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I've never read anything on the Free Republic website until now. Never... I swear! I was surprised to find a somewhat cogent article lamenting Republican electoral loss. Sure, it adheres to the fallacious genesis mythos that the Tea Party is somehow untainted by its total corporate co-optation, asserting instead that the "Republican Party sold out the Tea Party, it sold out its soul and the only driving energy it had." From my point of view, the soul that occupied the Tea Party was a brief and fleeting thing, not resilient enough to withstand multiple jaunts on various AFP funded comeback tours. The author calls for Republicans to get angry again, as in the good old days with tricorn hats, handguns in holsters and shout-downs at Obamacare Town Halls.

He ends by stating, "The Republican Party has tried playing Mr. Nice Guy. It may be time to get back to being an opposition movement. […] The Democratic Party began winning when it embraced the left, instead of running away from it. If the Republican Party wants to win, then it has to embrace the right and learn to get angry again."

I guess I missed the part where Republicans were collaborative, conciliatory, compromising and civil in word and deed. I looked to the comments for clarification.

Catsrus opined that they should have "embraced some of the Ron Paul support," and laments that we'll have "four more years of misery, and being lectured to by a dictator and his dictator wife." Now, I wonder: is the misery that is mentioned caused by the lectures of dictator's wives, or are the lectures extra, like, bonuses? And how is it that these dictators were just elected by both popular and constitutionally decreed procedural vote? "Catsrus," I thought to myself, "We share some common ground. I, too, don't like being lectured at by dictators and their wives. Especially for four more years!"

Psalm144 suggests that all the problems in the election were "because the Tea Party shackled itself to the Geriatric Old Plotters." I wondered who these were for awhile, then realized he meant the GOP. Doh! I'm acryonymically challenged. Somewhere Mitch McConnell sheds a turtle tear, but that's a pretty good one. I once had a geriatric old plotter, but I traded it in for a wide-format laser printer.

Beachn4fun disagrees with much of the article because the author doesn't "allow for the fact that we have a large population of black people who voted for Obama because he has black blood." I'm glad GOTV worked so well for all of the black people, but concerned about the color of this blood. Is it anything like Hershey's syrup? Will the Red Cross accept it for donation, or does the inky color mess things up?

Astronaut was orbiting in the bummer sphere. His response is worth posting in full. I hope he has access to good healthcare for his depression.

"If we couldn’t beat an incompetent failure like Barack Hussein Obama, we cant beat anyone. The demographics are against us. There are now more moochers and takers than producers, and they voted for their boy. The liberals have spent generations producing idiots in the public education system, and building a news/entertainment propaganda delivery system. The idiots bought the propaganda, and we have 4 more years of the Kenyan. We are beaten. Not just today, but in the future too. The demographics aren’t going to get better. Get used to slavery, debt, high taxes and bowing to terrorists. America is dead. Limbaugh, Levin, and the others can shut down now and retire on their millions, while the rest of us put on shackles. Nothing will save this Republic now."
Limbaugh has been pretty quiet all today. Perhaps he is heading to Canada as we speak in order to retire his millions. I, personally, like the concept of both present and future beatings.

BCW highlights his delight in getting "to watch as the Empire falls to savages…zombieland, here I come…" That does sound pretty interesting. I like to watch. But who will play the savages, and are they the same, or different, than the zombies? Do they administer, or receive, all of those present and future beatings?

Will88 wants to see a "politically incorrect stat: what percentage of the Dims' female support is from single moms on welfare?" Self-reflective politically incorrect statements citing political incorrectness are seductively metafictional. Those single moms, however, are really bringing this country down. There children should get jobs as janitors in underfunded public schools. Everyone would win, just ask Newt!

Shery laments that the Republicans sealed their fate when they didn't "speak in support of Mourdock and Akin" because it "sent a message that real conservatives would not be welcome at the table." There is lots of good rape talk at my dinner parties. Everyone is welcome. The more extreme the position, the more pure the politician. Shery thinks that "true conservatives" need a new party, perhaps named the "Reagan Conservatives." That'll be neat.

Muawiyah channels Cormac McCarthy:

"A few more years of Obama, and massive wholesale killing sprees will be common occurrences, thanks to the ending of air-conditioning as we know it. Fortunately we still hold the House and something like 3/4 of the State legislatures. And those facts will become far more important as the Obama downward spiral continues on toward next summer. With power production down so low the big cities can no longer allow air conditioning, you will see considerable unrest. The Democrats and their hordes will begin to kill each other and Obama and his crowd will be as powerless in the face of such events as they've proven to be in Libya. He'll let his own peeps die meaninglessly in the streets."
How will this chilling scenario affect the economy? How will the hordes be organized? Will they all be registered to vote, and if not, how will they be identified as Democrats? Why was power production allowed to be so low? Was it because of Solyndra? How do all the "takers-not-makers" in the big cities afford air-conditioning in the first place? Is it another socialist give-away? Will their blood run black in the streets? Will there be both savages and zombies at the table? Will the Geriatric Old Plotters have even bit parts, or will the ghost of Reagan ascend from the shining city on the hill, flaming sword in hand, and smite the single mothers on welfare?

As bigbob says in a moment of wise reflection, "Whether we are at a tipping point or whether we will see another four years much like the last is beyond human ability to predict. But it is incorrect to blame conservatism because conservatism was not running in this election."

Amen to that. I have now returned from the freedom of the Free Republic. There are a lot of sports metaphors there.  As Mr.K says, "Sure occasionaly you grab a fumble and run it into the end zone, but that is not a winning strategy to make it to the Superbowl. ...SARAH PALIN 2016"

Might be worth another journey in four years.

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