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CNN Readers just aren't buying any of it.

I thought this was too delicious I had to share.  My first reaction when seeing the title of this article about Mittens joining in and being briefed at a teleconference with FEMA and the National Weather Service was: why is he even involved? He's not part of the federal government and he's not their boss! Stay out of the fucking way!


To my delight just about all of the reaction to this story was pretty much 100% the same or similar to mine.

Here's a sample of some of my favorites. ENJOY!


Classic Romney:

One minute he's saying that he'll end FEMA and all Federal disaster response.

The next minute he's pretending like he's running the Federal disaster response.

Dave, CA

Shameless. Disgusting person. Did Mitt remind them all that he was going to do away with FEMA?!


I wonder if he told them how he wants to push them down to the state level and privatize them, so that when people in America need disaster relief these businesses can bill the government, then bill private individuals. This is just another Republican con game where they get paid from both sides. This guy doesn't deserve to be anywhere near office.


Beyond ridiculous. He has no power to do anything.


Why does Romney need to talk to FEMA? Can I talk to FEMA too, because Romney has just as much authority as me regarding natural disasters....NONE!!! He needs to respectful and allow the authorized authorities do their job and that currently doesn't include him.

1:45 PM PT: Wow! Didn't expect to make it on the rec list. Thanks everyone.

Watching the Romney campaign is a lot of fun these days.

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