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Cross-posted at and an expansion of yesterday's diary by Fab2008

Rachel had an excellent introduction to her show yesterday and she was spirited, obviously enjoying herself and simply at her best. Her celebratory mood and her words remind us why we have reason to celebrate the outcome of this election.

We are not going to have a supreme court that will overturn Roe versus Wade.
We are not going to repeal health care reform.
Nobody is going to kill medicare and make old people fight it out in the open market to get health insurance.
We are not going to give 20% tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires and expect programs like food stamps and children’s insurance to cover the cost of that tax cut.
We will not need to consult our boss if we need to get birth control
We are not going to amend the US constitution to stop gay people from marrying
We are not scaling back on student loans because the government’s new plan is that you borrow money from your parents.
We are not vetoing the dream act, nor are we self deporting.

And then Rachel talked about some facts that all people (on the left and especially on the right) should learn to accept, because they are facts:

Ohio really did go to president Obama and he really did win.
And he really was born in Hawaii and he really is the legitimate president of the United States, again.
And the bureau of labor statistics did not make up a fake unemployment rate last month.
And the congressional research service really can find no evidence that cutting taxes on rich people grows the economy.
And Nate Silver was not making up fake projections to make conservatives feel bad. He was doing math.
And climate change is real
And rape really does cause pregnancy sometimes.
And evolution is real.
And the Benghazi was an attack on us, not a scandal by us.
And nobody is taking away people’s guns.
And taxes have not gone up and the deficit is dropping, actually.
And Sadam Hussein did not have weapon of mass destruction.
And FEMA is not building concentration camps
And moderate reforms of the regulations of the insurance industry and financial services industry are not the same thing as communism.
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  •  Tip Jar (23+ / 0-)

    In the 2008 elections there were 15 million less people who identified themselves as "liberals" than as "conservatives" (L/C ratio: 65%). Face it, this country is center-right. Moving it to the left is up to us!

    by healthy on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 06:30:02 AM PST

  •  I applaud her...and you for spreading it (6+ / 0-)

    I thought this was one of her best "rants" ever. She is a great journalist, but this was "over the top" for me.

  •  It was a great Rachel Maddow moment. (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    crystal eyes, exterris, healthy, Russgirl

    Yes, our wonderful moderate President is going to serve for four more years, and the policies that are good about America will remain intact.

    Sadly, it's looking like the MSM and the GOP haven't learned anything from Tuesday.  

    One small quibble with Rachel, she forgot these facts:

    Osama bin Ladin is very, very dead and Obama showed that he had the right stuff by how he handled the decision-making and chose the well-being of our troops over our and his image with Pakistan.  And President Obama actually pronounces Pakistan correctly.

    Thanks to President Obama, General Motors is still with us, and America still has a robust automobile industry where Americans have jobs building cars made by American companies.   And this action shows that Obama knows what American Exceptional really is.  

    To quote Biden, what Obama has done is a "Big Fucking Deal" and I look forward to four more years.

    •  Excellent points! Yes! Osama dead and the rescue (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      pistolSO, Russgirl

      of the automobile industry are Big fucking deals!

      In the 2008 elections there were 15 million less people who identified themselves as "liberals" than as "conservatives" (L/C ratio: 65%). Face it, this country is center-right. Moving it to the left is up to us!

      by healthy on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 07:11:17 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  I agree but.. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    stagemom, Fast Pete, Russgirl

    What is still missing from the dialogue on Tuesday night..the GOTV is this...

    Republicans do not have nor will have the young, educated, spectrum with passion that made this possible.

    Campaigns require people with stamina..At 62, with my worsening mobility I just did phones this time around..and I only did around 9 hours a week..
    The people who made this possible were folks in their early 20's who put school and work on hold..whose nutrition was top ramon and pizza..whose liquid intake was water and coffee and more coffee.

    It was the young folks of OFA who brought in the new voters..Republicans had to resort to hiring a company that was busted in every State..

    and this is the important thing...This time around it was a new group of people than in 2016 the same thing will happen..

    Republicans don't have such a relay. A neighbor in our building worked for the Romney campaign..She said the average age was 60.  Most of lit hand out and door to door was staffed by folks making $8 an hour...

    If you take away the handful of us geezers..the average age of folks I worked with was around 22. They were intelligent, educated, creative..a spectrum of us pales, Latino, immigrants about even on gender and of course young folks from the GLBT community..

    These young people did it not because of what they were against...but what they were for...


    2+2 still =4

  •  If only people (0+ / 0-)

    like her thought about these things back in 2010 when we needed to win state races to control the census year redistricting.

    GOP- Fact Free since 1981!

    by KingGeorgetheTurd on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:43:53 PM PST

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