of importance to the SEC. I also spoke to the FBI in Los Angeles for 36 minutes. He was real smug and declined to give his name. Now the Delaware Federal Court has REFUSED to docket the item that provides proof of one of the reasons Mitt Romney seeks to be "retroactive" from August 2001 - back to February 1999.


Unless we force this case to get the attention it deserves  Romney may steal this!

UPDATE: Story Summary

     It is REAL simple folks. Romney is dodging 2001 (retroactively) back to February 1999. The attorneys in eToys have ALREADY confessed to lying under oath deliberately (and the U.S. Trustee said in parts 19 & 35 of this brief [here] - that they did so AFTER they were Forewarned - not to do the very crimes they went ahead and did in secret).

     The attorney for eToys (MNAT) and the attorney for eToys creditors (Paul Traub) and the CEO of eToys (Barry Gold) are ALL still LYING and hiding the fact that they worked for Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital. When we sold eToys for approximately $100 million to Bain Capital Kay Bee - MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold reduced the prices to less than pennies on the dollar. Lying to the Court 30 times and CONFESSING it was Intentional.

                                     THAT is Fraud upon the Court by Perjury

      Instead of being investigated, arrested, indicted and prosecuted - Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have gotten away with this crime for 11 1/2 years - because a Bain Capital attorney was made the United States Attorney (Colm Connolly) on August 2, 2001. Connolly's resume shows that he was an MNAT law firm partner (Bain Capital attorney) from March 1999 to August 2001. After he became U.S. Attorney - he refused to investigate and or prosecute his BOSS (Romney) and his partner/ clients (MNAT, Traub, Gold etc) - for 7 years.

   Colm Connolly's federally archived resume (here)

   GWB's August 2, 2001 nomination of Colm Connolly to be US Attorney (here)

     It is a BIG friggin story that a Federal Court is messing with the Court records

                  For the sake of protecting Bain Capital/ Romney Organized Crimes

                                They don't want to admit their Cover Ups

FACTS Federally Archived

Paul Traub and MNAT secretly work for Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital
    Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital's (secret) attorneys are MNAT and Paul Traub. The law firm handled Mormon issues including the Mormon Church's claim on the Howard Hughes Will.

     Matt Taibbi's story (Greed & Debt) denoted the fact that Michael Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million before filing bankruptcy. MNAT represents Bain Capital in that matter and Paul Traub asked to be the one to prosecute it.

    Paul Traub and his partner Barry Gold worked for Romney/ Jack Bush (Bain IdeaForest Executive who was also at Jumbo Sports and Stage Stores) and Michael Glazer was Co-Director with Jack Bush. MNAT handled Mitt Romney's merger of the Learning Company with Mattel (who lost $2 billion). Then MNAT lied to become eToys attorney, Paul Traub lied to become eToys creditors attorney. Traub and MNAT then put Barry Gold in as CEO and they sold eToys (almost for FREE) to Romney/ Bain/ Glazer/ Kay Bee. MNAT and TBF confessed to lying to the court - BUT they were Never prosecuted (see Wall Street Journal article (here)).

Romney/ Bain Capital - owned their own U.S. Attorney

     HOWEVER, the crimes were never prosecuted because of "Retroactive Romney". The real reason Mitt Romney is dodging August 2001 - all the way back to February 1999 - is the Stage Stores/ Learning Company/ Liquidity Solutions/ Kay Bee/ eToys FRAUDS, Perjury and Racketeering. The way they are getting away with it all, is because NO One Cares about the Fact that Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital owned their own United States Attorney.
   A simple question - Yes or No.

    Can Al Capone "retroactively" resign from his organized crimes?

    Would we EVER permit Frank Nitti to exonerate by testifying "the boss was not there"?

                                           OF COURSE NOT

        Just because the names are different, does not permit logic to be tossed away.

       Colm Connolly was a MNAT law firm partner from March 1999 to August 2, 2001 (get the picture). Then, on August 2, 2001 GW Bush nominated Colm Connolly to be the United States Attorney in Delaware. Where, for his entire 7 year tenure in office, Colm refused to investigate and/ or prosecute Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, MNAT and Paul Traub.

Public Record Proof of MNAT/ Colm Connolly/ Bain Capital ties

   Colm Connolly's federally archived resume (here)

   GWB's August 2, 2001 nomination of Colm Connolly to be US Attorney (here).

SEC Proof that MNAT handled merger of The Learning Company with Mattel (here)

Proof MNAT represents Bain Capital  (here) in Kay Bee Toys case

Proof that MNAT had Books & Records in eToys DESTROYED (here)

       MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold nefariously seized eToys to sell it to Mitt Romney/ Bain/ Kay Bee for less than pennies on the dollar. This is continuous fraud on the court by Perjury.

       Is there a LAW that addresses massive Obstruction of Justice by rogue federal agents - when they submit Briefs to the United States Circuit Court and put in the very 1st Footnote (see PDF page 9 [brief pg #2] here) that;

   11The bankruptcy court order which was the subject of Mr . Alber's district court appeal also ordered partial disgorgement of compensation by debtors' counsel, Appellee Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell ("MNAT") in connection with Mr . Alber's January 25, 2005 motion alleging conflicts of interest by MNAT, and approved a settlement between the post-effective date committee of unsecured creditors and Goldman Sachs & Co . The United States Trustee did not assert a position in the bankruptcy court or the district court appeal regarding those two matters and does not address them herein .

       It appears that the Dept of Justice is saying to the Third Circuit Court - "See, we are letting MNAT get away - 'Scot FREE'".
(By the way - if you look at Colm Connolly's resume (here) - he clerked for the Senior Justice of the Third Circuit Court (Walter K Stapleton).


Office of Inspecter General Coward Run Away From this Case

       Obvioulsy, everyone is scared that Mitt Romney "WILL" become President of the United States and punish them. So they are all Lying and saying it belongs in another jurisdiction. Such as the Office of Inspector General and this email then sent me today;
From HOTLINE, OIG (OIG) Thu Oct 25 05:06:52 2012
X-Apparently-To: via; Thu, 25 Oct 2012 05:06:54 -0700

Dear Concerned Citizen:

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.  The matters that you raised have been reviewed by the staff of the Investigations Division, Office of the Inspector General.

The primary investigative responsibilities of this office are:

•             Allegations of misconduct committed by U.S. Department of Justice employees and contractors; and

•             Waste and abuse by high ranking Department officials, or that affects major programs and operations.

This Office does not have jurisdiction in the matter you described.  Therefore, we are unable to assist you.

 We regret that we are unable to assist you further.  

Office of the Inspector General
Investigations Division

    Evidently the cowards saw the opening paragraph of the Brief naming Bain Capital and concluding with Mitt Romney and never read the 2nd paragraph - that goes straight into the detail about a crooked United States Attorney (Colm Connolly).


     The final straw that is breaking the camel's back (and damn near pushing me over the edge) - is the fact that the Delaware United States Court has (thus far) refused to docket the briefing.

      Last time, they said the Judge had to read it first and held it up for 5 days in Chambers. It is against the Law for a federal clerk to refuse a brief unless it is not in english.

      They are probably going to hold it up until after the election. That means they are planning (and hoping) that Mitt Romney wins (steals it).

      All this is public record proof and no one is willing to publish it.



Proof that the Delaware Federal Court received the Express Mail (here)

Also proof that the United States Trustee received it also (here).

       When this SOB gets in and begins to bankrupt our country; you will not be able to say that you weren't warned ahead of time.

 If he can get away with all this now

         what's going to happen when he hand picks his own Attorney General?

Mitt Romney should not even be allowed to walk the streets
                         much less the "obscene" ability to run for President of America!

If that all does not piss you off -

     how about the fact that the Public Corruption Task Force was Shut Down

                  and career Assistant United States Attorneys were Threatened to silence?



Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 04:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


Has corruption and cowardice become the norm in America?

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