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I Got The News Today (IGTNT) is one of the oldest continuous series on Daily Kos. It is a way for our community to pay their respects to those who have died as a result of war.
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There are some who say the toughest job in the Corps is that of a Marine's wife. Others think those saying that have no concept of what a Marine's life is like. One thing no one will quarrel about, is how hard it is for a wife to hear that her husband, the love of her life, is lying dead in a land far away.

A woman named Amber got the news recently that her husband, Corporal Alex Domion, had died in Afghanistan. We gather tonight to help honor and mourn another of our nation's sons who has lost his life in a war zone.

Corporal Alex Domion
Alex F. Domion grew up in Richfield Springs, a rural community about 60 miles southeast of Syracuse, New York. He had trouble with completing high school, but wanted to be a Marine. He got a GED, and then enough credits to enlist, from Herkimer County Community College in northeastern New York.

After he got all the requirements out of the way, Alex joined the Marine Corps in 2009. He was assigned to 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, based in North Carolina.

Domion’s grandmother, Rose Shipman, still lives in Richfield Springs, New York. She was quoted by Mohawk valley’s Observer-Dispatch as saying, “We are so proud of him." The article goes on to say:

“He was a wonderful young fella and he never would hurt anyone,” Shipman said. “He would do anything he could for someone. He loved to kid around with you and joke around and stuff like that. He was well liked.”Photobucket

Shipman said he had turned 21 in September.

“Alex liked snowmobiling, hunting and fishing,” she said. “He was an all-around boy.”
Domion married Amber Grant, who had graduated from Richfield Springs in 2010. He lived with his wife in North Carolina before being sent overseas.

Corporal Domion had served a tour overseas in Afghanistan, and had recently been assigned to fight in Afghanistan again. He had been deployed about two weeks in the Helmand province of Afghanistan when tragedy struck.

The U.S Department of Defense reported that Domion died on October 31st, 2012, as a result of a noncombat-related incident and that his death is under investigation. The Corporal was 21-years-old.

New York’s Governor Cuom directed that the flags on all state buildings be lowered to half-staff on November 6th, in honor of and in tribute to Corporal Alex Domion. A news release from the Governor's office stated:
I join with all fellow New Yorkers in mourning the loss of Cpl. Domion. New York sends its deepest sympathies to his family, friends, and fellow Marines. As we honor his service and sacrifice, we are grateful for his dedication to our nation.
According to his wishes, Corporal Alex F. Domion will be buried at the Arlington National Cemetery, with all the honors befitting one who has died while served his country.

Helping our troops:

If you wish to assist our military and their families, consider contributing to Fisher House. Donating to Netroots for the Troops provides care packages that make a real difference in a military person's life. To assist the animal companions of our deployed military, information is available here. Also, you could visit:
Go to
When our veterans come back home, they need jobs. Look at the programs of Hire Heroes USA and Welcome Back Veterans to see if you can help out.
About the IGTNT series:
”I Got the News Today” is a diary series intended to honor, respect, and remember the fallen, and to remind us that each casualty has family and friends who received the terrible news that their loved one has died. US service members whose names have been released by the US Department of Defense will usually be diarized two days after the official announcement on the DoD website. This allows the IGTNT team to cover each person more fully, but still in a timely manner.Click the IGTNT tags below to see previous diaries in the series, which was begun by i dunno, and is maintained by Sandy on Signal, Monkeybiz, Noweasels, Blue Jersey Mom, Chacounne, Twilight Falling, Joyful, Roses, SisTwo, a girl in MI, Spam Nunn,  JeNoCo, True Blue Majority,  CalNM, Wide Awake in Kentucky, Maggiejean, JaxDem, TheFatLadySings & Ekaterin. These diaries are heartbreaking to write, but show our community’s respect for those who have died.
Please bear in mind that these diaries are read by friends and family of the service members mentioned here. May all of our remembrances be full of compassion rather than politics.
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