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President Barack Obama campaigns in Boulder, Colorado on November 1, 2012
Barack Obama in Boulder, Colorado, yesterday.
So for the first time in forever, not a single national tracking poll has Mitt Romney in the lead. With Gallup out of commission until a final Monday poll, Rasmussen was the big outlier showing a 5-6-point Romney advantage. Today, they began "Operation Get Back In Line With Reality So We Can Pretend To Be Accurate" and had the top of the ticket tied.

The states are looking even better. In Colorado, PPP gives President Barack Obama a 50-46 lead, stable since they last polled there a week ago. A Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll of the state has it tied 46-46, after having Romney up a point the last two days.

Et tu, Gravis? In Iowa, GOP pollster and Rasmussen-wannabe Gravis Marketing now shows Obama leading 49-45, coming in the heels of yesterday's NBC/Marist poll showing Obama up 50-44. In Florida, a Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll shows Obama up 48-46 after having it tied 47-47 two days ago.

From New Hampshire we get a New England College poll showing Obama up 50-44, while the conservative outfit We Ask America has Obama leading 52-45 in Wisconsin.

In all-important Ohio, the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracker has Obama up 47-45, while Rasmussen has it tied (as they gradually move closer to reality, it was +2 Romney just a few days ago). [Update: CNN just released poll with Obama leading 50-47.] Reuters/Ipsos gives Obama an even bigger lead in Virginia, 48-45.

PPP went and checked in on Michigan, and nope, it's not a swing state with Obama leading 52-46. But it's not as if any serious person bought that whole "expanding the map" nonsense.

Please give the president a boost by donating to help him close strong in the final days of this campaign.

Update: And the polls keep coming in, and not a one of them has Romney in the lead. A Denver Post/SUSA poll in Colorado has Obama up 47-45.

A Rasmussen poll of Michigan looks similar to PPP's, with Obama ahead 52-47.

In Nevada, a poll by Democratic pollster Mellman has Obama up 50-44. Note, Mellman was the only guy to nail Nevada in 2008 and 2010 as Harry Reid's pollster.

I already updated the latest CNN Ohio poll above (50-47), but there's also a new We Ask America poll (remember, GOP outfit), with Obama ahead 50-46.

Finally, a new We Ask America poll of Virginia gives Obama a 49-48 advantage.

Don't be surprised if I have to update this further.

Originally posted to kos on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 12:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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