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EDIT 2: We now have the memo - you can view it at

Choice quotes: "Early and absentee voting is starting to look troubling"

"This is closer to (And worse than) 2008"

Conclusion: "The Democratic turnout machine in the county has been very effective and they are cleaning our clock"

Evan Axelbank, a journalist at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida, has gotten his hands on a leaked internal GOP memo. Apparently it was deliberately leaked by a "worried GOPer" to motivate the GOP base by showing them that a loss was possible, but it still definitely suggests
concern- as does that motivation!

The memo cites a Democratic lead in early voting "60-22 in PBC, similar to 08. If you add returned Absentee ballots to EV by party, Dems like by 30k in PBC". It also describes the Democratic turnout machine as "cleaning our clock", and warns about the effect on down-ticket races.

I'll post the direct link to the memo as soon as it's up but until then, I wanted to get this up there since I didn't see anyone else discussing it.

A GREAT sign - and along with the last few days of polls, Cook earlier today and Romney's travel schedule tomorrow, shows that Florida is really very gettable for us... and if we win it, everything else is just for show.

EDIT: Just seen that C88 noticed this before I did over in the comments of the Polling Wrap - so hat tip to him!


Are we going to win Florida?

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8%210 votes
23%597 votes

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