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The seats at the Convention Center in St. Cloud were filled "almost to the rafters," according to a reporter on the scene.

Graves won easily. There's a link to the video below, but here's a debate highlight.

The moderator asked about currently unfunded entitlements, especially Social Security and Medicare. She asked both candidates what they planned to do--specifically--to address the debt and deficit spending stemming from these programs.

Graves listed specific proposals for easing the debt burden. He suggested that a means test on Medicare might be necessary. He suggested modifying a $110,000 income level cap on taxation of Social Security benefits.

Bachmann's turn: She talked in general about her belief in free market as an alternative to Obama care. She talked about the immorality of sticking our children with the bill for the present generation, accusing "one generation of consuming all."

Then Graves pounced.

Graves said that if people were listening, they realized that Bachmann was offering no specific proposals for fixing the funding of Medicare and Social Security. The moderator gave Bachmann a second shot at it--and Michele still didn't offer any specific proposals to address the problem.

So Graves pounced again: "She didn't answer the question and she's not going to." He added that we have to address this, that Michele couldn't "political speak" around the problem.

Bachmann shot back, saying that she had been blessed with five biological children and twenty three foster children, and that "we do have plans and solutions." (She still wouldn't identify or commit to any, though.)

Then Bachmann said to Graves: "It's insulting to say it's political speak. That's one thing I do not do, is political speak."

That got the biggest laugh of the day, from the Sixth District crowd attending the event. And that wasn't the only time Michele drew hoots from the audience.

Graves stayed and took questions after the debate was over. The reporter broadcasting the debate noted that Bachmann ducked right out the door afterwards.

ACTION LINK: Anyone can phone bank for Jim Graves; you don't have to live in the district. (Somebody here told me that the other day, and I checked it out with the campaign. They told me it's true.) Call 320-252-4446 to volunteer to stop Bachmann.

Or donate to Jim Graves' campaign.

LINK: To the Uptake, the video site with the recording of the debate.

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