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Texas Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer: Unemployment benefits ‘incentivized people not to work

I am sick of this shit.

“We’ve got to the point in this country where we incentivized people not to work, instead of incentivized them to work,” Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) told KFYO’s Tom Collins and Laura Mac. “And with unemployment benefits going for as long as 99 weeks, we’ve seen food stamps in this country increase 44 percent in the last four years. And so basically, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of incentive for some people to work. And that’s a reason we’ve got to reform some of these programs.
Spoken like a true asshole who has no goddamned clue what he is talking about.

We have been taken over by FREAKIN' COMMIES, MAN!!! We're actually HELPING PEOPLE who lost their jobs!! OMG!!!

In repub-speak, that's really bad: Repub Randy thinks these people sabotaged their jobs JUST so they could live the Good Life! And he intends to cut them out.

This is how stupid, mean, and ugly republicans ALWAYS sound when we talk about something essential like unemployment benefits.

And I don't think we should have to tolerate this shit anymore.

I am fairly certain of it.

I hear this shit all the time from republicans so I will imagine that you have heard it too: that being awarded benefits when you have been LAID OFF FROM YOUR JOB are just some entitlement scam and the moment you get these WONDEROUS benefits you end up on the couch with a beer and the remote watching porn all day. Maybe you get a dog and train it. You're living the Good Life: La Dolce Vita.

And apparently while republicans are busy......obstructing anything from actually getting accomplished in the government. No bigger waste of government handouts than money gioven to a republican.

 We have recently learned, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that republicans do, indeed, believe their own bullshit: it seems to be a distinguishing trait among them. And clearly, on this topic, they believe their own bullshit.

Their bullshit is all they have because in NONE of these ingrates' pissy little tirades do I see or hear ANYTHING that says to me any of these lamebrains know what it is like to A) lose a job and B) have to deal with unemployment.

And it is this sort of utter incompetence that gives rise to what I call "The GOP Venality Challenge": Who can stay the stupidest, most outrageous, most heinous and arrogant thing about any given topic. Remember the Rape-a-palooza? Of course you do. That was a fine example.

With regards to Americans working: you know Republicans hate for Americans to work and they hate - even more -  for them to not work and get any sort of benefit. Because that is communism.

We shouldn’t be allowing people to game the system by maybe only working part time so that they can get these other benefits,” he added. “In some cases, there may be full-time employment offered to them, but they’ve figured out a way to work part time and still get these additional benefits.”
This is the Kernel of Stupidity I wished to highlight.

It would not seem this dipshit has ever seen an unemployment line nor has he ever had to deal with the RULES of unemployment.

He, like almost any living republican woe could find, simply see unemployment as some sort of cushy position in which all of one's needs are met and one has "no incentive" to go find a job.

I think this is more than enough proof to say Neugebauer is just filled hate and republican bullshit and he doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about.

Here's the truth: I actually know more about this than these ugly asswipes: I have lived it many times. Unemployment SUCKS! I HATE being on unemployment.

I mean it does ROCK when you lose your job but you can still stay indoors, make your bills and eat food - every day! - not lose everything all at once with these benefits. This gives republicans a sad.

I have been laid off 5 times in the past 18 years. 5 times I have been totally and completely eligible for Unemployment Benefits. The first couple times I did make full use of unemployment. When I lost my job in 2002, because BUsh became president and simply allowed Osama Bin Laden attack the country and destroy the economy, it was the last time I used UB.

While drawing UB you have to LOOK FOR WORK and you have to legally indicate you are actively looking for work. Dumbass republicans don't tell you this when they are ranting and raving about UB. And that is probably because they don't know - or they do know but like to conveniently pass on mentioning  this little tidbit of reality as it gets in the way of a quality spittle-flecked tirade.

While you draw UB you cannot really 'turn down' work. I was a professional psychotherapist working with the county when I got laid off and I was not interested in taking some job that paid $5.10 an hour. That was NOT INCENTIVE to return to work and I saw no reason I should take some shit job when I lost my good job through no fault of my own. I had learned in the early times of UB to simply set op a job search for jobs I would like but wouldn't likely hire me.

When the economy sucks you have to walk a sort of tightrope: you don't want to be offered some half-assed chicken-flippin' job because that A) won't pay you anything and B) will destroy your ability to have the time to look for real jobs. Yopu do not want to be pushed down the ladder any faster than necessary.

I got a job with a place that worked with developmentally-disabled people: people with autism and Mental Retardation. I managed the medical records and dealt with standards compliance. I was 2-fered: I was given an assistant early on, which was cool. Then another one at the other location.

Then shortly after I had them trained I was out the door. Laid off with absolutely no notice. One moment managing records, the next moment they ask if I need a box to pack my things. Blink of an eye: out of work. The HELL of unemployment on me yet again.

The first time I got laid off, I panicked: I had never had trouble getting jobs before but all of a sudden: nada. Onto Unemployment Benefits. Saved.

Scary. But it was a SAFETY NET!

Because of them I was able to stay the course and eventually get employed again - numerous times as jobs had gone to hell in a handbasket and in my field everything had been privatized into a bunch of little, private mental health "agencies" who mainly live to bill Medicaid for as much as they can, quality of work be damned. That's another rant for another time.

The LAST time I got laid off I was seasoned: I didn't freak out, I just became exasperated: "Oh man...not this crap again "

The LAST time I got laid off I said "NO UB!"

I was sick of unemployment, I hated being on unemployment. I had the "luxury" of a part-time pizza gig that I easily turned into full time work for a good year and a half.

Now, the halfwit republican I am quoting also indicated, oddly,

“We’ve seen a large number, millions of people are dropping out of the workforce,” he explained. “And so these unemployment numbers are misleading. I think overall when you look at the economy for job growth in this country, we’re still very weak. We’re not creating enough jobs to keep up with just the normal population growth that’s in our country.”
And then in 2011 he voted to cut UB for all those people.

They probably caused the jobs to go away so they could milk the federal government and live in luxury and splendor, like republicans do. Republicans apparently truly believe this shit.

Republicans like Neugebauer are stupid, venal, insufferable and are exactly what is wrong with America today.

This is at the root of why America voted them out: We cannot tolerate this kind of shit anymore.

Millions of people are at risk of suffering losses of jobs and income. It is terrifying and we have work to do creating the jobs we need.

And AMERICANS do not need a bunch of delusional, dumbass republicans standing in the way of progress. And Recovery.

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