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T-Minus 7 Days And Counting... The Day After (Sandy)

Samples of Today's 27 Diary Collection:

[AZ-Sen] AZ-Sen: Jeff Flake (R) Flaked On Immigration Reform by poopdogcomedy - Diarist takes time to remind the Kos community, especially in Arizona, that Tea Party Congressman Jeff Flake (R) flaked on immigration reform.  His opponent, former Surgeon General and war hero, Dr. Richard Carmona (D), has been hitting Flake for flaking on this very important issue. ActBlue link for Carmona included.

[MI-08] Star Trek, U.N.C.L.E., Lansing and MI-08 by JamieG from Md - Diarist casts the congressional race in Michigan's 8th district in Star Trek terms, with a bit of Man from U.N.C.L.E. thrown in. The race is between Democrat Lance Enderle and Mike Rogers (R).

[CA-Prop 37] Prop 37 and the Future of Food: New Poll, New Ad, and the Message Every Voter Needs to Hear by Yes on 37 CA Right to Know - A detailed diary advocating in favor of California's Proposition 37, which would mandate labeling of GM foods.

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[AZ-Sen] AZ-Sen: Jeff Flake (R) Flaked On Immigration Reform by poopdogcomedy - Diarist takes time to remind the Kos community, especially in Arizona, that Tea Party Congressman Jeff Flake (R) flaked on immigration reform.  His opponent, former Surgeon General and war hero, Dr. Richard Carmona (D), has been hitting Flake for flaking on this very important issue. ActBlue link for Carmona included.

[MA-Sen] Fourth Robocall from Crossroads GPS by gmoke - A new robocall from Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS attempts to use Democrat Elizabeth Warren's Native American heritage to show she is somehow not being truthful.

[MA-Sen] Scott Brown cancels last debate by drsampson - Republican Scott Brown used hurricane Sandy as a convenient reason to cancel his last debate with Elizabeth Warren.

[MA-Sen] Scott Brown given perfect excuse to cancel debate by Joan McCarter - Sen. Scott Brown tried hard to dodge his first debate against Elizabeth Warren, citing the need to stay in D.C. for critical votes, but Harry Reid foiled his plans by canceling votes. Mother Nature is more generous to Brown, who has a sure-fire excuse for avoiding a final meeting with Warren.

[MO-Sen] Senator Claire McCaskill's Mother Has Died by cyncynical - Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill's mother has died, just before her re-election next Tuesday against Todd Akin (R).

[ND-Sen] Bill Clinton to North Dakota for Senate Rally for Heidi Heitkamp: North Dakota is in play! by scarletraven - Here Comes the Reinforcements! "Rally with Heidi" with the "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" was to take place Monday, October 29th in Fargo.

[PA-Sen] PA-Sen: New Ad From Bob Casey Jr. (D) Highlights Tea Party Tom Smith's (R) Shady Coal Resume by poopdogcomedy - Smith has made money from unsafe coal mines, stipulates Casey.

[TN-Sen] Corker wants to grant banks immunity for predatory loans by nellrose - Republican Senator Bob Corker has been recruited to attach get-out-of-jail-free language for the banks to the Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act. Mark Clayton is his Dem challenger.

[WI-Sen] Tommy Thompson doubles down on deceptive 9/11 attacks against Tammy Baldwin by Joan McCarter - Tommy Thompson (R) is telling fibs in an all too predictable way about Tammy Baldwin (D).


[IL-17] Tea Party Rep. Schilling claims to be a Democrat by clfjmpr - Tea Party Rep. Bobby Schilling is distributing misleading literature in heavily Democratic areas. His Democratic challenger is Cheri Bustos.

[MI-08] Star Trek, U.N.C.L.E., Lansing and MI-08 by JamieG from Md - Diarist casts the congressional race in Michigan's 8th district in Star Trek terms, with a bit of Man from U.N.C.L.E. thrown in. The race is between Democrat Lance Enderle and Mike Rogers (R).

[MN-06] MN-06: Star Tribune finally fact-checks Bachmann when endorsing Graves by The Big E - The Minneapolis Star Tribune endorsed Jim Graves over Rep. Michele Bachmann. So they also slammed Bachmann over a number of different issues.

[VA-06] A Particularly Important and Disgraceful Falsehood from My Opponent, Bob Gridlock by AndySchmookler - Bob Goodlatte (R) is a keen and egregious dissembler, says Andy Schmookler (D).


[MN-StSen-48] GOP State Senator David Hann Endorsed For Re-Election - By His Boss by TwoPuttTommy - The endorsement came in the form of a letter to the editor published October 18th. What it neglects to say is that it was written by Hann's boss. Hann is being challenged by DFL candidate Laurie McKendry.

[NY-StSen-43] NY-StSen-43: NYS Senate Candidate Robin Andrews Receives Influential Newspaper Endorsement by Upstate Blue - The Albany Times Union, the region's most widely circulated paper, endorsed Democrat Robin Andrews for the now-open 43rd State Senate District over her Tea Bagging right-wing opponent, Kathy Marchione.

Ballot Initiatives:

[CA-Prop 36] Vote No on California Proposition 36: Three Strikes Law by Inoljt - If you reside within the confines of the Golden State, you should read this diary on a complex subject.

[CA-Prop 37] Prop 37 and the Future of Food: New Poll, New Ad, and the Message Every Voter Needs to Hear by Yes on 37 CA Right to Know - A detailed diary advocating in favor of California's Proposition 37, which would mandate labeling of GM foods.


[Var-Polling] Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: The 'Two Americas' and the national polling by Steve Singiser - We have, at this point, made clear time and again the odd (and growing) disconnect with what the national polls have shown and what the state polls show. Currently, that disconnect sits at about three percentage points, with an average taken from the national polls stubbornly sitting at a Romney edge of about a percentage point, and an estimate of the national vote based on the variety of state polls consistent with an Obama lead of roughly two points.


A Heartfelt Letter In Support Of Freedom To Marry by Julie Gulden - Diarist's son just sent a letter that a friend of his wrote and the urge to share it was overwhelming...

Changes to Maryland Early Voting Dates Due to Storm by night cat - Early voting in Maryland extended to Friday due to Superstorm Sandy.

Early Voting in Duval County, Florida by Arculi - Early voting report from Duval County, which is Jacksonville, Florida.

FL Early Voting Shenanigans in Polk County(I didn't cast my ballot yesterday) by xomnow - Diarist wasn't stopped from voting but had questions that the election officials couldn't answer. He will vote later. The good news is OFA is on the ground in Lakeland, FL.

GOTV: Feed Your Campaign Workers by Melanie in IA - If you can't phone bank or canvass but still want to contribute to the GOTV efforts in your area, consider feeding the campaign volunteers!

Iowa Early Voting Update, 10/30/12 by FightingRegistrar - Latest figures from Iowa.

Latest CO Early/Mail In Vote, D's pick up 1% by RWN - Update on early voting figures from Colorado.

Nevada Early Voting Update, 10/29/12 by FightingRegistrar - Here are the latest, up to the minute figures out of Clark and Washoe counties in Nevada.

Nevada Early Voting Update, 10/30/12 by FightingRegistrar - Our early voting stats-keeper weighs in on today's numbers from Nevada.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 04:16 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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  •  One Week From Today! (14+ / 0-)

    Hope all Kossacks in the storm's path made it through unscathed. Here at EDR Headquarters the electricity was out until 5:30 this afternoon. We are lucky...

    •  the thing about that district is (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Sylv, randallt, Alma, Turbonerd

      that its like real estate: location, location, location. Obama either narrowly won it or came close to winning it. If this was Georgia, the dem would easily win it. But this is California, where a dem usually needs a 57-58% Obama district to win.

      RRH expat (known as AquarianLeft). Also known as freepcrusher on leip atlas forum

      by demographicarmageddon on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 06:42:42 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I live in 49, trust me it is no where near Obama (5+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        dkosdan, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

        country. He lost it last election, out here they call it Reagan country. I hope Tetelman wins, but I don't pin much hope on it. If he does win, it will be an Obama landslide for sure.

        •  Tetalman has a greater chance (5+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          dkosdan, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

          He got 33% of the vote in the primaries and he's been living in the 49th district since the late 1970's.  If there's any expert on demographics in the 49th district, that's Jerry Tetalman.

          Some facts Tetalman pointed out to me:

          A majority of Riverside county was previously in Issa's own turf but due to redistricting, much of Riverside is now out of Issa's turf (Riverside, according to Tetalman, is more conservative/red leaning).  Tetalman also said the number of Democrats and Independents, as well as progressive groups have increased recently, giving him a better chance at unseating Darrell Issa than before.  This is not to say the district is a toss-up or is it lean Democratic.  It's not.  However, Tetalman argues the district is not Safe Republican at all but rather Lean Republican.  Now if a district is Lean Republican vs. Safe Republican

          Keep in mind one of Tetalman's biggest and most vocal supporters is Francine Busby, whom you probably know as the first real Democratic candidate to run for former 50th District's Randy "Duke" Cunningham back when he was forced out of Congress due to ethics charges and convictions.  Busby ran against Brian Bilbray more than once, twice, and I believe three times total and lost all times.  However, now Bilbray is in a competitive race which is now either toss-up or Lean Democrat.  So in essence, Busby isn't just supporting Tetalman because she thinks he's a strong candidate, she believes it also is possible because she's run in her own area which was once Safe Republican.  Times do change, however slowly they may be.

          Tetalman, in my interview with him, points out he can appeal to Republicans and conservatives because he's a fiscal conservative and that we have to live within our means, including making sure the U.S. budget is balanced.  In addition to this, Tetalman is also calm, diplomatic and surprisingly non-ideological when he's making his points (he's very factual).  At the same time, Tetalman is an outstanding, 100% progressive.  He's also told me he's open to making the communication line more free and efficient for people in the 49th district to communicate to him should he get the opportunity to replace Darrell Issa as a Congressman.  He's inclusive rather than exclusive and to be honest, when I interviewed Tetalman, I got answers from him more sincere and candid than I would have expected an average Democratic candidate running for Congress to answer.  Tetalman never hesitated even once to answering my hard ball questions.  He's that open.

          On top of that, I'm in regular communication with Tetalman's campaign manager and they're all a friendly, open group.  Ask them any pressing question and they should be open to answering it.

          In the meantime, there's a US Postal Service worker protest happening tomorrow at Darrell Issa's office in Vista, CA.  Tetalman and over 100-200, maybe even more people will be showing up in front of Issa's office to make their stand over Issa's privatization bill for the postal service.  The whole unions around San Diego and other nearby counties are involved.  Issa may show up (and it's not guaranteed) but if he does, it's not going to be a pretty sight.

          Tetalman is a fighter and he's been a political activist his entire life, even during the Vietnam War and Iraq war and he's very anti-war.  He's like Dennis Kucinich except a better spokesman over Kucinich's causes as Tetalman is, like I've said, more calm and diplomatic.

          •  the part of Riverside County that was removed (5+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            dkosdan, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

            was the Temecula/Murrietta area. From my knowledge of the area, its the most GOP part of the county and where a lot of OC expats moved to.

            RRH expat (known as AquarianLeft). Also known as freepcrusher on leip atlas forum

            by demographicarmageddon on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 11:19:23 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  Right (5+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              dkosdan, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

              And now, Orange County is leaning more Democratic these days.

              The point being also and this is something people in the 49th district don't seem to realize:  The CA Republican Party is loosing steam fast and it's going down the abyss more and more each year.  The Democrats control the State Assembly and State Senate and have done so for more than ten years.

              Nowadays, if you want to run in the gubernatorial race in California, it's IMPOSSIBLE to win being a right-winger or even as a conservative.  Even if you're being a moderate Republican, there's a big dilemma you have to face:  a growing population and one that's becoming more ethnic by each month.  A lot of these ethnic groups of voters are leaning more Democratic although that's not to say there are, for-say, no conservative Hispanics.  There are but they aren't getting much clout in California politics.  In fact, just about all of the Republicans in State Assembly, State Senate and even California U.S. Congressmen are WHITE.

              The point being:  Issa's days are numbered and if he doesn't get beaten this election cycle, he will get beaten in 2014 or 2016.  It's inevitable.  That's how much under pressure the CA GOP Party is.

              •  its not like the CA GOP was ever dominant (4+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

                - There has not been more registered Rs than Ds in CA since the 1920s or something like that.

                - The dems have controlled at least one chamber of the legislature since 1957.

                - The Dems have held at least one of the senate seats since 1969

                - they've held at least half of all the congressional seats since 1959

                - There are less registered dems now then there were before. In 1976, 56 percent of the state was registered democrat. Now its 44 percent.

                - The CDP held more seats in the legislature in 75-78 then they do now

                - the state has not had an RPVI since 1980

                RRH expat (known as AquarianLeft). Also known as freepcrusher on leip atlas forum

                by demographicarmageddon on Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 12:32:16 AM PDT

                [ Parent ]

                •  Yeah... And those Reagan Years are over (0+ / 0-)

                  The last time a Republican was elected Governor was Ah-Nold in 2003 but the only reason why Ah-Nold was elected was because of his celebrity status:  No reason other.  Ah-Nold eventually caved more into liberal politics in his 2nd term and I believe prior to being re-elected ended up hiring previous Governor Gray Davis's chief of staff, a lesbian I might add (I think she was a lesbian).  

                  However, Pete Wilson was the last, ahem, conservative Governor in California but even so, wasn't 100% conservative.   There were some moderate positions he took and he wasn't George W. Bush although a number of Democrats I remember shared the same level of criticism of Wilson as they did with Bush.  In fact, Wilson was like George H.W. Bush a bit.  Even H.W. Bush was not a right winger at all.  He had moderate views too.

                  Even Pete Wilson today would feel uncomfortable about the current California Republican Party because it's become hyper partisan.  Ah-Nold wrote what I consider to be a thoughtful op-ed piece on the problems the California Republican Party is facing:


                  •  You can not judge the 49th district by the (0+ / 0-)

                    way the rest of the state voted for Governor. Whitman won this area. Thank God for L.A. and S.F. that is what gets us Democrats in the legislature and the Governorships, not Southern O.C. with the exception of Laguna Beach, or S.D. county.

                    LIke the rest of the G.O.P. the tea bagger types have taken over the G.O.P. in CA. I see it everyday, I don't need to hear Arnold's opinion on what has gone on here. I feel like I am in a constant battle each day. Yes there are a few bright lights, some real progressives, but not nearly as many as we need down this way.

          •  I didn't mean to sound so negative, it would be (0+ / 0-)

            nice for once if "the best man did win". However hopeful I would like to be, I am prepared to be disappointed again. Issa is a crook aside from being a shit, but he is filthy rich and it appears that is a qualification that too many people respect.

        •  I forgot to add... (4+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

          "Now if a district is Lean Republican vs. Safe Republican"

          I meant to elaborate but I got cut off...

          Now if a district is Lean Republican vs. Safe Republican, there's a big difference.

          •  Let's put it this way, I have been living in this (0+ / 0-)

            district for 16 years, and for an additional 18 years I lived in O.C. the part that has now been included in the new 49th. While it is hopeful that those parts of riverside are no longer in this district, because that is tea bag country, the only part of this district that is "tetelman" country are pockets of Carlsbad and a very small percentage of O.C. Right now, I live in Oceanside, which is filled with retired military. The other part of Carlsbad and the majority of the O.C. parts are filled with 1%, or people who think they are 1%. There is a large hispanic population in Oceanside, parts of Carlsbad, and a bit of Vista, but I don't think that is going to do it for him. Francine Busby, while I like her didn't do well against Bilbray. I have hopes for Tetelman, because I hate Issa with a real passion, but I am being a realist and doubt he will win. He has my vote and my husband's and will have both of my daughters and son-in-laws too, but that is not going to do it for him, I am afraid. He and his wife sold my daughter and her husband their first house in Oceanside and she really likes him, hopefully she has talked him up to her friends and neighbors, but they would not have voted Issa anyway, and they are just new to the 49th district as well as my other daughter. I think Issa could have been defeated if a strong woman ran against him, especially since he fired the first shot in the war on women.
            I hope you are right and his position on the enviroment will help him, since there are lots of folks in this area who are really concerned about the environment and the close proximity to San Onofre, but we will see, this area does not change that rapidly.

      •  Exactly! (5+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        dkosdan, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

        California is turning blue more and more every year.  Even a Kos diarist on California's 1st Congressional District (a notoriously red district) says the GOP candidate's actions bring a lot of ammunition for his challenger.

        And since you mentioned real estate, Jerry Tetalman happens to be a successful real estate salesman.  ;)

  •  Illinois (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Sylv, Joieau, randallt, Alma, Turbonerd

    Does Schilling really except Democrats to be so stupid? Once they go into the polls doesn't he expect them to see an "R" next to his name & a "D" next to Bustos'? If he wants to target center voters he should just label himself as an Independent, not a Democrat. Seems like just a waste to me, especially if he is targeting strong Dem areas.  

  •  GOTV (7+ / 0-)

    Barack Obama

    It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. ~ Helen Keller

    by Pam from Calif on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 09:31:12 PM PDT

  •  Whatever possessed you to rescue the No on 36 post (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Sylv, Turbonerd

    The reasoning is so weak it is embarrassing. Virtually every Comment is in direct opposition. This one should have been allowed to sink quietly beneath the waves.

    Warren is neither a Clintonesque triangulator nor an Obamaesque conciliator. She is a throwback to a more combative progressive tradition, and her candidacy is a test of whether that approach can still appeal to voters.-J. Toobin

    by chuck utzman on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 10:44:03 PM PDT

  •  Sandy (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

    Rmoney's, as well as many republican's, idea of the perfect federal response to the states that are currently experiencing havoc:

    "Dude, hope ur ok! :) gl"

    Who says the Right Wingers aren't into science? They've successfully developed the theory of Quantum Corporation - both a person and not a person at the same time.

    by smike on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 11:16:19 PM PDT

  •  Star Trek and U.N.C.L.E.?? (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    randallt, Sylv, Alma, JamieG from Md, Turbonerd

    Someone's been watching Temple Grandin too much.

  •  Mr President, looks like you have coat tails (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    FORUS50, randallt, Sylv, Alma, Turbonerd

    Sam Wang's Princeton site had the House contest pulling up up a little closer a few days ago. Posters on his site suggest, why not make it closer this time out and make it easier to take back The House in 2014, or 2016, splinter their ranks etc. Wang outlined where the swing states for the House are and with concerted effort, Presidential coat tails, and the high road, we might just pull it off in this election. A challenge is Kennedy shooting for the Moon, so is this. Want a horse race, you've got one -- how about a long shot that isn't weighted down, but won the race before last, sounds like a high pay off winner to me. Go Team Obama, Go Team Blue!

    "O you can't scare me, I'm sticking to the union" - Woody Guthrie from Union Maid

    by dkosdan on Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 12:48:59 AM PDT

  •  Wow, thanks for the rescue! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Alma, Turbonerd

    Lance Enderle for Michigan-08!

    Shop Liberally this holiday season at Kos Katalog

    by JamieG from Md on Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 07:08:25 AM PDT

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