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Bird 1 - Hyacinth Macaw (ID'd by matching mole)
Big Bird
Bom dia! Bem-vindo à Aurora Coro de hoje.

As some of you know, I spent three weeks in Brazil in October, specifically in the Pantanal and Cerrado region. The Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world, covering more than 80,000 square miles. Most of the Pantanal is in Brazil (shared between the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul), with small areas in Bolivia and Paraguay.  The Cerrado is the plateau surrounding the Pantanal, consisting of 740,100 square miles of savannas and uplands from which the Pantanal waters are derived. As with the Pantanal, the Cerrado is contained mostly within Brazil, with small extensions into Bolivia and Paraguay.

We learned and observed so much during our time in Brazil - about the threats to the Pantanal and Cerrado from habitat loss and conversion of vast swaths of the Cerrado into monoculture agriculture, the huge economic divides that are evident while driving through the countryside and cities, and the deep divisions among scientists studying the jaguars about most ethical and efficatious means of collecting data about their behavior.

I am intending to write more about these topics but in the 10 days since we returned home, I've only begun to sort through photos and notes in addition to getting back to work, attending a family birthday party and a Central Valley Kossacks meet up, not to mention getting caught up in the final days of the election...

So, more substantial diaries will have to wait. For today, following in the tradition established by angelajean, today's diary will be an interactive bird identification exercise. I'll post a variety of photos from our trip and you'll post your IDs in the comments. Apologies to those with slow/dial up connections. The first bird is at the top.

Not familiar with birds of South America, you say? Try Cornell's Neotropical Birds site for a little help.

Let's continue below.

Bird 2 - Toco Toucan (ID'd by angelajean)

No peeking!
Bird 3 - Southern Lapwing (ID'd by matching mole)

How will the judges rate our performance?
Bird 4 - Savanna Hawk (ID'd by angelajean)

Welcome to my world.
Bird 5 - Red-legged Seriema (ID'd by angelajean)

Karl Rove! Wait... what?
Bird 6- Bare-faced Curassow (ID'd by angelajean)

Pantanal greeting committee
Bird 7 - Plumbeous Ibis (ID'd by angelajean)

Pantanal watchdog.
Bird 8 - Harpy Eagle (juvenile) (ID'd by lineatus)

Bird 9 - Chestnut-eared Aracari (ID'd by matching mole)

No - you are not seeing things.
Bird 10 - Southern Crested Caracara (ID'd by angelajean)

Ahhh - nothing like a dip on a hot day...
Bird 11 - Rufescent Tiger Heron (ID'd by angelajean)

I see you trying to sneak up on me...
Bird 12 - Rufous-bellied Thrush (ID'd by angelajean)

No - I'm not Robin but he's my cousin.
Bird 13 - Southern Screamer (ID'd by angelajean)

Pantanal turkey
Bird 14 - Smooth-billed Ani (ID'd by angelajean)

Bird 15 - Whistling Heron (ID'd by matching mole)

I experimented with LSD in the 60s.
Bird 16 - White Woodpecker (ID'd by matching mole)

Don't look at me.
Bird 17 - Ringed Kingfisher (ID'd by matching mole)

Bird 18 - Jabiru (ID'd by matching mole)

Bird 19 - Green Ibis (ID'd by Kestrel)

Can you see me?
Bird 20 - Greater Rhea (ID'd by matching mole)

Bird 21 - Giant Cowbird (ID'd by matching mole)

I thought this ride would be more exciting - it's not moving at all?
Bird 22 - Monk Parakeets (ID'd by matching mole)

Why does the association fee keep going up?
Bird 23 - Muscovy Duck (ID'd by matching mole)

I can see Russia from my house!
Bird 24 - Gray-necked Wood Rail (ID'd by matching mole)

Out for a stroll.
Bird 25 - Great Black Hawk (ID'd by matching mole)

Have you no dignity?
Bird 26 - Cocoi Heron (ID'd by enhydra lutris)

Maitre d'
Bird 27 - Chaco Chachalaca (ID'd by matching mole)

Pantanal chicken
Bird 28 - Cattle Tyrant (ID'd by enhydra lutris)

Where's the ride?
Bird 29 - Capped Heron (ID'd by matching mole)

Who does your hair and make-up?
Bird 30 - Brazilian Teal (female) (ID'd by enhydra lutris)

It's hot...
Bird 31 - Brazilian Teal (male) (ID'd by enhydra lutris)

Bird 32 - Blue-and-yellow Macaw (ID'd by matching mole)

Hey, baby - what's up?
Bird 33 - Yellow-chevroned Parakeet (ID'd by the author but it's complicated)

Noise makers
Bird 34 - Anhinga (ID'd by matching mole)

I need a little more sunscreen - do you mind?
Bird 35 - Yellow-billed Cardinal (ID'd by matching mole)

Pantanal starling - I'm everywhere!

Originally posted to tgypsy on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 06:00 AM PST.

Also republished by Birds and Birdwatching, J Town, and Backyard Science.

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