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I had thought about it a lot but it had gotten displaced by increasing stress at work.

Sometime ago, The Obama Administration did something with Medicare - I do not know exactly why or when it occurred - but it cut the per diem reimbursements we get from Medicare for treating the people we do.

By now that cut means we get one half what we used to get for the same exact service.
 Census has doubled, my caseload has gone from 12, which was manageable, to about 26. (Managed care paperwork is endless, time-consuming, useless, and keeps me from actually treating people more and better. Excellent accomplishment.)

We have dropped 2 therapists - there's me a 2 other full-time staff, and a host of part-time folks, but they just provide educational services, not case management.

And health insurance is gone, axed as the company mulled whether to pack up shop altogether or continue on.

They chose to continue on.

Then, recently, I hear the boss and another employee talking about how they just can't vote for Obama because of this Medicare change.

I was quite dismayed to hear this; it's not comforting to find your 'superiors' engaging in very ignorant thinking, but there it is. They blame "Obamacare".

Honestly, I do not know enough about Obamacare to know if the cut in medicare (due to a "new interpretation in the reading of social security law - that is all I know) is REALLY due to that, or some other stunt pulled by the republicans who are always pulling stuts with Medicare.

I leave political confrontation out of my workplace, for the most part.

One would have to be very dense in order to NOT understand I have nothing but derision and sarcasm for Rmoney.

I held my tongue, which is a messy and difficult thing to do. I told myself I just cannot get into this with them, mostly because I would come off as condescending.

What is wrong with you??

You don't like something Obama did so you'll go vote for Mr Ship your damned jobs to China and Mr MEDICARE VOUCHER???

Even though I COULD get away with such a tirade there, I felt it was the better part of valour just to remain quiet.

Anyway, long story short, I won't be voting for Obama on November 6th.

I voted for Obama YESTERDAY at the South Fulton Service center on Stonewall Tell Road in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bonus Race-filled Rant!

I was going to vote first thing in the morning.

But..... my beautiful Vietnamese wife arranged for a Vietnamese man to come to the house to work on our heat, which has quit heating. Winter and Vietnamese spouse do not mix well without heat.

He was late, squashing my hopes of getting to the poll when it opened.

Mr. Heat and Air finally arrived and spent a good bit of time checking things and finally diagnosed the issue as low on freon. He pumped it up and charged us...... $80.00

I expected $200, you know?

Then I went to the County Office to vote. At 1230 or 1 pm there was a line out of the building, down the sidewalk and down the street.

I live in a predominantly black area so I am often a stand out in the crowd. I am very comfortable with that.

This was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and there was a real big crowd at the office to vote.

I got in, there were no problems with my registration and I was able to claim the DIEBOLD MACHINE furthest to the Left and vote there.

I treated myself to Mexican food afterward - a chicken Chimichanga from the good people at Taqueria Iztaccihuatl. Delicious.

So I spent the am with my Vietnamese with and her HVAC friend, hung around with my black neighbors to vote for our Black President  - AGAIN - and then spend some time with some Mexicans, eating their food and thanking them for opening their restaurant.

This is my idea of America.


(Get you ass out to vote.)

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