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Well, waddaya know, it seems like Paul Ryan (R-PoopyHead 2) has finally figured out why the much vaunted, highly qualified pair of goofballs did not win the Presidential Elections in 2012. It's all the fault of them city-folk.

 A new theory surfaces everyday as to the reason why the Republican Party screwed the pooch during the last election cycle, and it looks like all the very real shortcomings are not apparent to rMoney (R-PoopyHead) and Ryan (R-Poopyhead2). To them it is as if some grand conspiracy from on high descended upon their heads and snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Then again, perhaps Divine Intervention did play a hand, seeing as how often and loudly the religious right prayed and cajoled God to lend a hand, but I digress.

According to Paul Ryan (R-DeerHunter Poopyhead 2), the election was coming along just fine until those pesky election workers started counting the votes of people who live in, wait for it, the dreaded Urban Areas. Those people who live and work in the Urban Areas and their neighbors whose vote, according to the argument by Ryan (R-Poopyhead2), beat them fair and square despite the many attempts by the Republican Governors and Republican Legislators (R-Poopyheads as infinitum) to limit their voting rights and throw every conceivable stumbling block, legal or quasi-legal in their path.

 Since Ryan is now considered to be a leading candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, I suppose the people at Poopyhead Headquarters, aka, Faux News, his views and analysis is going to carry quite a bit of weight in the echo chamber of wishful thinking.

 People in the city and their surroundings, or what has often been called, the reality based community did turn out in numbers that put ObamaBiden over the top, but it was not because they lived in cities, but because they heard and listened to the campaigns and were able to distinguish between reality and hogwash. This oversimplification of why they lost, is one of the reasons why they lost.

 Their assumptions were based on fantasy and wishful thinking, as Senator Lindsey Graham so famously put it, "...not enough angry white guys..." The lack of diversity is not the only reason why they lost this last election, it was the message and the vitriol. As I've stated in a previous diary; when you attack the friends and lovers, sons and daughters of the people whose vote you are trying to obtain, the out come is foretold.

 When one looks at the Federal contributions made by the so-called Blue States, and the cities, their ROI (return on investment) nothing when compare to the likes of Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, etc., one begins to wonder why the Urban areas voted the way they did. If one would believe that the economy was the one and only constant, then it would stand to reason that the Urban areas would have voted for rMoneyRyan R-Poopyheadsx2). This constant desire to justify results to square with there world view misses on the fact that even in some mostly, ahem, white suburbs, the Republican Party did not do as well as they thought they would.  Iowa, New Hampshire, two states athat are at the forefront of not being urban, went the way Of Obama.

 So what to make of all this crapola coming out of the losing party; I hope they continue missing the point, I hope they never come to the realization, that it's not the messenger, it's the message. I believe the electorate, with some glaring exceptions are becoming better informed, that they are able to take a global view that demonstrates that austerity programs in Europe, even the Germans are taking to the streets, are not necessarily the answer to what ails us.

  I believe that people are beginning to vote their own self interest as opposed to the interests of the mega rich, and if the behavior of the CEO's, who are making real their threats of firing workers and cutting back hours, the urban vote will be the least of the worries that Republican Party will have to deal with.

 So. Paul Ryan (R-PoopyHead2), I hope you keep missing the point, you may make the next election the one where the party goes by way of the Whigs, as a footnote in history.

 Eso es Así...!!

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