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My 1st diary. Almost like stepping on stage that 1st time, but scarier!

I haven't seen any mention of this as of yet on DKos.
This afternoon, UAW President Bob King is holding a "news conference on Mitt Romney'€™s conflicts of interest with his investments, including his profiting from the auto bailout".

According to the article on Greg Palast's website Mitt Romney learned yesterday the he will be "charged with violating the federal Ethics in Government law by improperly concealing his multi-million dollar windfall from the auto industry bail-out." The use of the word 'charged' is Mr. Palast's choice, not mine. In the article's however, its much clearer. There is a complaint being filed by a group of union leaders and workers. They have called upon the "U.S. Office of Government Ethics to investigate GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for noncompliance with the Ethics in Government Act and compel him to either disclose his investments or divest them."

This quote in particular is the kicker: €œ"While Romney was opposing the rescue of one of the nation€™s most important manufacturing sectors, he was building his fortunes with his Delphi investor group, making his fortunes off the misfortunes of others," King added.
That's gonna piss off a lot of hard working straight shooting Ohioans.
If this is properly covered, Romney is sunk in Ohio. Game, set, match.

Let's just hope the media has been sufficiently slapped out of their horse race induced apathy by Romney's boldfaced Jeep lies enough and in time to do their jobs.
Link to News Conference information.

LINK to another diary from AnnetteK on DKos about UAW charges. Getting the story out there is goal, the more the merrier!

Mayhaps media is catching on. Thanks to maddrailin, a USA Today article today!

Rec list? WoW. Highly unexpected!
I'd like to thank my mom for always believing .... oh sorry.... that's for my future Grammy.

Seriously. If you know people, or have a network in Ohio, or access to press there, please forward the information, maybe they can show up in support of the news conference.
I do believe there's still time to make this a megaphone with legs story.
I'm going to look for a live stream this afternoon, hopefully CSPAN will cover it.
I'll keep you posted!

Let's end this sorry a$$ campaign with a resounding, "Aw hell no, not on our watch.
Not Rambling Romney & Lyin' Ryan".

WHAT:         News conference on Mitt Romney’s conflicts of interest with his investments, including his profiting from the auto bailout

WHERE:       UAW Local 12

                   2300 Ashland Ave Toledo, Ohio

 WHEN:        Thursday, TODAY Nov. 1, 2pm

It is well after the time of the press conference.
So far, have not found any video, nor have I seen it covered anywhere as of yet.
There's still no video or news from today's press conference.
I did find this video of Melisa Harris-Perry with Greg Palast discussing the story and the complaint being filed by the UAW.
Melissa expressed my thoughts and the thoughts of several commenters when she said, "I love this story, but I'm a little shocked I suppose that it's not front page news on every major national magazine".

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

UAW Press Conference:

This story may not get the attention it requires in the final days of the campaign, but our reliable friend Ed Schultz interviewed Bob King last night. Here's the video:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Originally posted to Dema Broad on Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 04:56 AM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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