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As predicted on this site and manifested in countless elections, the right wing still does not get it!  And it's not just them, it's the usual suspects in the mainstream media.

On Red State right now we get this top story headline......."To the Extent that Conservatism Was on the Ballot, It Was Not Defeated"

For all the talk of the need to moderate in order to win, Obama ran the most divisive, radical, and negative campaign, while Romney ran a relentlessly positive campaign with incessant promises to work with the other side.  People are attracted to a show of strength, not a promise of bipartisanship, which smacks of insecurity in one’s own virtues and ideas.

So as has been often the case, conservatism did not fail. Mitt Romney failed conservatism--just as Bush failed it.  In the meantime, the right wing alternate reality bubble of hate that started during Clinton gets bigger and bigger.   Then they are shocked when reality bites them in the ass and they are proven wrong time and again:
No WMD in Iraq, their tax cuts and lack of regulaton killed the economy, their governing philosophy in evidence during Katrina, and then all their punditry castigating the fact-based reality of a Nate Silver and poof they are humilated once again!  Payback is a bitch!

In the meantime, the sad tired likes of Tom Brokaw on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning yapping about how now Obama has been the first black president and the first black president has been reelected maybe now he can do something for the whole country.  I guess when you have health care Tom, and millions in the bank Tom and you don't care about women's reproductive rights or immigrants or the disenfranchisement of black voters, or if you can marry the one you love can be a pompous priviledged straight white male asshole.  We are so sorry Tom that the issues were so "little" for you.

And then there was our boy Chuckie Todd also on Morning Mika.  Chuckie kept talking about the demographic bomb that went off and exploded. Wrong Chuckie.  The problem is not demographics.  The problem is conservatism.  It's bankrupt.  It's ossified.  It's a religion and not a way to make people and countries better.  Until that ideology changes they will keep losing.  Big time!!!

PS:  Hey Mitt how did stealing the Friday Night Lights motto work out? Clear eyes,
full hearts, can't lose.  How about "Clear lies, No heart, Can't win."

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