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Greetings from Swingtown! Iowa is one of those few states on that electoral map usually colored white, yellow, gray, or purple. Thanks to that distinction we get way more attention than we probably need but what the heck, if it means the President of the United States holds his last campaign stop ever right here in Des Moines, we will take it.

A few election day observations from the tall corn state below the fold...

Obama's Final Campaign Stop:
This has already been written about but here are a couple of the details from someone who got to attend...
- Crowd size was stated at around 20,000 people on a chilly late Iowa that to the mere 4,400 who attended a Romney rally inside on Sunday and it appears there is an enthusiasm gap for Mittens here in Iowa.
- Lots and lots of kids attended the rally. Lots of diversity.
- Yes, Barack did tear up.
- Very cool background for the speech, right behind Barack was his original Iowa campaign HQ.

What's At Stake Here In Iowa?
- Presidential swing vote....duh.
- 4 Congressional races with our fingers crossed that we may be able to rid the world of the cretinous Steve King and replace him with Christie Vilsack. Worst case scenario, a split of two Dems and two Repubs going to the House of case 4 Dems + our Dem Senator Harkin = Poor Chuckie Grassley is the last Repub from Iowa in D.C.
- HUGE state legislative election. Our state senate is currently in control of Democrats by the thinnest of margins (26-24). In this election there are 11 Repubs not up for election, 4 unchallenged Repubs, 13 Dems not up for election, and 1 unchallenged Dem. That leaves 31 seats up for grabs with 3 challenged Repub incumbents, 8 challenged Dem incumbents, 9 seats with no incumbent, and one district with two incumbents thrown together after redistricting. Why is our state senate so important? Because our house of reps is controlled by the Republicans and probably will be with a shrinking majority and our governor is a Republican who has mentioned his admiration for Scott Walker and Chris Christie and would love to gut our public employee unions. This will be a huge election for labor in this state!
- We also have judicial retention elections in Iowa for our Supreme Court justices. Several years ago our state supreme court ruled that gay marriage had to be legal in Iowa based on our constitution. Since then a well funded group of evangelical crazies led by an attention seeking jerk by the name of Bob Vanderplaats has been working in each judicial retention election to remove supreme court judges who voted in favor of that ruling. In 2010 they removed several of those justices including the chief justice and are gunning for more this year. Of course it doesn't change the fact that gay marriage will still be legal in the state but logic and reason has never been a strong point for our fundies.

There is our state in a nutshell. Today is a gray, chilly, rainy day but then 42% of Iowa voters have already cast their ballots thanks to our generous early voting rules. Stay tuned for updates this evening!

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  •  Crossing my fingers for Obama in Iowa (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Vatexia, buckstop

    lots of Romney crap where I live in West Des Moines.  Not surprising, but still annoying.

    Would love to see Christie win tonight.  Hard to tell what will happen, but it is sad that Steve King has a shot.

    Thankful that Iowa has long election hours (until 9:00 pm) and same day voter registeration.  Hopefully, we can keep that.

    It was more moving than I can describe to be at the last campaign rally for Obama last night.  I was far, far away, but the energy was amazing and I'll second the comment on all of the kids there.  It isn't easy to bring kids to an outdoor rally at night in November.  You have to get there several hours early and do nothing but stand.  But those kids that are old enough will remember being there.  And those that aren't, will hear the stories and see the pictures.

    •  Surprised... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      by the number of Obama signs I am seeing in suburban Ankeny which is usually solid Republican....hoping that is a good sign.

      I really am more worried about the state legislative races as I think Obama wins Iowa by about 3 to 4%. If our legislature is controlled by Republicans they will come after union rights and gay marriage with a vengeance not to mention massive tax cuts for big corporations.

  •  Generous early voting that our PoS SoS tried to (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Vatexia, RunawayRose

    take away.  He is someone that will have to go soon along with the Gov.

  •  Headed Over to Callanan Middle School (0+ / 0-)

    After I get my daughter from school so she can go along to vote! I wish I'd gone to the event last night, but I can't stand as long as I used to (broken leg=metal rod=pain). Don't forget we also have to vote YES on the judges!

    "I'll tell you, if there's anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman. S.T.A.U.N.C.H. There's nothing worse, I'm telling 'ya!". Little Edie

    by vintage dem on Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 07:56:50 AM PST

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