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Some fascinating analysis going on over at Red State, after the scroll:

post mortem analysis:
Charlatans separating suckers from their money is nothing new. Usually the suckers are not quite so prominent. This was a spectacle of millionaires getting fleeced by PAC's on the national stage. $1B poured down the drain.

 Those Wall St. bailouts were an absolute disaster for us. Once they gave the green light to bailout Wall St. they could never make the case for cutting a single dollar from any social program without looking like heartless hypocrites

I was shocked that no one in the party made a prolife commercial with women who more tramatized by their abortion, then the rape. Those women arie out there.

(blame)The idiots in the Tea Party who get nut jobs like Akins and Murdock
nominated. The country club Republicans running re-threads like Tommy
Thompson and George Allen again.

Romney didn't have the balls to challenge Obama in the third debate over
Libya, or the spread of Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists groups, ... or make a major issue over  "Fast and Furious".

And the Akin and Mourdoch are good example of how and why Democrats whup us every time. Whether it was Bill Clinton on perjury and rape, Charlie Rangel on tax evasion, or Elizabeth Warren on falsifying college records, they rallied to defend their candidates. When they make demonstrably false charges against Lott, Akin, and Mourdock establishment Republicans run over each other in an attempt to be the first to condemn them.

Republicans are like high school girls who, more than anything, want everyone to like them. As a Christian, Erick should know that if the world doesn't hate you, you aren't doing your job.

Can we please not have such attacks on Gov. Romney on today, thank you?
And your backstabbing at all our nominees can go for a while, too.
This is disgusting, Erick.

theiowan • 6 hours ago −
We relied on Ras/Gallup/Gravis and believed their (apparently) **** Dean Chambers: FU!!! Karl Rove? Ain't the first time he's ff'ed us! I'll stop short of "off with his head," but really........
In other words, in all the races that mattered, Rasmussen got it egregiously wrong. They didn't call a single battleground state right except for North Carolina, and even there it appears that they overestimated the margin of Romney's win.

I would say the election turned out exactly as God wanted it to, as He paves the way for the rise of the Anti-Christ. The forces of darkness are enveloping us as it is written
in the scriptures. All the biblical prophesies are falling into place at such an accelerated rate that we can prepare spiritually in these last days, because the rest of it no longer matters. This election is just one more step leading to the fulfillment of these prophesies.

thinking to the future:

I am off topic but I think Rick Perry should start learning foreign policy, etc for 2016. I know we have a great farm team but all are too inexperienced now as senators, except for Bobby Jindal. Rick Perry was my first choice and was not ready because of his back surgery. He'll be fine in 2016.

(another Perry fan)Waking up to the nightmare I thought I had last night - I thought Perry, Perry, Perry. He has some flaws as a candidate - but those can be fixed. He is one of us, and has a strong economic record - almost unheard of in this country.

I think that conservatives make the same mistake that the McGovern supporter did in the 70s. We isolate ourselves so we think everyone agrees with us. I was shocked Monday night when Obama had 20,000 people show up for a rally in Iowa.

Erick Erickson:

The Obama campaign ran a very good campaign. The Republicans did not. There was no fraud. There was no stealing the election. There was just a really good ground game from Barack Obama and a lot of smoke and mirrors from Team Romney and outside charlatans, many of whom will now go work for Republican Super PACs making six figure salaries, further draining the pockets of rich Republicans when not on television explaining how awesome and expert they are. Whether you can bring yourself to say it or not, like it or not, Barack Obama is, today, your President.

At the same time, Romney made a conscious decision to blow off Hispanic voters. Yes conservatives, we must account for this

Good Discussion on Govt involvement in personal life:

wbb1950 • 8 hours ago −
...The message of this election is loud and clear. The critical mass of the American People want government to control their lives, and as disheartening as that is to me, it is the bottom line. This has serious ramifications for the Republican Party. I think it will split as the national level and go the way of the Whig Party. Their ideology of limited government and individual freedom to which I subscribe to strongly is no longer sellable to the dependent class who now comprise the critical mass of the public.

supa • 8 hours ago −
I got the opposite message. The American people did not vote for "government control" of their lives, the voted to get government out of it. Women split towards the Dems because they didn't want the government interfering with their bodies. Latino's went towards the Dems because they fear the Arizona model of legislation interfering with their lives...

wbb1950  supa • 5 hours ago −
If you think they voted for Obama because they did not want governement control, then what do you think Obama care is. It was unconstitutional, but a feckless chief justice who was more concerned with his vanity than with his oath saved it. And now, we are stuck with it. I think national bankruptcy may be the old way out, and a painful one at that....

supa   8 hours ago −
He was nothing close to anti-woman or anti-immigrant. However, when was he willing or capable to articulate that? Obama attacked him on Arizona and self-deportation and Mitt went limp. Akin and Mourdock came off the crazy train and Mitt went silent.
They unfairly painted him and ALL REPUBLICANS that way and our presidential nominee was silent...


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