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Well now they have lost Geraldo Rivera. And when your side is so crazy and full of crap that you lose Mr Al Capones Vault, you know your side is running on empty.

Geraldo Rivera slammed the politicization of the attack in Benghazi, firing off a series of tweets while hunkered down at home in Edgewater, N.J., during Hurricane Sandy. Rivera, the Fox News contributor and "Geraldo at Large" host, criticized the controversy being pushed by some conservatives.

It's "clear no C130 gunships were available," Rivera tweeted. "Criticize coverup [but] saying White House watched [and] did nothing to help is a lie."

Rivera called the "GOP bloodlust" surrounding the Obama administration's handling of Libya "insincere," "desperate" and reminiscent of the political firestorm surrounding the "Fast and Furious" gun-walking scandal that rocked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2011.

It's always been obvious that the Benghazi story was as bogus as the Fast and The Furious story, and that it is the only thing the republicans have left to cling to due to all the misinformation and flat out lies. The people would have raised holy hell if troops had been on the ground are now the people thinking somehow we can bypass all prep time it takes to launch a plan of action (and in this case it was 24 minutes) and magically have teleported troops in. And of course they never mention that they voted to cut funding for embassy security. Just like they voted to cut funding for Pandemic Flu response before the Swine Flu outbreak. And like when they vote against global warming preventive measures  before (and after) Katrina, Ike, The hottest summer on record, Colorado fires, The largest tornado outbreak in recorded history in 2011, and a whole host of other extreme weather. They will continue to do so post Sandy.

Mediate has more details and video:

On Friday’s Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling engaged in what nearly became a screaming match as they hashed out the continuing scandal regarding the White House’s response to September’s attack on an American consulate in Libya. Rivera became agitated with Bolling who he said was disseminating false information in order to make a political point against President Barack Obama.

Rivera detailed precisely why he thought that the United States government did all that they could at the time of the attack, and that investigation into this incident is flawed given its proximity to the upcoming election.

He said that the fighting in the compound in Benghazi was over by the time Washington became aware of the crisis.

“So, Washington, the State Department, the CIA sends no help,” Bolling said.

“That is an obscene lie,” Rivera shot back. “You are a politician looking to make a political point.”

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