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Saturday, November 10th
Northern California Central Valley Kossacks Potluck Lunch

From Kestrel on tygypsy's event this past Saturday:

Here is a photo of the Central Valley Kossacks taken on Saturday at a Victory Party held at my house in Sacramento. I (Kestrel) was the one taking the photo so I'm not pictured.

We had a great time. It was a perfect fall day, crisp with a bit of nip in the air. Tygpsy brought sausages for the grill and an assortment of beverages, Norm brought a yummy broccoli-cauliflower-cheese casserole, gotmooned and cooper888 brought shrimp cocktail and caesar salad, and mrsgoo brought a homemade blackberry cobbler made from blackberries she picked near her home in the California Delta. Sallycat and Mr. Cat had to cancel at the last minute due to Sallycat catching the flu.

These Central Valley Kossacks enjoyed a fine afternoon of food and drink, sharing victory stories, talking about all the candidates we supported, comparing winning percentages, and laughing at how clueless the right-wing nut-jobs were after drinking their own Kool-aid for so long that they believed they were actually going to win. We drank toasts to Obama and to all our down-ballot Dem victors!

Standing: mrsgoo, tgypsy and norm Seated: gotmooned and cooper888

Awesome, thanks Central Valley Kossacks!


CenTex Kossacks

Sunday, November 11th
CenTex - Austin Area Kossacks MEET-UP
From papa monzano who had his Austin event yesterday:
AUSTIN! thanks Navajo!!
The austin meet-up was a great, if low-key affair. Teknohed, Mrs. Teknohed, myself and my girlfriend were in attendance, but everything starts somewhere, right? ended up running long, in fact.

We decided to make a plan for a monthly meet-up. We'll be focusing on state issues (given the very real changing demographic of texas and the GOTV timing opportunity of the next 3 elections) and framing liberal values for southern libraltarians.

Thanks for teh TODAY! graphics and shout out. Much appreciated!

by papa monzano on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 08:37:43 PM PST

I was so glad to read this comment. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I've had meet-ups with only one other Kossack before and they've been so worthwhile. It's good for us to connect no matter how small the group. And to quote papa monzano again, "everything starts somewhere, right?"
Thanks for recommending our series to promote Kossacks getting together? You're part of the team, too by helping us that way.

Please check out the bulleted lists below to see if there is a group near you to join.

Latest Updates on Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Below the Fold

Let's build communities!

Every region needs a meat-space community like SFKossacks.
We take care of each other in real life.
I urge YOU to take the lead and organize one in your region.
Please tell us about it if you do and we're here for advice.


:: Event Reporting ::
DailyKos readers who live and/or work in New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)


Sunday, November 11th
New England Kossacks MEET-UP Photo diary!

Clytemnestra held her event yesterday and provided a photo diary last night!

Here's just a few of all the photos she provided:

Netop's wife and betson08 who was there to represent Okiciyap, the food pantry program on the Cheyenne River reservation that has been adopted by Daily Kos.

Clytemnestra collected $100 for Okiciyap with only 8 attendees. She's provided a donation widget at her diary where other New England Kossacks can continue to donate until the end of December.

Knockbally and DeathDlr73

jack 1966, Netop and farmerchuck

Thank you Clytemnestra for organizing this event and thank you for the ongoing fund raising you're doing for Okiciyap.


Saturday, November 10th
Phoenix Kossacks Meetup - PICTURES! (photo heavy)

arizonablue did a fantastic job of organizing, gathering and executing the FIRST meet-up of Phoenix Kossacks.

Here is just a taste of the all the terrific photos in her diary:


Group shot, what a first-time turnout!

Mrs. Porterhouse, Mr. Porterhouse, Mr. PSzymeczek , PSzymeczek across the table from back to front LibChicAZ BF, LibChicAZ, BluejayRN

Again, great job arizonablue! It looks like a successful event just based on all the smiles I see. We're looking forward to your next one.

:: Regions Organizing ::
Send a Kosmail to the organizers and ask for an invitation to the group.
Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Area:  Kosmail: GenXangster

Northern Indiana Area: Kosmail Tim Delaney

Indianapolis Kossacks: Kosmail CityLightsLover

Long Island: Kosmail grannycarol

Northern Michigan: Kosmail JillS

Nebraska: Kosmail Nebraska68847Dem

Twin Cities Kossacks: Kosmail imonlylurking

Westburbia Chicago Kossacks: Kosmail Majordomo

New York Hudson Valley Kossacks: Kosmail boran2

Pittsburgh Area Kossacks: Kosmail dweb8231 Current diary: Welcome to Pittsburgh Area Kossacks

Note to the above new leaders: Feel free to leave a comment any day reminding readers about your new group. Also, tell us about your progress in gathering members. Kosmail me when you've chosen a good name for your group and have created a the group. Then I'll move you to the NEW GROUPS LIST. When you've planned a date for your first event I'll make a banner for you to highlight your event in our diaries and your diaries.
These are the groups that have started since * NEW DAY * began. Please Kosmail navajo if you have started a group before that.

California Central Valley Kossacks - Organizer: tgypsy

New England Kossacks - Organizers:
Clytemnestra for Lower New England (Conneticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)
GreenMountainBoy02 for Upper New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)

Houston Area Kossacks - Organizer: Chrislove

Kossacks in India - Organizer: chandu

CenTex Kossacks - Organizer: papa monzano

Central Ohio Kossacks - Organizer: VetGrl

Kansas City Kossacks - Organizer: kj in missouri, Formed Oct 15, 2012

Phoenix Kossacks - Organizer: arizonablue, Formed Oct 16, 2012

Chicago Kossacks - Organizer: figbash, Formed: Oct 31, 2012, 23 members!

Koscadia the Pacific Northwest coast from Northern California to Alaska  
- Oganizer: Horace Boothroyd III based in Portland, OR, Formed Oct 17, 2012

Boston Kossacks - Organizer: GreyHawk, Formed: Nov 7, 2012

Motor City Kossacks South East Michigan (Detroit) Area - Organizer:  peregrine kate, Formed: Nov 10, 2012

ESTABLISHED GROUPS LIST: (List will grow as we discover them)

SFKossacks Founded by navajo, Formed: May 2, 2005, More than 80 members

Maryland Kos Founded by timmyc, Formed: Feb 23, 2011, More than 54 members

New York City Founded by Eddie C, More than 58 members

Baja Arizona Kossacks Event Organizer: Azazello, 90 members

Three Star Kossacks Tennessee, Founded by maryKK, Formed: Apr 8, 2011, 46 members

Nashville KosKats Founded by ZenTrainer, Formed: Jan 30, 2012, 28 members

Virginia Kos Founded by JamieG from Md, Formed: May 3, 2011, 85 members

Kos Georgia Founded by pat208, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, 18 members

Colorado COmmunity Founded by Leftcandid, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, 25 members

New Mexico Kossaks Founded by claude, 13 members

Philly Kos Founded by mconvente, Formed: Aug 29, 2011, 15 members
Currently organizing:  Kosmail asterkitty to sign up

:: Events Currently on the Books for ALL Kossacks ::

Thursday, November 15th

Dave in Northridge in town again, Let's do Lunch!

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: TBD PDQ! Stay tuned, will be near BART

1. Dave from Northridge
2. navajo
3. dharmasyd
4. jpmassar (maybe)
5. Lorikeet
6. citisven
7. kimoconnor
8. mwk (maybe)
9. side pocket

DATE: Friday, November 16th
Baja Arizona Kossacks MEET-UP
TIME: 6:00 PM for tapas and sangria  
or A las seis pa' tapas, sangría y flamenco!
LOCATION: Casa Vicente
375 S. Stone Ave,

ORGANIZER: Send Azazello a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. Azazello
2. Mrs. Zello
3. Kid Zello ( photographer)
4. rasbobbo
5. theraindog
6. ItsaMathJoke
7. cosmic debris
8. sneakers563
9. DaNang65
10. LandruBek
11. whataboutbob
Mrs. 563
Dorothy563 (age 2 mo.)
Empty Vessel
Northern Lights
Current diary collecting RSVPs: Baja Arizona Kossacks - R.S.V.P.


Motor City Kossacks

DATE: Saturday, November 17th
Motor City Kossacks MEET-UP
TIME: 6:00 PM

ORGANIZER: Send peregrine kate a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. peregrine kate
2. ProvokingMeaning
3. gregsullmich
4. Eclectablog
5. jennifree2bme
6. Unit Zero
7. mideedah
8. surelyujest
9. 2thanks
10. The Dave
11. MichiganChet
Neon Vincent & spouse
Current diary collecting RSVPs: Motor City Kossacks Update on Meet-up: Sat 11/17 6:00 PM (venue in/near Novi still TBD)

DATE: Saturday, November 17th
Central Ohio Kossacks MEET-UP
TIME: 2:00 PM
LOCATION: Champps Americana Worthington
161 E. Campus View Blvd.

ORGANIZER: Send VetGrl a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. VetGrl
2. lilypew
3. CayceP
4. Ohiodem1
freeport beach PA
anim8sit's extremely cool mom
Current diary collecting RSVPs: Central Ohio Kossacks: MEETUP
DATE: Saturday, November 17th
Chicago Kossacks MEET-UP
TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Manny's Deli (Obama's favorite)
1141 S. Jefferson

ORGANIZER: Send figbash a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. figbash
2. broths
3. bsmechanic
4. Tim DeLaney
5. sfbg
6. Chitown Kev
7. Railfan
8. HotsieHorsie
9. Millie Neon
10. BobboSphere
11. ElfOwl
12. Economanic
13. lilsky
14. discontent73
15. discontent73's friend

Mrs M
marzook and kos friend
Economanic's wife

Current diary collecting RSVPs: Chicago Kossacks Have Arrived

Saturday, December 1st
OREGON - Portland Area Kossacks MEET-UP

LOCATION: Sara R and winglion's home

1. Horace Boothroyd III
2. Sara R
3. Winglion
4. llbear
5. BlueJessamine
6. navajo
7. loggersbrat
Lawrence Lewis
ORGANIZER: Send Horace Boothroyd III a Kosmail to RSVP.


CenTex Kossacks

Sunday, December 9th
CenTex - Austin Area Kossacks MEET-UP

TIME: Afternoon, TBD

ORGANIZER: Send papa monzano a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. papa monzano
Current Diary: Next CenTex Kossack Meeting Dec 9
DailyKos readers who live and/or work in New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)


Saturday, January 12th
New England Kossacks MEET-UP

TIME: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Fire and Ice
One Providence Place
Providence, RI

ORGANIZER: Send Clytemnestra a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. Clytemnestra
2. AnotherMassachusettsLiberal
3. Knockbally

1. aaraujo
2. gchaucer2
3. Phil S 33

Latest diary: New England Kossacks - January Meet Up


Send navajo a kosmail if you post a diary about an event so we can update our round-up.

Okay. Floor's open.
Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

Originally posted to DIVA on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 07:30 AM PST.

Also republished by Connect! Unite! Act!, SFKossacks, and Pink Clubhouse.

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