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As the 2012 campaign winds its way into its final week, this is an apt moment to reflect, for a moment, on the legacy of the 2012 Romney/Ryan and Republican campaigns.

How shall this Republican campaign year be remembered?

The most vivid memories of these final weeks of campaigning, will be of: (1) Two weasels (Romney & Ryan); (2) Rape Pregnancies; (3) and the Racist John Sununu.

(A) Two Weasels:

Romney and Ryan will be remembered as two weasels who, after devoted the most concentrated and intense effort on appealing to the right-wing of the Republican and Tea Parties, found a way to WEASEL out of every single controversial thing that they had ever said or done to appeal to right-wing organizations.   Many words were used to describe them, including "liars," "bullshit" artists, con men, and flim-flam men; but the words "two weasels" may resound through the halls of memory, because the visual imagery of the weasel in action conveys their very essence.  Who were Romney and Ryan, children will ask, one day, and we will remember them as "a couple of weasels."

(B) Rape Pregnancies:

Ryan was selected by Romney to appeal to the right-wing extremist sector, including Akin of Missouri and Mourdock of Indiana, and 10 Republican Senate candidates.  Romney, Ryan and the 12 senate candidates succeeded only in bringing to voters' attention the dire warning that, if elected, they would see to it that the Supreme Court majority would force women to give birth when pregnancies were caused by rapists.  Worse still, their words conveyed a profound lack of sensitivity to the concerns, rights, and long-term well-being of American females and their families.

(C) The Racist, John Sununu:

In the final months of the Romney/Ryan campaign, co-chairman John Sununu made a spectacle of himself as a campaign spokesman, never hesitating to go live on the air to utter words that shocked many Americans' ears with their raw, unfiltered hatred and contempt for the Democratic campaign.  Not since the 1964 campaign, when Barry Goldwater shocked the nation with words implying an almost eager readiness to wage nuclear war against the Soviet Union, has an American Presidential campaign come so close to violating the spirit of tolerance, equality, and respect for all peoples.  The (often bloviating) face of John Sununu, their highest-profile spokesman, will be the single most memorable visual image for the Romney/Ryan campaign.   The negative, visceral impact and sense of revulsion caused by repeated images of John Sununu will be remembered, despite the very belated and futile recognition among Republicans and other right-wing voters that Sununu repeatedly "crossed the line."




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  •  Do these three capture the essence of Romney/Ryan? (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kurt, ChicDemago

    You may have additional blunders, fiascos, and malapropisms or disasters to put at the top of the list.  

    I have focused on these three, because they keep resounding in commentaries as perplexing campaign oddities.  First, why does Romney and his team think they can get away with being such an obvious flim-flam man (or "Bullshifter")?

    Second, how could they allow the rape pregnancy issue to emblazon itself upon the American consciousness as one of the central concerns of the Republican Party?   Third, how could they allow John Sununu, of all people, to be not only campaign co-chair, but also their principle spokesman?

    They made fundamental errors in thinking the American people wouldn't recognize their obvious flim-flam con artist baloney, their disrespect for the rights and equality of women, and their contempt and fear of non-caucasians.  

    These errors alone, are enough to convince most Americans with common sense that they lack the sound judgement needed to govern the nation for the next four years.

    Worse for them, still, they have pounded these repugnant ideas into the American consciousness as fundamental principles at the bedrock of the Republican Party.  They have done the memory of earlier and more noble Republicans (Lincoln, T Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower) a great disservice.

  •  What have weasels done to (0+ / 0-)

    deserve such a bad rap?

  •  Nothing will harm them except losing the election. (0+ / 0-)

    Then Romney will still be a multimillionaire, but will whine about how the election was stolen from him. He will be out of politics for good, but that won't bother him. He won't have to come in contact with the common units, except to have them mow his lawn, for Pete's sake.

    For Ryan, it remains to be seen. If he loses his congressional seat and the Vice Presidency, he may be toast. The Republicans may treat him as toxic, a la Palin. He may struggle for a comeback election.

    My lady binder is killing me.

    by surfermom on Sun Oct 28, 2012 at 07:59:17 AM PDT

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