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There is a  petty little "joke" going around Facebook about taking away the Halloween candy from Democratic children and "redistributing it to the lazy kids who did not even bother to go trick or treating."

Of course this "joke" just tells us a lot about the person telling it.

All of this worry about "redistribution" began as an effort roll back tax breaks a few percentage points for the people who can afford it most. Put in that light, most children I know would enjoy giving away a percentage of their candy for a good cause.  That is a lesson that most feeling people could actually get behind.

There is some irony when one realizes that many of the people telling this joke are themselves part of the 47% that does not pay federal income taxes.  At the same time many of the "greedy liberals trying to take their candy" are actually fighting to see their own taxes go up.

This reminds me of another mean spirited cause that many right wingers got behind.  It started on the Huckabee show, and concerned a woman who sold expensive pies at a Greenmarket.  The woman was outraged that the entire market was converting to a system that  could accept food stamps.  She was hailed as a "hero" because she refused to sell her pies to anyone using food stamps even though she potentially stood to make a profit from them.

Actually, there is no evidence that anyone would have even wanted to use their small food stamp allotment to buy her overpriced pies.  All she really knew was that there was a call for the Greenmarket itself  to accept Foodstamps.  Some would actually think it was a great idea to give struggling mothers an opportunity to feed their children fresh produce instead of cheap junk food.

This reminded me of an experience I had at a supermarket.  I was behind a frazzled mom, and the cashier was having trouble ringing up her items.  Apparently when you use an EBT card there are a lot of items that you are not allowed to buy.  Sometimes items that seem like they would be acceptable are declined.

At one point, the cashier tried time and time again to get some inexpensive fresh strawberries to ring up.  Eventually the Manager came over, and said the strawberries had to be taken off.  The cashier automatically put the strawberries down with the items to be bagged, and the Mom started to hand the strawberries over to the Manager.  The manager's response: "oh no, we just cannot ring the strawberries up on your card, but it is our pleasure."

So in my mind the pie lady is far from a hero.  I would happily join my right wing friends in giving her accolades, if, instead of worrying that her taxes might go to buy overpriced pies, she had informed her fellow vendors that "if anyone is struggling to buy fresh veggies with their food stamp allotment, please give them one of my pies.  It would be my pleasure."

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  •  there is a guy who dressed up in (0+ / 0-)

    a bear suit and supposedly did steal kids' candy to prove his point
    no surprise he is a Fox contributor.

    just shows how little you have to know about taxation to be a Fox contributor

  •  Her pies are probably more expensive (0+ / 0-)

    than some strawberries, and as a small business owner, she probably couldn't afford to give away that many pies.

    That said, I think she was indeed mean-spirited.  

    Maybe she could have brought of the fruit she uses in making her pies to give as lagniappe to children and people who couldn't afford her pies.  Not everyone on food stamps stays on them for life.  When they got better jobs, they'd remember her kindness and probably make a point of being able to afford one of her pies.

    All knowledge is worth having. Check out OctopodiCon to support steampunk learning and fun. Also, on DKos, check out the Itzl Alert Network.

    by Noddy on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 01:51:28 PM PST

    •  I wouldn't reasonably expect her to give free pies (0+ / 0-)

      At least not on a regular basis. My point was that as it is she did absolutely nothing to deserve the admiration she was getting, especially from a self described Christian such as Huckabee.

      There is a man in California who serves restaurant meals to all the children at a community center every single day, but she is the one Huckabee decided to focus on as a "hero", since she is allegedly "saving the taxpayers money," by making sure that no one gets a pie that in their mind, does not deserve one.

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