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Today on the Ed Show, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former General Colin Powell Chief of Staff decided to get tough and frank about the current state of the Republican Party.He was responding to John Sonunu’s racist statement where he said that General Colin Powell endorsed President Obama because they are both black (paraphrased).

Mitt Romney has not made any attempt to remove Sonunu who seems to have a preponderance of hate for the president as he continues to insult him racially both subliminally and overtly. Change will only occur when evil is called out as Colonel Wilkerson is doing.

Colonel Wilkerson said:

My party is full of racists and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants president Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander in chief and President and everything to do with the color of his skin and that is despicable.

I got the pertinent snippets of the video below. Please listen and share it. Let’s help good Republicans reclaim their party.

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