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Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat for Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren addresses supporters during her victory rally in Boston, Massachusetts, November 6, 2012. REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ELECTIONS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
She, and we, won!
FInal O2B thermometer
Looks pretty good, huh?
Thank you, Kossacks for making Orange to Blue 2012 a success. More than 103,000 of you raised almost $3.2 million for our candidates this year, and our win-loss record this time around is pretty impressive: all six senate candidates, eight winning House candidates, with three still too close to call (out of 17 races total) and all four marriage equality initiatives.

Senate: In case you didn't know yet, we swept up in the Senate. Every one of our endorsed Senate candidates won, and won handily. We set out to upgrade the Senate, and that's what we did, helping to elect (and reelect, in the case of Sen. Sherrod Brown) these great progressive candidates. Congratulations to them all.

  • Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (26,105 donations, $405,443.48 raised):
    "We said this election is about whose side you're on," Warren said, summing up her campaign's message. "I think of this as an election where we stuck to our values: Make sure Social Security and Medicare benefits are protected, and millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. To me, that's the heart of it. That's really where the basic social contract is reaffirmed. [...] This election was about opportunity, not for some, but for all, and that's the core of liberalism."
  • Sen. Sherrod Brown (8,578 donations, $125,417.85 raised):
    "Today in Ohio, in the middle of America, the middle class won. [...] Most of us in this country think of ourselves as middle class. It's the values we share. The principles we believe in. The opportunities we create for our children."
  • Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin (14,848 donations, $170,536.92 raised):
    "I didn’t run to make history. I ran to make a difference, [...] And my campaign was about the struggle of the middle class, retirement security for seniors, doing right by our veterans when they return home from war. That Wisconsin selected me to face those challenges is historic. But I think it was much more about confronting the very significant challenges that our nation faces right now.”
  • Senator-elect Chris Murphy (10,673 donations, $106,218.35 raised):
    “Tonight we proved that what matters most in life is the measure of your ideas, the measure of your determination, the measure of your friends, not the measure of your wallet."
  • Senator-elect Martin Heinrich (7,030 donations, $60,192.26 raised):
    In his victory speech, Heinrich applauded Bingaman as "an example of how the Senate ought to work," saying he worked for results, not credit. "In an era when personal attacks have replaced tempered political discourse, he really set the bar for what we all ought to look to," Heinrich told his cheering supporters.
  • Senator-elect Mazie Hirono (8,836 donations, $72,524.36 raised):
    From day one, our campaign has been about making sure that Hawaii's values and priorities have a voice in the U.S. Senate.

    A voice that will speak up on behalf of the middle class and working people.

    That will fight for our kupuna—by honoring our commitments to Social Security and Medicare.

    That will fight for our keiki—by creating greater educational opportunities.

    That is committed to a stronger, more sustainable economy here in Hawaii and throughout the nation. [via e-mail]

House: The House was more of a mixed bag for us, but considering we got involved in 17 races, and we were facing a challenging map of seats that had been redistricted, it wasn't half bad. In fact, it was more than half good! One of the most exciting parts of these wins is that, even though we didn't take back the House, because of this:

BREAKING: For first time in history, House Democratic Caucus will NOT be majority white male after this election. #America
@JesseFFerguson via TweetDeck


  • Mark Takano, CA-41 (1,000 donations, $9,811.39 raised): Takano won this newly created seat over Republican John Tavaglione, 56-44. He's the firstly openly gay member of the California congressional delegation, and the openly LGBT person of color to serve in Congress.
  • Alan Lowenthal, CA-47 (988 donations, $8,883.41 raised): Lowenthal got a promotion from the state senate to the congressional delegation from California voters, beating climate change denier Gary DeLong 55-45.
  • Lois Frankel, FL-22 (2,897 donations, $22,005.54 raised): Another Democratic win in Florida, with Frankel beating a particularly nasty opponent, Adam Hasner, to retake this seat that had been held by Democrat Ron Klein, then by Allen West, before he ditched it to run in the easier 18th district. Good to get this one back.
  • Joe Garcia, FL-26 (3,520 donations, $30,522.23 raised): The third time was the charm for Garcia, finally defeating Rep. David Rivera, 54-43. Congratulations, Joe!
  • Rick Nolan, MN-08 (833 donations, $9,015.53 raised ): Nolan is returning to the House after three decades, with his upset win over Rep. Chip Craavack. The 8th district is blue again, as it should be.
  • Carol Shea-Porter, NH-01 (6,260 donations, $49,730.07 raised): She's back! She narrowly defeated Rep. Frank Guinta, who took the seat from her two years ago.
  • Ann McLane Kuster, NH-02 (6,103 donations, $55,843.00 raised): Another returning New Hampshire Dem! Kuster lost to Rep. Charlie Bass two years ago, but she's back, defeating him 52-44. With these two wins in New Hampshire, the state now has the distinction of having entirely female Congressional delegation, along with a woman governor, and four out of five of them are Democrats.
  • Sean Patrick Maloney, NY-18 (1,299 donations, $13,994.76 raised): Maloney took out tea party freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth, becoming the first out gay member of the New York congressional delegation.

Nearly winning:

  • Ami Bera, CA-07 (3,621 donations, $33,555.77 raised): Bera has the slimmest of leads against Rep. Dan Lungren, but Lungren hasn't yet conceded. We're hanging with you, Dr. Bera.
  • Patrick Murphy, FL-18 (4,274 donations, $46,555.66 raised): This one was critical for us. Murphy has a few thousand vote lead in this race that has been called by various media outlets, but the bellicose, belligerent and paranoid West won't concede. He's alleging "disturbing irregularities" at the polls. He's lost, and is eventually going to admit it. But for now, this one is in the almost column until the asshole is forced to concede.
  • David Gill, IL-13 (979 donations, $10,174.80 raised): This one is close, with Gill narrowly behind Republican Rodney Davis, but he's not yet conceding. We're keeping an eye on this.


  • Jose Hernandez,CA-10 (1,973 donations, $21,098.58 raised): Our astronaut came up short in this GOP-leaning district. But as a first-time candidate who ran a credible race, he could certainly be back.
  • Jim Graves, MN-06 (4,109 donations, $63,652.33 raised): Graves came so, so close to ousting Rep. Michele Bachmann, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Until the next election. Graves demonstrated that Bachmann is truly vulnerable, and you know that she's not going to be able to resist the siren song of crazy in the next two years. We can take her out.
  • Betty Sue Sutton, OH-16 (3,588 donations, $30,330.93 raised): This one stings, being a direct win for John Boehner, who helped the reengineering of districts in his home state to squeeze her out. She was forced into running against another incumbent, Rep. Jim Renacci, and narrowly lost.
  • Manan Trivedi, PA-06 (4,914 donations, $39,669.00 raised): Iraq vet and former Marine Corps surgeon Trivedi failed to oust five-term Repubilcan Rep. Jim Gerlach.
  • Kathy Boockvar, PA-08 (4,494 donations, $35,970.43 raised): Boockvar failed to knock out two-term Republican Rep. Mike Fitpatrick.
  • Pat Kreitlow, WI-07 (1,105 donations, $10,950.98 raised): This one kind of hurts. Rep. Sean Duffy, of Real World fame, is just such too vapid to be in federal office, and Pat Kreitlow would have been such an upgrade in Congress. But vapiditiy rarely stopped voters from electing idiots before, so Duffy is going back to D.C.

Marriage equality:

We succeeded, going four for four in wins for marriage equality. Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington have all contributed vastly to making America a better, more equal, place. And you helped with 877 donations for a total of $11,078.25.

From the entire staff of Daily Kos, thank you for helping to make our Senate better, our House look more like the country as a whole, and advancing the cause of equality for the LGBT community.

Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 01:46 PM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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