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I could have driven to Des Moines, seen and heard my President one more time, but I knew I would never be able to hold it together. I watched in my living room, tearing up. As we stand again at the nexus of history and providence, I realized this election was never Mitt Romney's to lose, it was ours to win. We gave everything, left nothing on the table, no number uncalled, no contacts left unmade, no ballots left on dining room tables and no voter unable to go to the polls. When you have made an extraordinary effort for an extraordinary leader it is a win for this country regardless of the final results. Below the squiggle is a bit of an inside look at that effort, the people who lead it and the people who willed it into being.

NE CD2 comprises all of Douglas County, the largest single population center in the state and a Democratic stronghold. We have been threatened and redistricted to stop the possibility of another Obama EV coming from Nebraska. We are betting our hard work means their "cunning" plan has backfired on them. CD2 fielded 41 candidates from the President to school board, and thousands of volunteers working not only for the party or OFA, but in conjunction with dozens of other organizations. This morning I got up and baked a couple of coffee cakes, put together odds and ends and headed for the Fireman's Local where the Get Out the Vote drivers were waiting. 77 drivers to take voters to the polls or pick up ballots. We do ballot chasing which means we get a list of who requested mail ins and we follow up on those that haven't been returned.

How about how it started? OFA has been here virtually nonstop. Their office opening this summer was huge, over 800 people.


You can't tell by this picture but it was raining off an on, but it didn't keep people away.


And sppeches
Vince Powers out State Democratic Party Chair

John Ewing our outstanding candidate for the House seat currently held by Lee Terry.
Brenda Council State Senator
Brenda and Carol Casey former Douglas County ED
John Ewing and his amazing wife Viv.
Our CD2 Convention electing delegates to State Convention in Kearney.
We also elected our officers for the next four years.
Then our State Convention, I am in the front middle, gray hair. Next to me is my good friend Peg Lippert, who is the energizer bunny of volunteers. She works them all both Douglas and Sarpy County (next door). But I will let the pictures tell the story.

Then our Caucus not as exciting as 2008 but good turn out none the less. Once the candidates were set the campaigns began in earnest altho the ground work started being laid in 2008.

Zack Bergin State Director of OFA Nebraska and Kieran McCarney former OFA and Douglas County Dems EP now heading up the John Ewing campaign.
Now for the volunteers, not all mind you, just those who stopped long enough to get their picture taken.




Zack's son Jude our youngest volunteer.
Joan Killingsworth with Kieran we all took community organizer training at her house when Jude was just a baby.

John Ewing's fund raising BBQ

And then the President came to Council Bluffs, you should recognize some faces.
And Charlotte
The line of early voters last week. Those who waited for today found longer lines and voting issues in North East Omaha, a heavy Omaha area. At 7:30 the lines at most polling places are still very long, people are being told to stay in line, everyone will be able to vote.

Press at the Hilton Ballroom. It isn't duct tape that holds the world together, it is gaffers tape.

Please don't thank me for my hard work, I did nothing or nearly so. I performed my duties as an official of the Democratic Party, but I didn't walk a block or knock a door or make call. I made sure my neighbors voted but I did nothing, it was all the people I've been telling you about and many more who weren't mentioned.

And now we are here, its all in, go big or go home time. Updates as they occur.

Polls have closed but still many voters waiting this might be a long night. Their first release is supposed include absentee and early voting counts.

UPDATE 2 12 % of vote in Kerrey 44 Fischer @56 he is gaining on her

UPDATE 3 No idea of what percentage of total but O @43 R @54

UPDATE 4 With 19% of the votes in still close
Romney , Mitt     GOP     193,956     56%
Obama , Barack (i)     Dem     146,853     42%
Johnson , Gary     Lib     4,033     1%
Terry , Randall     PEC     890     0%
November 06, 2012 - 10:17PM ET
U.S. Senate - General
Nebraska - 473 of 1830 Precincts Reporting - 26%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
Fischer , Deb     GOP     186,830     55%
Kerrey , Bob     Dem     155,101     45%
November 06, 2012 - 10:14PM ET
U.S. House - District 2 - General
Nebraska - 76 of 247 Precincts Reporting - 31%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
Terry , Lee (i)     GOP     85,803     52%
Ewing , John     Dem     79,299     48%

November 06, 2012 - 10:14PM ET
President - General
Iowa - 64 of 1689 Precincts Reporting - 4%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
Obama , Barack (i)     Dem     114,569     61%
Romney , Mitt     GOP     69,751     37%
Johnson , Gary     Lib     1,280     1%
Stein , Jill     Grn     305     0%
Goode , Virgil     CST     254     0%
Litzel , Jerry     Ind     77     0%
Harris , James     SWP     41     0%
La Riva , Gloria     PSL     26     0%

UPDATE 5  President - General
Nebraska - 641 of 1830 Precincts Reporting - 35%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
     Romney , Mitt     GOP     249,065     58%
Obama , Barack (i)     Dem     171,315     40%
Johnson , Gary     Lib     5,257     1%
Terry , Randall     PEC     1,201     0%
November 06, 2012 - 10:51PM ET
U.S. Senate - General
Nebraska - 796 of 1830 Precincts Reporting - 43%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
Fischer , Deb     GOP     238,864     56%
Kerrey , Bob     Dem     187,098     44%
November 06, 2012 - 10:54PM ET
U.S. House - District 2 - General
Nebraska - 147 of 247 Precincts Reporting - 60%
Name    Party    Votes    Vote %
Terry , Lee (i)     GOP     91,168     52%
Ewing , John     Dem     83,679     48%

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