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I saw this coming. There been talk around my town of the 'riot' on Ole Miss campus after President Barack Obama's re-election. I personally don't think it was a riot, however it still makes the university look bad. For all my non-southern Kos family, Ole Miss has an unsettling reputation with African Americans. This goes back to 1962 when Ole Miss was integrated. This was a really ugly process, if you want to read about. I'm going try to stay on subject.

 The night of the election, which turned into re-election of President Barack Obama was as you may imagine a happy time for AA. The thought of a black man was too much for some whites to handle, it boiled over on Ole Miss campus. Ole Miss usually recruit from New Orleans, no surprise since we are near the school and kids want to stay close to home. When kids, even some of my friends or my mother's friend children thought on attending Ole Miss there were always hesitation. When those kids on the night of the election started using racial epithets and burning Obama/Biden's signs I thought this will hurt their athletic program(S). It's been in my local media about kids thinking about attending another University instead of Ole Miss. Brazley is a top football prospect from New Orleans:

A once solid commitment to the University of Mississippi, Carver running back Eugene Brazley, who on Feb. 25 pledged to play for the Rebels next season, is now having serious doubts.

Shortly after Carver’s 36-12 victory over South Plaquemines Friday in the bi-district round of the state playoffs, Brazley expressed concern with the predilection for racism in Oxford, Miss., and said he is now “looking around” and could decommit.

The reaction from his family and friends:

“Some of my people told me they had a riot because of (President Barack) Obama, and some of the players might be decommitting,” Brazley said. “I hadn’t really had a chance to look into it, but I’m gonna get in to it, though.

Ole Miss might have a serious problem on their hands esp. if other top athletes leave the university. Ole Miss could lose a lot of revenue since they rely on big media market.

The university chancellor tried to ease tension:

Jones attempted to re-assure parents and students that “one of America’s safest campuses is safe again this morning, though all of us are ashamed of the few students who have negatively affected the reputations of each of us and of our university.”
I will keep an eye on this.

6:40 PM PT: Thank for rec. I thought it was an important story.

8:00 PM PT: People are talking about ESPN 30 For 30 documentary of Ole Miss. If you want to watch it

Originally posted to Bosshogg on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:55 PM PST.

Also republished by Black Kos community.

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