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The reelection of Barack Obama against seeming insurmountable odds has been historic and has altered, forever, the soul of our country. For decades, I've advocated the banning of the republican party, BECAUSE I felt that the methods and criminal inroads its members have injected into the political process had utterly compromised the entire country's ability to engage in democratic discourse. Although I believe the legality of such a party is still against our current constitutional compass, at this point there is no need to expend resources on such a method and deal with them in conventional, political means.

While I have no doubt that most people have progressive values in their hearts and minds, there had been a fear of acceptance of progressive movement, because they may have triggered hatred against them, whether it be by their jobs, their schools, or their communities.

This election is significant in the fact that, for the FIRST time, we have beaten back the forces of evil that have permeated into our society. We have, in fact, for the first time started the significant journey to ensure that capitalism is negated, that socialist and community ideals are both obtainable and inevitable. In fact, I've not only opined but illustrated and documented how the actions of the republican party has engendered the most destructive policies and environmental disasters in the history of the planet.

However, we must resist the temptation to think that all is now cool, and that we can lay back and enjoy the fruits of our long, bloody war. Yes, we can celebrate, even gloat. We have EVERY REASON to denounce the republican party, both their stupidity and evil purposes.

But we can NOT EVER LET UP. I only need to tell you about one number: 2010.

4 years ago, when President Obama had a significant majority in Congress, I believe he had let a bunch of things slip out of his hands that could have rendered our tranformation into a socialist, community oriented society much more smoothly, but I digress. He truly didn't understand the outrageous evil that represents the republican party. But the Tea Party came out of nowhere, and caused a lot of problems that we didn't have to put up with.


This is key. What we need to do is to have a cohesive plan to blunt any more upstarts.

The first solution: No more filibusters in the Senate, and invoke the nuclear option. In fact, invoke the option on Day One and put the repukes on notice that their views are not wanted. In addition, Senate committee leaders should have an option to call votes in either two ways, depending on how they want to project their opposition members:

Conventionally -- All members are polled, with the results posted. What this means is every member's vote is on record. This is good for highlighting opposition members' inflammatory votes for public disclosure.

Partisan Unanimity -- Members are polled in order by partisan (or caucus) position, allowing the chair to halt all voting when the vote count reaches majority. For instance, if there are 4 democrats and 3 repukes, the democrats are polled first. If all four vote the same, then the voting stops at that point, and the issue is passed (or not passed) by unanimous consent. This is good for maintaining broad-based appeal for press purposes implying everyone is on board, allowing opposition members to be painted by their own party in primaries.

That is immediate, of course. What about the first two years of the second administration?

We must not get caught again by PREVENTING any uprising in the Tea Party movement. When they started, we were guilty of making fun of it as a movement that wouldn't go anywhere. But let's face it: They did tremendous damage in the midterms, and were directly responsible for the delay of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. THAT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN. We MUST be on top of things and prevent such uprisings when they occur by IMMEDIATELY demeaning everyone in that "movement," and preventing them from gaining momentum. If we can do that, we will completely destroy the republicans' last chance at any sort of relevancy in US politics.

In conclusion, I admit that I have underestimated my own efforts in negating the votes of republicans in the last election. But many people emulated what I told them to do, and we were able to significantly win in the states we needed to win with the methods that I will not disclose at this time. To that end, I will fight the GOP conventionally, though with great and absolute hate for all they stand for, both personally and professionally.

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