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In the past, I have worked phone banks for various Democrats, including President Obama, and have had experiences similar to the many great stories repeated by others on Daily Kos.

Just today, when I was calling for the Obama campaign with Organizing for America Pennsylvania, I talked to one gentleman who replied that the person I called no longer lived at that number. He said he was a former Ron Paul supporter, who didn’t like either candidate because they were “too corporate.” After my pitch, he decided he would vote for Obama when I reminded him that Romney said “corporations are people.”

But it is another call I made today, that I feel provides even a better reason for other Daily Kos readers to volunteer ASAP.

UPDATE: Wow! Thanks for putting this story on the rec list!

I have tried to volunteer ever chance I can, since Al Gore lost to Bush in 2000 because of a few hundred votes. That election, my wife and I had young children, and did not have time or the ability to help. I have felt guilty ever since because I never worked to stop Bush from winning that razor-thin vote.

Phone banking is fun and gratifying for me, because of stories like the one above. It’s all about getting information to, and from, the voters who often don’t have the time or ability to get the facts they need.

Even finding out that the person no longer lives at that number is important information I can record, so that other volunteers don’t waste their time calling the number again.

Of course, phone-banking is not always pleasant. On another call today, I asked for the name on my list, a woman. The man who answered the phone yelled, “she ain’t voting for him!” He then told me in no uncertain terms to take her name off my list. All before hanging-up!

But I have never had anyone say, what a young lady on my list said to me today.

A young child answered the phone and yelled “Mommy” when I asked for the name on the list. The young woman, who talked loudly over the voices of children, said that she wanted to vote for Obama. Then she added that she couldn’t vote this year, “because I don’t have my ID.”

To be honest, at first I was angry. But I put my feelings aside, and quickly told her that she was not required to have an ID this election. And that she could still vote if she doesn’t find it.

She thanked me and asked if I knew where her polling place was this year. I checked my list and gave her the address. Another success story!

Please help voters get the information they need. Volunteer to phone-bank, canvass your neighborhood or help, and donate, in anyway you can. Please, don’t take anything for granted. Right after I post this, I will be calling some more voters who may need my help.

Remember 2000!        

Originally posted to joeotter on Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 02:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by DK Poli.

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