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EDR 2012 - Final Edition

Today's EDR covers rescued down-ticket election diaries published between noon on November 8th till noon on November 9th. This edition of Election Diary Rescue includes the following gems dug up by our miners, bringing our 2012 total to 2,033 diaries for the archives.

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Diaries: (31)
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EDR compiles, describes and links election related diaries for down-ticket races through the closing months of election seasons. Down-ticket means any non-Presidential race.

This group was formed by the producers of a front page diary series that rescued election related diaries in 2006, 2008 and 2010. 2012 marks the first election since Daily Kos was born that there is blog devoted to election coverage - Daily Kos Elections.
Election Diary Rescue is proud to be a part of this project.

EDR chronicles the passion, power and effectiveness of political engagement and shines a light on candidates and issues that might be missed during an action-packed election cycle. It gives quick access to races, hopefully inspires people to write about contests that interest them, and has become an archive for thousands of election related diaries over the years. The Diary List for this project, founded by sidinny, links all the rescued diaries since 2006.

Diary Links beneath the Orange Squiggle of Down-Ticket Power


[AZ-Sen] MORE uncounted votes in AZ: could Carmona concession affect provisionals & result if not retracted? by David - Enough early and provisional ballots remain uncounted to change the outcome of several races in Arizona, notably the Flake vs. Carmona Senate race and Maricopa County sheriff.

[WI-Sen] More wisdom from Ron Johnson: "Ignorant voters" to blame for Obama victory by gf120581 - Diarist has a post about Ron Johnson (R).  Earlier today, he condescended to his soon-to-be fellow Senator Tammy Baldwin by saying he'd explain the "facts" on the federal budget to her.

[WI-Sen] Ron Johnson wants to mansplain the federal budget to Tammy Baldwin by Joan McCarter - Diarist points out the one major downside for Tammy Baldwin in winning her Senate race.

[WI-Sen] Sen. Johnson will mansplain the budget math to Sen. Baldwin by Scott Wooledge - Magnanimous fellow Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) offered to explain the budget to Tammy Baldwin (D), since being a woman with only 13 years' experience in Congress, she can't possibly understand the numbers. Blech.


[AZ-02] AZ-02 : 81 vote margin! But a dicey road ahead for Barber by biscobosco - Diarist covers Arizona  02 race between Ron Barber (D) who is leading Martha McSally, by 81 votes.

[AZ-02] NO provisional ballots have been counted in AZ-2 by ThatPoshGirl - Less than 500 votes separate this undecided race and the diarist points out the disturbing fact that the provisional ballots in AZ-2 haven't been counted. Contact information is included in this diary to send emails urging make sure all ballots are counted.

[CA-49] CA-49 Announcement from Jerry Tetalman on Campaign and Results - Stay Active! by pipsorcle - Diarist points out the positives even though Tetalman was defeated, and the fact he had no real national support but still put up a great fight.

[FL-18] Allen West goes to court in Palm Beach county to try to steal election by Joan McCarter - Poor Allen West is refusing to accept his loss and is trying to intimidate election officials both in and out of court. The attorney for the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections filed papers saying West's sour grapes is "an invitation to chaos."

[FL-18] Allen West is Trying to Steal the Election - Info and ACTION! by Surly Cracker - Join me beneath the squiggle for an update on the state of things in FL-18, and info on how YOU can help make sure Patrick Murphy is the next Congressman, and one last VERY satisfying victory for our side.

[FL-18] FL-18: Allen West - He won't go away… by legalchic - West (R) is unlikely to fade from the scene after his defeat by Patrick Murphy (D).

[FL-18] The Latest From the West/Murphy Battle in FL-18 by Surly Cracker - Lowdown on the latest shenanigans from Allen West (R-Sore Loser) to contest his election loss to Patrick Murphy (D).

[PA-08] Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors? Uh, not exactly. by chuck4thegooddoctor - Shoring up embattled Republican incumbents in the house worked pretty well. Diarist brings this home to his PA-08 district, where Kathy Boockkvar (D) was vastly outspent and lost to Republican Mike Fitzpatrick.


[NH-Ward 4-District 31] NH's First Transgender Rep Elected by freedapeople - Stacie Laughton (D) is elected to the state legislature.

[PA-AG] Beating Corbett with a Kane by Mostel26 - With Kathleen Kane winning the PA Attorney General race, the diarist is feeling optimistic about setting off a series of positive events in the commonwealth to stake out a decade where the Democratic Party can make some real headway.


[MA-Var] Coordinated Campaigns (How Elizabeth Warren, and MA Dems, WON!) by lynne1 - Diarist thinks that US Rep. Tierney can thank the coordinated campaign for winning back his seat in a race he was expected to lose - turning out the Dem vote for now SENATOR-ELECT Warren (and President Obama, though that was not the emphasis) had to have helped him overcome the strong challenge from Tisei.

[NH-Var] I Stood in New Hampshire by JSCram3254 - The diarist's account of voting in various races.

[Var] Analysis of Gerrymandering in PA, OH & VA by distraught - Diarist offers charts demonstrating how gerrymandering affected races in three important states, suggesting a need for non-partison redictricting.

[Var] Working America’s Unprecedented Program Yields Huge Victories by Working America - Diarist reports that Working America’s brilliant field program, augmented by online, phone, mail, and other efforts, fought back against big money and won in races around the country.


4 More Signs Florida Stays Blue in 2016 by HawksLoveDoves - A good list of indicators from Tuesday's election results that bode well for Florida staying in the Democratic column through 2016.

Dissecting the House Popular Vote by KevinP43 - What would the House of Representatives look like if the US changed from the winner-take-all system we currently use to proportional voting?

Do Not Celebrate Too Much! by - FB1997 This weeks election victories were great but campaign finance reform is still needed.

2012 GOTV: I did my part. by marabout40 - Diarist has a GOTV post with Photos.

In the House and the Senate, women set election records.  Will it make a difference in policy? by Meteor Blades - The growing  number of women to serve in the House and Senate is good, but taking a strong stance on policy is an opportunity to make long term historical differences.

I Proudly Voted for Libtards, Fascists, Hippies, Feminazis, Tree-huggers... by kirbybruno - Diarist celebrates re-electing our Democratic President, increasing our numbers in the House and Senate, and voting for marriage equality.

Keith Ellison's impact on the amendment votes by The Big E - Diarist gives a detailed analysis on the crucial  role that Keith Ellison played in making sure amendments barring same sex marriage and voter suppression. And a look at Ellison's GOTV work. Includes a 2008/2012 voting comparison.

On the Cusp of a Major Political Realignment in the U.S. by nycvisionary - In-depth exposition on what this election signifies for political realignment in this country.

Planned Parenthood got best return on PAC money; Karl Rove's return among the worst by MRDFS - According to the Sunlight foundation,  98% of Planned Parenthood SuperPac expenditures achieved the desired effect.

[ Preliminary Statewide PVIs With 2012 Election Results by telephasic - With the most recent election factored in, state-by-state average voting performance shows a slight shift towards the Democratic column.

Report: Three Million Ballots Remain to be Counted in California by FightingRegistrar - A majority of voters in California voted by mail this year, so counting them takes some time. Diarist predicts a bigger Obama margin when it's done.

Thank You To My Anonymous Benefactor by hungrycoyote - Diarist shares their political evolvement over the last few years, the fulfillment they found in volunteering many hours for OFA, and a warm thank you to an anonymous kossack who gave them a subscription gift for all their hard work.

We OWE our brothers and sisters in Florida by Tim DeLaney - A heartfelt thanks to Florida voters who stood in very long lines and had to jump other suppression hoops to mark their ballots.

* A big THANKS! to all our dedicated EDR volunteers (in alphabetical order): Alma, eeff, Joieau, nomandates, Oke, randallt, restondem, Spedwybabs, Sylv, TruthOfAngels and turbonerd.

EDR has rescued 2,033 Election Diaries since September 1, 2012.

Archive links: Election Diary Rescue 2012 - Daily Diaries
2010 Rescues
2008 Rescues
2006 Rescues

- Alma

Wow, what a run.

One key to this years success was the unrelenting work of kossacks writing diaries advocating for their candidates.  Some diarists wrote a lot of diaries, and some only one, some were well known, and some first time diarist, but they were all important in getting our Dems elected.  You diarists blew me away with your enthusiasm.  I thank you for introducing me to candidates I might never have heard of if it wasn’t for you.

This year’s run seemed to smoother than any of the previous Election Diary Rescue runs.  I attribute that in part to having such a fantastic team of miners, tagger, and editors.  Most work on the EDR 7 days a week for over 2 months without complaint.

You couldn’t ask for a better batch of friends either, old and new.  They all spoiled me when they found out I was battling breast cancer.  Eeff went out and lead a campaign to get me one of Sara R’s beautiful quilts.  And they all did everything they could to lighten my load on the EDR.  I love you gals and guys, and I look forward to working on our next run with all of you.

- eef

Was worth the time to be with such a cool group of kossacks doing this project again. Thanks for having me :=)

- Joieau

I'm once again gratified to have been part of compiling the EDR lists daily from those who created it - our Intrepid Down-Ticket Diarists. Who could always be counted upon to give us the scoop from their angles, day after day from their states and localities all over this great country. And to my dear colleagues in the effort, I'm gonna miss you all on a daily basis, but do please keep in touch...

So long, and thanks for all the fish!!!


Election Diary Rescue is the GOS at its best. Loved working with this group and enjoyed reading the down-ticket diaries. Thanks for letting me be part of this effort.

- Oke

One evening in August while going through a rough patch in life I came across the request in an EDR diary for volunteers. EDR is something I have read since its inception. It has been a part of dkos that I have appreciated for years, so I was happy to volunteer. I thought it would be good busy work to keep my mind off things, it's been so much more than that. 

This group of people who mine the diaries and edit EDR are the best, their commitment in spite of their own personal health and life crisis  has been inspiring. And the behind the scenes correspondence never failed to lift my spirits and provide a few laughs at just the right time.

My appreciation for the importance of down ticket races has evolved a lot over the last few years,  but reading these through election related diaries all these weeks has deepened my commitment to how important our involvement to these races are, not just here at Daily Kos but in our real lives. 

That person fighting for a county supervisor seat, or a state level Senate or House seat right now is the same person who may be sitting in the U.S. House or Senate in a few years, casting crucial votes and helping form policy.

The candidates we pick at all levels of government are equally important, that is something easy to lose sight of, especially in a Presidential election year. 

The commitment and interest of so many diarists keeping up on numerous races and issues never ceased to amaze me. Daily Kos is gifted with a lot of dedicated writers. 

Many thanks to the team for letting me be a part of EDR, and for being a part of my life these last few months.  I look forward to our next go 'round.

- randallt

As we bring our fourth consecutive Election Diary Rescue to a close, I find myself fired up by our community's success and persistence almost as much as I'm fired up about these victories.

As we move forward to thinking about 2014, I'm reminded that without sidinny and his concept and care, we wouldn't be here. Our dear drchelo, who left us in 2009, is still often in my thoughts thanks to the lovely relationship we built through the EDR project. And speaking of relationships and the power of community, the EDR team has been amazing this year. We came together to provide what I hope has been a valuable service. And we did this with Alma in our hearts and prayers as she never missed a beat through weeks of treatment and hundreds of diaries. Thanks team, you were great. Now let's take the house! We won't have any of those pesky Presidential posts to dig through next time.

- restondem

I will simply say that we laughed and cried together, it was better than watching CATS.

- Sylv

I enjoyed working with the great EDR crew and so many talented diarists to promote down-ticket races. Having the EDR posted on the Elections page turned out to be such a plus for me as I've learned there's so much talent and knowledge in the posts on that page.  I think everyone is now more appreciative of how important the mid-terms are and I look forward to them.

- TruthOfAngels

All I can say is, it's been an honour. (And it does have a 'u' in it, you damned Rebels.)


- turbonerd

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to give us the street-level view of politics in their part of the country.

- kos

The Election Diary Rescue was a fantastic compilation of electoral-related diaries. I look incredibly forward to this feature during election season, and am always sad when it wraps up at the end. Sniff. I'll miss those guys. Until 2014.

Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 03:00 PM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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