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Prop 1: NO
Emergency Manager Law. You know about this one -- the one where Governor Snyder can unilaterally declare any governmental unit null and void. What you may not know is that nearly all the communities who have had their city councils, mayors, and school boards taken away are largely African-American. I'm not saying Snyder is racist. I am saying he's been kind of a dick about this.

Prop 2: YES
Right to Organize. Another no-brainer. People who have more money than they know what to do with hate it when the commoners like you and me get together and, you know, demand a safe workplace and a fair paycheck. Have you ever called in sick to work? Sure you have! You could because people in the Last Century organized and made it happen -- for you!

Prop 3: YES
Renewable Energy. I don't think this proposal goes far enough, but it's a start. Not to be a downer, but peak oil is a real thing. Google it if you don't believe me. Even if you don't believe peak oil is a real thing (have you filled up a Ford Explorer recently?), no serious person denies that our climate is doing really horrible and weird things, and we have every reason to believe human carbon-intensive activity is the culprit. And there is no such thing as "clean" coal.

Prop 4: YES
Home Help-Care. Do you know what the average home-help worker makes per hour? It's around $8.00 an hour. These are people who wipe shit from the bottoms of the incontinent,  shower those who cannot bathe, and feed those who cannot cook for themselves. In other words, they trade in simple, human dignity. Someday, your mom or my mom may need a home help-care aid. Aren't they worth a little more than the kid who cooks your fries?

Prop 5: NO
Tax Hike Supermajority. Ask a California State Rep if this is a good idea. (Hint: It's not.) This proposal is designed to freeze Michigan State taxes in place for all eternity. Here's the deal. Republicans control both houses in the Michigan Legislature, but they know demographics are shifting and that their days of running anything may be numbered in the years ahead. So this is a policy against any sort of responsible government by ensuring Michigan can never raise revenue if it needs to. The only option will be to cut services (that ol' "shrinking government" thing). I know it's complicated -- and yes, I know no one LIKES taxes -- but think about it: would you trust your dog with someone who just absolutely HATES DOGS? No? Then why trust your government with someone who hates government? What happens if there's not enough money for schools AND jails AND roads? Do you want to pick which one of those we close down?

Prop 6: NO
I'm not in agreement with Governor Snyder very often,* but he's right on this one. Billionaire Asshole Matty Moroun owns the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor. If another bridge opens, it's going to cut into his family's take of the traffic tolls going to-and-from Canada. He says we don't need another bridge. Or if we do, HE should be the one to build it, thereby maintaining his monopoly. Simple truth: we do need another bridge. Desperately. My late friend Tom Post supported this idea and he was a logistics expert. How much cooler would it have been if instead of of spending over a million dollars on this dumb-ass proposal, Matty-boy had spent that money on restoring Michigan Central Station?

* See Proposal 1.

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  •  Why do we need another bridge? (0+ / 0-)

    How much is it going to cost Michigan taxpayers.

    I do know we need our roads fixed.

    •  NOTHING -- all costs will be borne by Canada (7+ / 0-)

      We need another bridge (AND SOON)  because the current Ambassador Bridge is 80+ years old and in desperate disrepair due to penny-pinching and law-evading by Matty Maroun during his 30-year ownership. If the bridge were to be closed for any reason it would be utterly disastrous for the Michigan economy, costing thousands of jobs.

      Plus there is every reason to believe that in any terrorism situation in which access to Canada suddenly became crucial, Maroun would have no hesitation to screw over the United States for a variety of reasons (go google them up if you really care).

      Anyone who votes for this proposal is an idiot, duped by Matty Maroun into helping cement his monopoly (which he never should have had in the first place) and allowing him to hold the State of Michigan and the United States for ransom.

  •  Agree completely (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    lucky monkey

    With you on these ballot proposals.  For those in MI who say these things should not be in the Constitution, I say use the tools you have.  We can't get these passed w the Legislature and Governor we have.  Don't like that, don't elect Republicans!

    •  It's specifically about the state Senate (0+ / 0-)

      We've had Democratic control of the state House and Governor, but not state Senate.  We lost control back in the early 80s when folks were recalled for passing a tax increase (that actually helped save the state and got Blanchard re-elected by some huge margin, but heaven forbid that we elect a Democratic state Senate!!)

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