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Full disclosure folks, this diary was created at the behest of my very wealthy Uncle Robert, captain of industry. He wanted a way to vent his spleen at the great unwashed who he feels don't show him the proper feudal respect his power and money demand. Until recently, he's been too busy threatening his employees and writing checks to Carl Rove to pay any attention to this diary or Daily Kos. However, the recent election has made him suddenly aware that something didn't go his way and he ordered me to post the following letter.

Dear America:

What is wrong with people today? Doesn't money matter to anyone anymore?

I spent a fortune to buy this election and what do I have to show for it? A few lousy Tea Bagger Congressmen. Not one Senate seat, and certainly not the White House.

All our planning to defeat Obama has been a waste of time and money. For four years we stalled and obstructed Obama's efforts to fix the economy. Obviously, we did not do enough because GDP rose and unemployment fell below 8%. But come on people! How could voters still blame Bush and the Republicans for the economy?

We called him every name in the book. We photoshopped images of him as Hitler, as The Joker, as a muslim terrorist, as an ape. Yet a majority of Americans of all shades still respect him.

And now my taxes are going to go up 4%. FOUR PERCENT people!!! Well, not really because I've got all kinds of fancy dodges and shelters so, like my buddy Mitt, I don't really pay taxes! But it's the principle of the thing.

It's all you people's fault! You don't give the one percent the respect and honor we deserve. Minimum wage isn't good enough for you. No, you think your families deserve decent housing, proper medical care and free education. Why won't you take responsibility? We didn't have this problem in 1930 I tell you! Back then a man was happy to work 16 hours a day for $2.

Now, if you will excuse me. I must take out my frustrations on my employees. Damned riff raff think they're as good as me...

Rob R. Baron, esquire

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