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Facebook, the place where you can keep in touch with people you can remember working with, even if you can't remember which company it was where you worked together, provided me this quote from a friend whom I didn't know was Republican.

Sue: Perhaps it is time to move to another country.
Hmm, I remember thinking that, once upon a time, but that was just being stupid. So I replied:
BTM: y'know, a lot of us Democrats felt that way in 2004. And yet we didn't (obviously). Where could we go and still be Americans?
Seemed conciliatory to me, eh? But today I got
Sue: Bruce, I think the overwhelming issue is less about Dem. or Rep. here. I had to look at this election as the fiscal conservative that I am during a time when we are on a downhill slope financially as a nation. It is hard to absorb the reality that our gov't spends money that is just doesn't have when i work so hard to keep a balanced budget in my household and at work! I don't think BO is all THAT bad, but he is not a businessman with a resume/history of balancing a budget EVER. I simply felt like our US checkbook would have been in better hands with a highly successful business man that has a long list of successes in the area of running businesses, advising businesses, investing in business, and governing a successful state with regards to EDU and unemployment. Which candidate would you give YOUR personal checkbook to if you needed help balancing your household budget and you were on the brink of losing your home, etc.? I have no idea why people hate him b/c of his wealth and success! I am all for having a President that knows how to get on top! Perhaps he could have gotten our Nation back on top! I will always believe in small government that fosters free enterprise and focuses on National Defense. I think that the outcome of the election obviously shows that neither candidate truly has the support of the majority. I get frusturated that our nation is SO divided and just feel like we are going to have 4 more years of gridlock as a result! However, as an eternal optimist and as a Christian, I will always be hopeful and will pray for our nations leaders. Everything happens for a reason. As for last night's post, just frazzled!
Huh? I thought this Facebook thing with former colleagues was supposed to be light-hearted observation sharing. I'm a "don't say much" kinda guy (this would be my second diary in 8 years, after all). But I had to say something, didn't I? This is what I said:
BTM: I don't want to rehash the election with you, Sue, I just wanted to say that, having been there, it's okay if sometimes the other team wins. But I'll reply to your reply. The biggest increase to the debt that PBO made was extending the Bush tax cuts. As for MR, you see a successful businessman, I see a mendacious empty suit plutocrat whose business amounted to little more than sucking money out of its acquisitions and sending American jobs overseas. America is not a business, nor should it be run like one. GWB was the first MBA president, and that just didn't work out so well. The gridlock comes from people like senate minority leader Mitch McConnell who vowed the Republican's sole objective for the last four years would be limiting PBO to a single term. PBO tried very hard to work with those guys, even in the face of criticism from his own base, and the Rs just presented an upturned middle finger, putting party before country. As defeated Tea Party senate candidate Richard Mourdock from Indiana put it, "if there's going to be bipartisanship, it's going to be Democrats coming our way." The results of this election did happen for a reason. The government is we, the people. And we the people are not angry white men. 80% of the non-white vote went to the non-white guy.
And I wished I'd said, I'm also an eternal optimist, but an Atheist. But y'know, that would have just been pissing into the wind.

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