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Dear Republicans:

As you go through the various stages of grief over the election results I would like to help you.  Seriously, I'm not kidding!

By now you realize that the media (and by media I mean Fox News) was deliberately misinforming you. We can and should call that lying.  They convinced you that Romney was winning.  It was a "fact" in your world that the polls were skewed and were just trying to bolster us Democrats so that we would go out and vote. There was no way, you were told over and over, that we would vote in anything approaching the numbers we did 4 years ago.

These were not just the prognostications of random people with fervent hopes that this would be the case.  These were your pundits, your leaders - both in politics and in news/entertainment.  These were the people that "know" about things, the people with the inside scoop.

And WHY do you suppose they did this to you?  Consider what would have happened if they had told the truth.  Would you have continued to watch Fox?  Would you have faithfully listened to Rush if he told you every day that Romney was toast?  Would you have watched eagerly on election night if you had known in advance that Romney was going to lose all but one swing state?  You're smart enough to see where this is going, I expect.

So I sincerely ask you to consider, while you contemplate what has just happened, whether or not it is possible that they have told you other lies to keep you tuned in?  

Is it possible that  your "knowledge" that Obama has raised income taxes is the result of more lies? See for Yourself

Is it possible that only 14% of the current Federal deficit is due to policies enacted since Obama took office? The Complete Guide of what to blame for our debt problem

Is it possible that your understanding that Obama has gutted Welfare Reform is simply NOT TRUE? Look at REAL facts for a change

We could go on for days like this.

You have been lied to Republicans.  You have been deceived! Your masters have an agenda and that agenda is to get you to vote against your own best interests.

So I have a suggestion for you:  Embrace the good that is Barack Obama.  To be sure he is not perfect, but he represents a new America in which everyone will hopefully have an opportunity to succeed.  He and Democrats do not wish ill upon those that work hard.  They are not hell bent on giving away your hard earned money to those who refuse to work.  Those are the rantings of bloviating idiots who want to convince you that you are being screwed.

The fact is that we pay taxes because we all want a country that does things that only governments can do correctly - things like defense, and roads, and Social Security, and schools, and yes, welfare for those that need it.  We get a lot from our various governmental institutions and you, like us, should be glad that we have them.

Originally posted to nuketeacher on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 08:02 AM PST.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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