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I am so proud today that we have ousted Nan Hayworth, a Representive voted into office on the Tea Party ticket 2 years ago.  She is out!  We have elected Sean Patrick Maloney, an openly gay, lawyer, and former Clinton White House senior staff to replace her.

Having worked both on the Obama campaign and Sean Maloney's campaign it has been an exciting, exhaustive time, but we all know it takes work, hard work, to overcome the Rove machine who spent a ton of money on Nan Hayworth's campaign.

But we had a secret weapon!

I have re-newed respect for Bill Clinton.  Not only did he work himself to exhaustin for Obama, what is little known is that he also worked hard helping candidates for the House in their election bids.

Sean Patrick Maloney was a senior staff member in the Clinton White House.  It appears Clinton does not forget his friends.  He supported Sean, had campaign material (quotes) for Sean to use, and repeatedly stated his support for Sean whenever he could.

We also could not have done it without the people who were volunteers for the Obama campaign..  What was so wonderful about this campaign was the cooperative effort between the volunteers for Sean Maloney and the Obama volunteers.  They were there to help when we needed it, provided expert guidance to new volunteers, and manned our phones when we needed it.  We reciprocated by volunteering for their bus trips to PA.  We had phone banks done jointly for both Obama and Maloney.  We held joint fundraising events.  

Sean is a man who has the best interests of all of us in mind.  He supports pro-choice, he supports gay marriage, he supports the DREAM Act, he supported Obama's efforts for a jobs program for Veterans, and he supports protection of Medicare and Social Security.  Most importantly he supports Obamacare.  Though I agree with him that there do need to be some fixes which can be handled with ammendments to fix it.  Medicare went through many fixes, so can obamacare.

This is a family man with two beautiful children that he and his partner have adopted who believes in the middle class.  Who feels that for far two long the Middle Class voices have not been heard.  Even before his election last night, he has worked with small business in our area to help them access government programs to aid them in expanding.  

Nan Hayworth did not bring one single job to our district.  That is Sean's goal, to work with our Senator, Senator Gillibrand who has been working so hard to bring new jobs to NYS and succeeding.  He feels he can expand that effort into our district and the voters here have finally woke up and realized we can not have a divisive Repsentative like Nan Hayworth who has put so many obstacles in the way of job creation.  One good example, she was instrumental in putting roadblocks in the way of the potential of a new supermarket that was to be built in a depressed area of one of our communities, that would have created jobs and provided a local large supermarket in an area where there was none.  That company has pulled out of their lease because of her obstruction.  She hurt job creation.  Sean Maloney will work to create jobs.  Just got a call and Sean is already on the job.  He is holding a meeting with local small businesses to find out from them what they need to help them create jobs so that he is armed with information when he goes to Washington in January.

I am so proud of the my own personal efforts to help both the Obama campaign and Sean Maloney's campaign.  I am practically in tears I am so damn proud of Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, someone new on the scene who you all will be hearing more about in the months to come.

Congrats to all who supported Elizabeth Warren!  I don't have much and between my contributions to two campaigns I had little to give, but I did send her 2 contributions.  I wish it could have been more but I hope what little I sent to her helped her in her momentous win.  I am so excited that we will have a tireless worker for the people in the US Senate.  And congrats to my own senator, Senator Gillibrand who finally won her own term in the Senate.  She is one to watch.  She has brought so many jobs to NYS and she is doing an amazing job.

Congratulations to all of you in the Kos community for your tireless efforts to support candidates that can bring us real change in Congress.  

In closing, let me say, that going to cast my vote, I felt pride in our America.  The right to vote is sacred and a responsibility for all of us to take great pride in.  It is our duty as citizens, no matter what side of the spectrum you are on.  It is our one sure opportunity to voice our choices for who will lead this country in these difficult times.  Who we trust, who WE believe will provide a way forward for all of us.

Congrats to all of you for all you have done to further that cause.  And thank you Kos for standing up to protect women's rights, and the needs of the poor, the disabled, seniors, the middle class.  No longer will the Middle Class be ignored and their needs not addressed.  Today is a day to celebrate, yet tomorrow we must re-new our efforts to support the people we elected.  We must not let up.  Our President will need our help to do the work he needs to do, Elizabeth Warren will need help in her efforts to hold the 1% accountable, we must not let up the pressure on Congress to stop playing politics with people's lives and to do the work of the people.  

God Bless and onward and upward.

A very happy and optimistic Obama and Maloney supporter.

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