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Mitt Romney is not a man who deserves to lead this nation, through thick and especially not through thin.  During one of the most severe storms in the Northeast ever, one which has caused Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer to declare in an e-mail just now, "Our subway system experienced the worst disaster in its 108-year history", Mitt Romney repeatedly refuses to answer journalists' questions regarding his policy stances on FEMA, or regarding whether or not he believes FEMA should be gutted as he already said he thinks it ought to:

This man is a moral tyrant.  He would seek to take away our safety from harm, to take away our ability to address enormous, unforeseen natural disasters as one organized nation, just so that the billionaires and millionaires who already have so much can have so much more.  He talks about bankrupting our children when he actually means bankrolling our billionaires.  And he does so while keeping from us crucial information that might help us determine how his plutocratic life might affect his democratic governing.

ENOUGH with this shit.  We demand answers.  Who are you, Mitt Romney, and what exactly is it that you would do with FEMA; why won't you answer our questions?

From HuffPo, just now: "Mitt Romney Refuses To Talk About FEMA After Hurricane Sandy Event"

Mitt Romney refused to answer reporters' questions about how he would handle the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), after a Tuesday "storm relief" event in Ohio for Hurricane Sandy.


A follow-up report noted the specific questions Romney ignored, as he was collecting hurricane supplies following his event:

"Gov are you going to eliminate FEMA?" a print pooler shouted, receiving no response.
Wires reporters asked more questions about FEMA that were ignored.

Romney kept coming over near pool to pick up more water. He ignored these questions:

"Gov are you going to see some storm damage?"

"Gov has [New Jersey Gov.] Chris Christie invited you to come survey storm damage?"

"Gov you've been asked 14 times, why are you refusing to answer the question?"

What gives him the right?  What gives him, anybody, the right to taunt us with silence over something so relevant to the livelihood and well-being of millions among us.  What makes him think he doesn't answer to us; that he deserves a chance behind the helm of our nation, while he willfully ignores our questions about how he might steer our ship?

If he refuses us now, as a candidate, how might he refuse us then, as a president?  Are you not OUTRAGED?  This is CRAZY.


Hat tip to RhodaA for finding the video of Romney ignoring people's questions in Ohio today:


Out of respect for the original source of the CNN vid, I'll leave up the video that's above, but for maximum virality, use and share this Youtube version:

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