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Some ignorant, Fox News addicted fool named Warner Todd Hudson has written a post here that, to me, epitomizes the delusional mindset and seething hatred the right has for our President and our democratic way of life.

Just read a few of these gems:

We have now officially come to an era where only the tiniest handful of Americans have this understanding and the bulk of those voting are uninformed. Worse, they aren’t just uninformed, they are uninterested.
He's talking about the republicans as the "informed", mind you. I'll tell you, it's not my nature to laugh at the truly uninformed, but when they season it with the kind of ugliness this post does I do get some satisfaction at our victory. Here's some more:

Barack Obama is the ultimate example of how anti-American the Democrat Party is today. The Democrats oppose nearly every single truly American principle that the founders gave us.

Democrats oppose the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution
Democrats oppose personal responsibility
Democrats oppose free speech
Democrats oppose the Second Amendment
Democrats oppose morality and religion
Democrats oppose the rule of law and wish instead to rule by fiat
Democrats oppose the sanctity of life
Democrats oppose education and instead support indoctrination
Democrats oppose business
Democrats oppose liberty and freedom and support totalitarianism
Democrats oppose sovereignty and support international rule
Democrats oppose our national security

In short, Democrats think the United States is a cancer on humanity and they wish to damage it permanently.

And what is poor Warner's solution to all of this? Something very Third Reichish:
So, how do we fix this? How do we return America to the path of self-government and the path that made the USA the best nation in human history?

We dismantle our system of mis-education....

We true Americans have allowed the anti-American left to fully take over education in America. They disgorge millions of good little socialists every single year. Constantly trying to re-educate these anti-American graduates after they’ve spent upward to 20 years being taught to hate America and everything it stands for is a forlorn task.

We need to get to kids before the left does. The only way to do this is depose the left from education.

Whoever this Warner Hudson is, he is the essence of why this country is no longer competitive in so many areas. Those who disregard facts, consider themselves proudly ignorant (sorry. They call it informed), and develop this blackening hatred of anything we, the other party, stand for are the ones to really fear. Fortunately, it appears that they are becoming more of a minority every day.

These are the people that are going to have to move or get trampled in the future of this country. Their ideas and prejudices are JUST PLAIN WRONG. We have no more use for them unless they have an inkling of a notion to work with us. But if there's anything that's delusional on our part, it might unfortunately be that thought:

One last thing. There can be no compromise with Democrats. They aren’t just wrong on a few things. They are wrong on everything. And they aren’t just wrong they are evil. They intend the destruction of the USA. They are almost finished with their task. Compromise with Democrats is a traitor’s act.
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