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Yes, I really do understand your hatred towards our president, because I, too, have hated a president.  I hated George W. Bush with the same passion that you hate Obama.  I see the 'NObama' signs and the 'Fire Obama' signs, and I understand.  I see the petitions to secede from the Union, and I feel empathy.  I see the comments at the bottom of virtually any story on Yahoo, and I know.  Yes, I had Bush derangement syndrome like you have Obama derangement syndrome.  Let's compare our mutual hatreds a bit under the squiggle.

Ok, as I understand it, you hate Obama for these primary reasons:

Obama is black.  (True)
According to Fox News, Obama is a socialist.  (Not True)
According to Fox News, the jobless rate is ten times worse now than when he took office (Not True).  
According to the right wing blogosphere, Obama was born in Kenya.  (NOT TRUE)
According to the right wing blogosphere, Obama is a Muslim.  (NOT TRUE)
Obama has increased the deficit a gazillion-fold.  (Well, to some extent true, but not his fault.)
Obama is black.  (True)

Ok, here is why I hated Bush (all true, by the way):

The Supreme Court appointed him before all the votes were counted in Florida.
During the first days of the Bush administration, they claimed that the Clinton transition team trashed the White House, the first of many many lies.
Claiming that deficits don't matter, Bush lowered taxes on the wealthy, thereby exploding the deficit.
Bush ignored warnings about in impending terrorist attack.  
Bush lied us into a war with Iraq.
Bush poured billions of dollars into Iraq, sometimes literally filling cargo planes with our tax dollars and just shoveling it out to key Iraqis.
Mission Accomplished and the flight suit.
Bush allowed torture, including waterboarding.
Bush appointed many hard-right Supreme Court justices that resulted in such decisions as Citizens United.
Cheney shot a man in the face and made the other guy apologize.
KKKarl Rove completely politicizing entire cabinet departments that should not be politicized.
Those purple band-aids during the 2004 convention.
Swift boating.
Katrina and FEMA and Brown and all the racism.
At one point, Bush had an accident on his bicycle in the woods. Instead of just saying that he slipped, which can happen to anybody, he claimed it was due to the slippery conditions following a rain.  According to weather records, it hadn't rained there in months.
Deregulation of wall street and the collapse of the global economy.
Deregulation of the mortgage industry and the housing bubble.
All the lies.

These are just the ones that pop into my head without even thinking.  I am sure that I am leaving many others out, but you can see my point.

But Obama is black, so yeah, I understand your anger and frustration because at your core, you are a racist.  For some reason, though, you don't seem to understand why I hated Bush.  Why is that?


What did YOU hate the most about Bush

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