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You would assume this story comes from Fox News or maybe Breitbart, but it is actually from D.W. Griffiths The Birth Of A Nation. which is a highly romanticized and racist story about the birth of the Klan.

The point is that the Klan themes of this extremely racist movie are still current among the right wing, and they are staples of the conservative media. In fact, you will be hearing quite a bit of this malarkey throughout the day.

The first half of the movie  was a silent film masterpiece that revolutionized movie making.  It was the movie industry's first "Star Wars."  The cinematography looks completely modern, and the editing is quite good.

An hour and a half into the movie, Griffith's sweeping historical film about the Civil War ends, followed by intermission.

What follows is an hour and a half of Klan propaganda.

I provided a timeline so you can scroll through the movie to view key scenes that could be right off Fox News.

So jump the orange squiggle for cinematic history.

The block quotes are the text from the silent film "title cards" ("intertitles") that provided the narration and dialogue of silent movies.

Silas Lynch, an opportunistic young mulatto politician with a radical white mentor, Austin Stoneman (no not Saul Alinsky)

Lynch get's scolded for bowing to white politicians.  I guess this was his apology tour.  

Don't scrape to me. You are the equal of any man here.
The great Radical delivers his edict that the black shall be raised full equality with the whites
Sowing the Wind
Stoneman, ill at his daughter's apartments sends Lynch south to aid the carpetbaggers in organizing and weilding the power of the ngro vote.
The main activity of the blacks is of course bestial leering at white women, although tap dancing, playing banjos, and eating watermelon also feature prominently (1:36)

Lazy blacks quit working and start getting free handouts from the government.

Lynch and his mentor set up camp in South Carolina, where they proceed to act all "uppity" to white folks


Election Day
All blacks are given the ballot while the leading whites are disenfranchised.
A black militiaman is shown shoving upper class whites away from the ballot box. Shades of the New Black Panthers!

A black man is shown voting twice.  I guess that's what the carpetbaggers call "The Chicago Way"


Receiving the returns
The negroes and the carpetbaggers sweep the state
The Helpless White minority
Passage of a bill providing for the intermarriage of blacks and whites
Just like the Third Reich one of the main themes is the looming crisis of sexual anarchy, which for the Germans led to the passage of the Nuremberg Laws prohibiting intermarriage with jews

What follows are scene romanticizing the birth of the Klan.

A white woman throws herself off a cliff to avoid being raped.

Did I say "Third Reich?" Note at 2:23 they declare they have a "blood flag" ("Blutfahne" in German, y'all).

The Klan uniforms look strangely like narwhales.

The negro militia is going house to house, just like page 1 in "The Turner Diaries'

The whites are being rounded up and put in wagons, no doubt being hauled away to FEMA camps.

Lynch is about to get down to some serious raping white women, but is interrupted

And in a scenario suprisingly like the racist survivalist fantasies of today, a group of white people are holed up in a remote cabin beseiged by savage bestial ...well you can connect the dots.

The former enemies of the North and South are united again in the common defense of their Aryan birthright.
Did I say "Third Reich?"  Holy crap, "Aryan?"

The town is in the grips of a full blown race riot.

Klan sympathizers are the victim of the black mob
And the Klan arrives, and the coowardly blacks are easily routed.


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