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Earlier today, the Romney camp confirmed that he's campaigning in Cleveland and Pittsburgh on Election Day. Ashley Parker, NY Times:


You know who else campaigned on Election Day? No, John McCain in 2008 -- in Colorado & New Mexico. But why would Romney follow the loser McCain move? It makes no sense.


Well, Ms. Parker got a response from the Romney camp:


Yeah right! Too bad for them that Fox "columnist," Phil Kerpen, gave it away earlier today when Dave first asked the question.

This guy, Romney, what a dick!

Update: Catte Nappe in the comments helps to explain just how Romney can cause a hassle, noting that he doesn't need to draw a crowd to the event:

Don't need to draw an enormous crowd to be disruptive. Just by virtue of being with an entourage and Secret Service protection such people are disruptive. Maybe he'll pop by numerous polling places to shake a few hands. Remember, this is the campaign who thought it clever to drive a bus around Obama rallies, honking its horn; so maybe he'll roam the cities in Mr. Bus.
Working in DC, I've been caught in quite a few Presidential motorcades. Traffic comes to a standstill well before POTUS ever rolls through and no matter which way you turn to try to get around it, you just cannot. They stop pedestrians & bicyclists from crossing the streets. I'm not sure that they wouldn't do the same for Romney the day before an election.

Disruption, IMO, is what Romney plans to do. I said it before and I'll say it again, this Romney guy, what a dick!

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