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In the rush before election day, many weren't able to look forward to the Day After. I hope today you do realize there is still a long fight. There is still a desperate need. Opportunity abounds it is ours to realize a nation's destiny. We can develop a transformation. In our era we have an obligation to answer the call, to meet the challenges of our time, we must become America's greatest generation.

If any will enter into a forward vision for this nation, I will begin a dialog of how we can transform politics. We have the tools to put people, science, reason, and ethics in power. We can govern ourselves as rational men (men in the sense of all humanity, because women have saved our country in 2012)

If the community will enter into a real dialog, then in 2014 we will take the House, increase in the Senate make Obama's last two years all we hoped for in 2008.

We have the tools the information age has given us, let us put it together to regain power from powerful. Make people the political capital of consequence in winning our elections.

I would ask you to start with my diary just before the election. Inspired by a visit with the memories of Abraham Lincoln. It is time to think in historic terms because as surely as Lincoln's time shaped our own, the call to the living today is just as real as in 1860. The importance to our posterity just as great. I ask you to enlist in a regiment of Internet connections, as we create the new power base in our time. We must simply engage in discourse with ourselves and others, no muskets required.

Strategy suggestions from Abe

I have an all day meeting, I will engage in comments later today.

Some of my thoughts are available Ideas to create a new Political Reality

I hope to kick this around with you over the next few weeks. If we will, we will rule this nation once again, because we are the people.

Time to go so no more editing, not that that task is ever done, or done correctly.

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    The past, present, and future are equally compelling; none of the three are easily understood.

    by Grey Panther on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 05:32:28 AM PST

  •  A useful book efforts to transform politics (0+ / 0-)

    Something really big, even more than escapists TV, has been behind the deception of politics and economics in America. This may seem arcane, but it is an important issue that frames our reality.

    To understand our politics and economics, one has to understand the fraud in government statistics.

    It took years of pains taking work to produce a book, mentioned below, that enables a general reader to understand the economic system; it is a book on political economics. Its strength and uniqueness is through the use of government statistics to provide the data for the policy argument. It is the first time that I have understood the economy. The slightly technical material is covered in the insightful Appendix. The book agent said that it is the best book she has read in 35 years.

    My hunch is that if citizens knew what is in this book, they could actually understand enough of the economy and government policies to be enraged that the 1% and the corporations have taken over the government. This requires a citizen uprising strong enough to stand up to the power elite. Since both parties have rigged the numbers, it would be hard for some organizations, say labor unions, to endorse a book like this because they have to keep their place at the table with the Democratic Party.

    I have a dream about the book being used in a wide spread grass roots educational effort. As the author points out, democracy is about power, not freedom.

    In the words of the author:

    "Americans have been kept in the dark about the real state of the economy. The government has rigged its economic statistics to hide declining wages, high unemployment, high inflation, and near zero GDP growth. By making loans cheap during the Clinton and Bush presidencies, Americans were able to borrow to keep their heads above water. The era of easy credit ended with the financial collapse of 2008. Since then, Americans have discovered how bad things have really become.
    How could our leaders let this happen? They did so knowingly, but for what they believed was a greater purpose. Since Truman, presidents have sacrificed our economy first to win the Cold War and then, after the fall of the Soviet Union, to prop up a military empire. Our presidents have slept peacefully as Americans suffered, for they believed they acted for a higher purpose.
    The solution for this mess is not radical. It is a return to policies that worked in the past. By reviving the 1944 tax code, and bringing back the protectionist trade policies that made our workers the highest paid in the world, we can return to prosperity."
    Just by itself, this seems like a pipe dream. But it is related to a return to a tax policy that does not allow the small percent of the world's 1% to hide 23 trillion dollars in offshore accounts.

    The author has a background in the classics which includes a translation of Plato, and was chair of a government department for a couple of decades and wrote about political theory. He wrote the first history of the Hmong tribes and has a contract from University of California press to write a book on John Steward Mill. He draws on the historical tradition coupled with exposing the scientific veiled justifications of the avoidance of authentic politics which is seen in technical fields of economics and politics. It is a book about political economics.

    “Worse than You Think: The Real Economy Hidden Beneath Washington’s Rigged Statistics, And Where To Go From Here”, by Keith Quincy. Available and Barnes and Nobel for a little over $15. e version 99 cents because the author wants to get the message out.

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