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One surprise that came from the past election is that most very rich big business people are petty, ignorant and gullible. And so are a great many small business people – and that opens up a world of opportunity for everyone else.

Let's start with the dopes that have announced that they're laying off people because President Obama got re-elected.

First, they're saying that they are terrible businesspeople. They have to lay off people, but their competition doesn't. How dumb are they? Very, and they want everyone to know it, so they call the local TV station and newspaper and tell them. Minds like sieves.

Second, no matter what party they support, an announcement such as that alienates fifty percent of their customers – needlessly. Oh, the genius! They are entitled to control us because of their obvious superiority! They've got the brains of a pancake.

Third, you can watch them and know they smugly think they're being clever and forceful, while they're actually being petty and ignorant.

Fourth, they're playing the "pity my employees" card when anyone above five years old knows that's not the issue. He pays his employees so little that they can't afford health insurance and he's objecting to having to supply it. But only because instead of making $850,000 next year he'll only make $800,000. And while he'll have put some money back into the economy and might have to hold off a year to get that extra Mercedes, he'll be back up to $850,000 or more the next year in a growing economy. So he's clearly whining about not having a few extra bucks this year. Decent fellow that should be proud to be an American. Have they, at long last, no shame?

And Fifth, most of these guys are restaurant franchise owners. So let's get this straight, these smart businessmen are publicly announcing that they're refusing to pay for health insurance for their food workers. With that greed oriented Randian "Let 'em Die!" philosophy it makes me wonder what other corners they might be cutting, and whether I should eat there or not. I think NOT.

A letter to the headquarters of the franchise is in order, and if you want to include the five points above please do so.

They're practically begging for competent competition. Opportunity knocks!

And their betters, the billionaires and mega-millionaires?

They'd previously kept themselves undercover for the most part. A few short interviews with business publications maybe, but they had stayed in their bubble. Now many of the 1%  have thrust themselves into the spotlight and we've gotten a good look at them. I said I thought they had shown themselves to be petty, ignorant and gullible. A sampling …

Leon Cooperman
Charles and David Koch
Donald Trump
Foster Friess
David Siegel
Sheldon Adelson
Harold Simmons
Bob Perry

Fools and knaves? Pouty whiners? Ya think?

Certainly they know how to make money, like little wind-up toys with a single function. But these titans of wealth were easily taken by Karl Rove, Fox News, hate radio, Ayn Rand – a dead woman!, and the Republican Party – and they are still being taken for a ride. Rove in his famous Fox meltdown, Ann Coulter in her depressed post-election befuddlement, Romney and Ryan in their stunned disbelief, Peggy Noonan in her gibberish denial, Glenn Beck in his whirling dervish ramble uncomprehending, and a long list of conservative pundits and conservative citizens were actually sure – sure, I tell you – that ol' Mutt had a lock on the election.

Job creators? If that's what they are they're failures. Where are the jobs these creators are creating? Don't ask them because they start whining and making excuses.
An especially good link:

They make money by running secret monopolies that gouge the public, shuffle paper, sell goods imported from Communist China, and, mostly, rob the middle-class (That is not some knee-jerk ideological charge; that's actually how it's done most of the time. and Aside from that they act like a gaggle of clowns trying to stuff themselves into a tiny Fantasy World vehicle. One with a real whiny sounding engine. (It sounds like "Pout-pout-pout".)

Their bubble doesn't end with their stunned surprise at the results of the election, as all the news commentators would have us believe. The gullible billionaires and mega-millionaires buy into all the disastrous economic theories, of course, because they can see easy and quiet paths to lucrative flimflams and grifts. That's how most of them got so rich, so Paul Ryan is a natural front man for them. The thing is that they buy into all the other Republican/Tea Party nonsense, too.

A lot of my small business friends listen to Limbaugh, or "Palm Beach Fats" as I think of him, and as you'll now think of him, but almost none of their employees do. That's not because the employees are so much smarter; it's because they're working during the noon to three PM show time slot. Employers get to drive around in their vehicles with the radio on, or tune in at home or in their offices in the middle of the day.

Limbaugh is the channel between the Elites running The Party, and the small business person. He puts it in terms the little wannabe millionaires and single digit millionaires respond to, and for that he gets well over a million dollars a week. A week, mind you. The gullible small business person get taught the talking points, gets riled up a little, and goes forth into the world to wreck havoc on democracy and the economy.

Donald Trump isn't the only billionaire (self-designated) who has been suckered in by the demented birther movement, or the Obama's-a-socialist silliness, or … well, you've heard the stupidity. Trump trumpets it louder, but most of these naive money-masking machines believe it, too.

It's not that they're all sociopaths (though it helps, and many of them appear to be sociopaths). It's just that they're not too sophisticated and probably not too bright. They can do one thing well, but then so could Lance Armstrong. They can cheat their way to the economic winners' circle. They can hire accountants and lawyers who can wiggle their way through the maze of fine print to the pot of gold, like a snake in pursuit of a tasty toad.

So they live in the rich boy's bubble of private jets and multiple multi-million dollar homes, but they also live in the bubble of the whackadoodle right that expected a Romney-Ryan landslide on November 6th. They're not special or brighter or more hard-nosed or more perceptive; they're right there in the bubble with the rest of the clowns. The only difference between Then and Now is that not long ago some salesmen-grifters went after their money and convinced them to expose themselves.

They had it pretty sweet up to then and they should have known better.

A Southerner in Yankeeland

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