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Here is a photo-diary of some of Election Day here in my town of Lebanon, New Hampshire - which is on the border of Vermont and near Dartmouth College - after the jump .....

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Here are some vignettes from Election Day in western New Hampshire:

Let's start off with a nice breakfast (near my polling place) at the Lebanon Diner - owned by a Democratic city councilor Karen Liot Hill and her husband Andy.

As befits a Democratic-owned shop: the sign points out that New Hampshire has same-day registration. Interestingly, that was instituted during the Clinton Administration by the NH Legislature .... by the Republican majority. Why? When Bill Clinton signed the Motor Voter law, it had an escape-clause: a state that had same-day registration did not have to offer Motor-Voter.

 I guess the GOP figured that more Democrats newer voters would be created that way than by allowing same-day registration; hence they chose the escape clause. When the GOP took back control of the Legislature in 2010, they were talking of repeal .... then were advised they would have to adhere to Motor Voter if they did so ... and the plan died.

Approaching the Village Green in the center of this town of (approximately) 13,000 residents.

Here is a sign for a former Democrat who won a fluke election for Register of Deeds six years ago ... then wrote me a nasty letter when I commented in a blog about how I wish that sort of office was an appointed one. He lost his post two years ago, now is running for a county commissioner seat ... as a Republican ...

... and fortunately, Mike Cryans (a friend of my old boss, and a Democrat whom I like very much whenever we meet) was able to win re-election against Bill Sharp. Sweet.

We have a regional bus service called Advance Transit with service that is not extensive (M-F only, from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM) .... but is free, due to several area towns, Dartmouth College and its medical center, who subsidize costs (due to traffic and especially parking problems). They do solicit funds from riders by mail, but no fare is collected.

City Hall itself - getting close to my polling place. After an exceptionally mild autumn (I didn't have to turn on the heat once until Election Day) you can see the warm coats.

Lebanon College - a community college - is the place to vote.

The hallmark of elections - political signs.

Romney sign-holders next to Obama ones .... that's bi-partisanship I can endorse.

Never seen a line like this out the door before .... encouraging.

People signing in .... the GOP in 2010 instituted a loose voter ID law, where someone would come up to the registration table and be greeted with "Hello, Mark - may I see some ID?" In a place like this, it shows how foolish this is.

Felt good voting ..... then off to work ... and later on, that night:

An informal session of our chapter of Drinking Liberally is to take place ..... at our local Irish pub chain.

Tuesday night has traditional Irish music, but they wrapped-up early to watch the returns ...

New Hampshire called for Obama ....... some definite hand-clapping. President Obama eventually won 70% of the vote in Lebanon.

Minnesota called .... this is getting good ......

Michael and Jennifer, two of our Drinking Liberally friends.

And that said it all .... we left to go home and see the rest of the returns.

A good day for us in the Granite State: the disastrous 2010 election gains by the GOP were wiped out, with Democrats re-taking the lower house of the Legislature, down only 13-11 in the Senate and with Maggie Hassan elected governor.

With victories by Carol Shea-Porter and my new congresswoman Ann Kuster winning  a race she narrowly lost two years ago - we have an all-female governor/congressional delegation today. That's good ... but truth-be-told, I'd rather that Paul Hodes had been able to defeat Kelly Ayotte two years ago for the U.S. Senate. (Next time).  

Now, on to Top Comments:

From blueoregon:

In the diary by therehastobeaway about how the Obama for America infrastructure can't be transferred to another campaign - I'm nominating the comment by Bob Johnson calling for a return of the 50 State Strategy - if only the party leaders would listen to us.
From Melanie in IA:
In the diary by kirbybruno about how she feels proud to have Voted for Democrats - Mets102 reflects on us and how the vote outcome reflects us!
From Stwriley:
In the front-page 2012 Polling Hall of Shame story, Obama Amabo likes palindromes - and has one about a venerable polling organization which may be the most apt palindrome I've ever seen, and which we should add to our lexicons.
From bronte17:
From Dallasdoc... see the sig line... that says it all. David and Goliath. From the diary post, POPCORN TIME!! The billionaire donors are livid by Brainwrap.


And following that vein of thought of David's and Goliath's, translatorpro had an excellent comment on social responsibility in the post Take those tired memes and shove 'em by Denise Oliver Velez. It contained a link to an excellent Der Spiegel article on that topic.

From Noddy:
Notthemayor gave the perfect short answer on why Romney lost on badkitties diary.
From Dave in Northridge:
Battling Maxo coins a new word to go with the new word in the title of Puddytat's diary.
From Seneca Doane:
In Horace Boothroyd III's diary, in which a link to a story reads this way -- "Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked" -- quaoar beats everyone else to the perfect observation.
And from Ed Tracey, your faithful correspondent this evening ........
In the front-page-story about how Mitt Romney was shellshocked - because he was living in the bubble that is what I call Planet Starboard - distributorcap faults Karl Rove who stuck with spending billionaires' money on TV ads, not realizing "That is so Barbara Billingsley".  

November 7, 2012

Next - enjoy jotter's wonderful PictureQuilt™ below. Just click on the picture and it will magically take you to the comment that features that photo.

(NOTE: Any missing images in the Quilt were removed because (a) they were from an unapproved source that somehow snuck through in the comments, or (b) it was an image from the DailyKos Image Library which didn't have permissions set to allow others to use it.)

And lastly: yesterday's Top Mojo - mega-mojo to the intrepid mik ...... who rescued this feature from oblivion:

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Originally posted to Top Comments on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 07:11 PM PST.

Also republished by Shamrock American Kossacks and DKOMA.

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