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I flip through the normal news sources every day to follow what I consider important news.  The last twenty four hours have of course followed up on the issues with Patraeus and an extra-marital affair.

Some of you know, I come from a family with a lot of people who have been involved with the government.  A brother retired from a lifetime at the pentagon.  A sister who did work with State.  A Sister-in-Law CIA.  So, immediately, the focus to me of this story was something that was brought up here as well: was security information compromised?   Did the most secure documents our government have leak to someone not authorized to have them?   It's a critical question.   The lunatic-right, though, has decided to go elsewhere.

As of this afternoon, Matt Drudge and the Republicans are focused not on the potential real damage to country, they are making these three things the real issues:

(1) He had sex!  Maybe in the Office!
(2) It's a cover up to prevent him testifying on Benghazi!
(3) It's a giant conspiracy!

Listen.  Here's the reality, Republicans.   This is potentially the worst security leak I can remember, as documented by other bloggers here.   IF, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting, Broadwell had access to his logins and email, than this is a leak of unbelievable proportions.

What does it say about your love of country, that instead of focusing on the potential risk that the director of CIA has exposed people to that your one track mind cannot get away from discussing Sex and whether or not this screws up your Benghazi debate?

There is something absolutely pathetic about this kind of politics.   You now have a real, serious scandal.   This is the kind of scandal that will test the Obama administration in it's ability to provide an effective response - and IF the reports of her having access to those accounts is true, it means that a resignation will not be satisfactory, a prosecution will - and should - occur.

I'm sorry he's a (R) who you thought might run, that you rumored for a VP candidate.  Guess what, I don't care that he was having an affair.  It's bad because it's compromising to him, and he may resign over that... actually, I'm more baffled he couldn't do a better job covering it up.. or that he apparently resorted to "THOUSANDS" of harassing emails.

How Desperate are Republicans to cover this up?

Petraeus’ resignation had nothing to do with an affair. In fact, the affair had been over for months. The FBI had been investigating literally thousands of emails that Petraeus had sent to his former paramour, biographer Paula Broadwell, for longer than that and could have dropped the guillotine months before if they wanted to.

It was rather about paybacks and keeping the American people in the dark about the real reason Petraeus had to be kept quiet about Benghazi: gunrunning. Gunrunning of tens of thousands of Libyan weapons to the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels.

So, let's be honest Republicans.   Rather than admit this is the security leak of our lifetime, one that required a lot of investigation because now several people may end up in prison you are instead going to start concocting conspiracy theories to keep circling back to Benghazi.  

I hate to break it to you, but no one in Benghazi was handing out top-security passwords to reporters.   Other military members were not the people having an affair and using top-secret information to keep it going.  

As most here know, I have a very, very progressive view on sex.   Frankly, if Patraeus came out and said "you know what, Mrs. Broadwell came to my house, we had a wild three way that involved a trapeze and gunplay."   I'd say: well, that's kind of weird, but not my business.

But the moment you say:  "Oh, she may have had access to top security information, been inside the CIA main office, and I harassed her in email to the point that I may have been a blackmail target while I was head of the most secret agency in our government"

Than I have a HUGE problem.

And you Republicans who are trying to make this just sex or pretend it's a subterfuge for Benghazi.. did you take this attitude toward Clinton?  You wanted his head.   And, your best case than was the one you didn't make (that he placed Lewinksy in the Pentagon).   And that is NOTHING, and I mean absolutely  nothing compared to a CIA director handing out info and harassing someone.

I'm sorry he's the (R) you thought would bring some left cred to your ticket.  The one you thought could show that the (R) party could change.  

Instead, he's a someone who had staff members harassed by a woman and put at jeopardy the confidential nature of his job.

And Republicans who want to move past this and blame it on some Benghazi conspiracy to save "your guy" ?   For shame.   For absolute shame.   EVERY American Citizen should want real answers here. And the fact that Republicans are wanting to concoct conspiracies to make this a frame-up or whatever.. it sickens me.

The Obama Administration has one of the toughest tasks any administration has, they have to investigate someone they trusted.  And, it appears they have done that by letting the FBI and others conduct a full investigation.   That's a risky move for any administration to admit that they have to target one of their own.   But he did it for the good of his country.

Are Republicans willing to take that step with them, or do they want to chase phantom crimes while ignoring potentially huge crimes?

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