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And that's not me.  Not usually.

I think I've been like most have during this election cycle.  Sort of accepting and dealing with the lies and rhetoric coming from the right as 'there they go again' while we debunk the lies and rhetoric and talking points to, well, the choir.

And I've gotten angry during the Bush Years (wow, what a era our grandchildren will discover in history class), so disgusted that my president would lie to me just to send my nephew and son off to war.

But now- oh now- smoke is coming out of my ears.

I just got off the phone with my sister.  She lives (lived) in Long Beach, New York.  Her house is destroyed.  The entire city is destroyed.  There is no power, no water, no sewage treatment plant.

My sister's house had flood waters up to her second level.  That means everything- not just the house, but everything is gone.  Up and down the coastal towns of New York and New Jersey, millions are suffering the same fate.

Everything gone.

And Mr." I'm richer than entire countries and I have all my money hidden so I don't have to pay taxes and all my billionaire friends will pay through the nose to get me elected president" is coming to our area to hand out canned tuna and bottled water!!!!!!

Will those families be able to sleep on that?  Will children be able to be comforted with a bag of uncooked rice?  Will seniors be able to receive their medications with a bottle of water?

This just gets me to no end.

Communities of homes were destroyed.  But our business are still open.

So Mr." idiot who thinks he can be president".  We don't need canned goods.  Walmart and Target and Shop Rite and Waldbaums and Pathmark and 7-11 and countless other bistros and convenient stores are opened and well stocked.  Restaurants and malls are open for business.  Even the local movie theater is open tonight.

What we need is cash.  Money.  My nephew is a NYC cop and he is into his thirteenth hour shift.  Highway department personnel are out all over the place clearing roads- everyone is working triple overtime to get communities functioning again.

And then we need to start clearing out countless homes of furniture that need to be discarded and replaced.  Carpets and books and other household items that cannot be saved in homes that can.  These people will need cash to replace basic belongings.

Schools that have been damaged will need cash to replace books and computers and books.  Entire libraries will try to do all they can to save what is left of their inventory.

Sorry- but a couple bags of pasta just won't do the trick.

You know- most of my family are staunch republicans.  And I haven't mentioned anything about Mitt's response to their suffering.  But let me tell you this.  Seaside communities are a strong proud bunch of people.  And  by next Tuesday, when they find out that their choice for president- the man they want to lead this country- that all he chose to do is drive over with a truck full of canned goods and bottled water- well- I just don't think he will have their vote.

I hope not.

He could have won so many more over to his side if he made a big deal by handing over a big check from him and all his billionaire backers.

Like I said.

I'm so mad I could spit.

7:46 PM PT: How's this for a republican response.  When I told a neighbor about the devastation in Long Beach- his response was, "Well, that's what happens when you live near the beach."  No empathy.  Just- tough luck.

Oh and thanks for the recs everyone.  You guys are totally empathetic.

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