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Parade of Santas mustering in Portland, OR

The holidays are coming and people are making their lists (and checking to see what is made in the U.S.A.).  Here, on Daily Kos, we have a whole bunch of entrepreneurs -- small business people who are providing services and making things right here.  Please support them if you can!

Tonight, we are focusing on gifts for $25 and less.  If you are on the Kos Katalogue and have something to offer in this price range, please give a shout out in the comments below.

Also, check out our Secret Santa list below.  Contributions to the gifts listed maybe in any amount and certainly can be $25 or less!  Click through to the listed diaries to learn how to contribute.  If you would like to nominate someone for a Secret Santa gift from the Kos Katalogue, please send me a message.  

Happy holiday shopping!

BUT FIRST A COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: radical simplicity has started a website for Kossacks to post jobs, resumes, and to find work.  It is called Bloggers and Jobs -- please take a moment to visit!

Arts and Crafts

BaublesnBags has handmade fabric sleeves for ereaders and tablets as well as patchwork bags for other things you might carry.  Find a personal gift here.

Catfish Corner has whimsical, sea-themed ceramic work including tiles, magnets, and dishes.  The proprietor is Kossack catfishbob.

Cedwyn says: I sew and one of the things i make is re-usable gift bags. nice little cloth bags with drawstrings. even the biggest ones aren't but $5 and they can be re-used and re-used and re-used. Contact her through her profile page.

Easy Street Gallery is where you find Kossack flowerfarmer's hand painted ornaments, mermaids, cats, ravens in flight and a bunch more!

Fiberful Things has handsome leather watch bands, hand made by emeraldmaiden's husband. THIS IS OUR STORY

huephoria is where you will find handpainted silks, wearable art, and fine art in acrylic by Kossack simultaneous contrast

Jan4insight has beautiful crocheted accessories including a great selection of cozy winter scarves and afghans, uniquely handmade jewelry, decorated notebooks and journals, and matted prints to dress up your walls. Great gifts for the ladies and teens in your life! Get 10% off your purchase every time - use coupon code KOSSACK at checkout.

Laantigua has purses, pouches, pillows, and other lovely things made from exotic batik fabrics.  Kossack angelamarcos is the artist.

Laughing Coyote Woodworks is fat old man's website.  He makes fireplace bellows and clocks, but over the years has built everything from a rocking alien creature to burial caskets to signs. He loves "oddball" projects.

Lovin Leather is a shop run by emeraldmaiden and hubby -- check here for leather cuffs and watchbands for men!

mytrinkets makes trinkets! (boxes, candle holders, picture frames and more) from colorful stained glass -- sparkly and pretty!

Nature's Friend is Bob X's website.  He makes Birdhouses, Birdfeeders and Bat Houses.  

Rocky River Leather Co. has a number of offerings -- belts, holsters, motorcycle gear and more.  Kossack meagert is the proprietor.  10% off for Kossacks -- call or email him to get the discount.  Custom work available.

Totten Tileworks -- Artisan says: "I work in an incredibly labor intensive way and produce an almost medieval product. I manage this by charging an incredible amount and having a monk's lifestyle. My favorite clients are those of more modest means. When they order, I know they really appreciate my work. I also love it when I can do trades." Check out his amazing work!

Wings: Hands on Silver Beautiful Native American silver work -- and more... THIS IS OUR STORY

Books, Cookbooks, Magazines and Newsletters

asterkitty asterkitty has written two highly-recommended books for artists and other creative folks; Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence and Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks.

Betty Cross (Kossack Kimball Cross) writes sci fi novels.  Two are available as e-books, "Discarded Faces" and "Mistress of the Topaz".

cobart and her husband have written and illustrated a children's e-book, The Shiny Shell, about "A boy and a dolphin on a mission to save the oceans".  THIS IS OUR STORY

Darrowsmith has an ebook on the stigma of mental illness and why that stigma does not serve us, The Lumber Room: Mental Illness in the House of Medicine.  The Kindle version is here and the Nook version is here.

ericlewis0 has a book out, Garbage Flowers, which shows you how to recycle "trash" into flowers and bouquets.  Create beauty from the contents of your junk drawer!

Her Final Year is written by Kossacks Shadan7 (Jim) and GreyHawk (John), with their wives Martha & Kathi, it takes the reader through the caregiving experience through the perspective of the two men, who were primary caregivers for their respective mothers-in-law.  Two of the reviews on Amazon say it all: "Highly recommended for anyone dealing with dementia" and "Good resource also for those not directly involved with dementia related care giving."

Kevvboy lists a novel, Georgia Bottoms

Larime Taylor is writing a series of novellas in the horror genre called "Hellwatch".  You know him here as Kossack The Gimp. THIS IS OUR STORY

melpomene1 writes romance novels and is now working on a mystery novel  -- you can order her work through the link.

Membrana Christian Books is run by Kossack sweettp2063's son.

Ocelopotamus has a couple books for sale.  Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook and What the Sea Means, a collection of poems and monologues.

Patric Juillet's book makes perfect gift giving: Memoirs of a Sardine Lover will transport you to the French Riviera of the mid 20th Century...

quarkstomper illustrated Kathy Stemke's children's book, Trouble on Earth Day

Something the Dog Said's book, A Liberal Sprinkle of Flour, is for anyone who wants to bake, experienced or not.  Is there anything better than freshly baked bread?

Teresa Hill writes romantic suspense, women's fiction and romance.  Here is her Amazon page for print books and a link for e-books.

The Gryffin has illustrated several charming children's books.  Check out The Blizzard Wizard and There Was an Old Auntie and Emma's Rainy Day.  Great gifts for children!

Children’s Department

Pittsboro Toys in Pittsboro, NC, is run by FishOutofWater's daughter -- pay them a visit!

Project Reindeer Games has free computer games for kids.  Kossack MrBigDaddy is behind this project -- read more about it here.

quarkstomperillustrated Kathy Stemke's children's book, Trouble on Earth Day

See Back for Details is a shop for children's t-shirts run by Kossack ydice -- very clever!

SwedishJewfish makes adorable onesies and clothing and accessories for small children -- see pictures here and message her for quotes.  She makes ring slings and cloth diapers, too!

Winglion (Sara R and her sister, Ann) make baby quilts and quilts for small children -- and can make to order.


Acme Fight Club has t-shirts with liberal messages -- also mugs, bumper stickers and more.  Kossack Flint is the proprietor.

BaublesnBags makes clothing for historical reenactment -- find something that will transport you to another time here!

Dorothea's Closet Vintage has vintage clothing from many eras -- all authentic, not reproductions.  Find something lovely and classic here!  Kossack vintage dem is the proprietor. THIS IS OUR STORY

Eileen B has designed OWS t-shirts -- find them here!

Feather Forge has t-shirts -- some with robots on them!  Robots are cool... THIS IS OUR STORY

Graphic Designs is where you can buy t-shirts bearing art by Marko the Werelynx, an American artist living in the Czech Republic.  You can get his designs on coffee mugs, too!

Irony Dreamland is where you will find Kossack Ray Radlein's clever t-shirts -- he has a mousepad, too!

Justina makes underwear.  With a difference.  Her "Safety Deposit Boxers & Bloomers" have hidden but roomy pockets for storing things like cash and valuables.  She says they are good for travel for for attending protests.  You can email her at justinaforjustice at for pictures, price and sizing information.

Lightning Tree Designs is the etsy site of Chun Yang, including hand-dyed silk scarves, hand-dyed pillow covers, cotton scarves, painted/stencilled tee shirts, baby shirts and onesies, kid's tees, painted linen placemats and napkin sets, and crocheted brooches with Czech glass accents.

One Pissed Off Liberal offers hats and t-shirts with a message!

Peregrine Spirit Heartworks is the place where Noor B designs and makes clothing for you -- and she can embroider, as well.  Contact her at for details and pricing. THIS IS OUR STORY

plane apparel is a shop for t-shirts and other clothes with an aviation theme -- Kossack ase is the proprietor.

Priceman Political Prints Now has OWS t-shirts for sale -- all shirts bear illustrations by Kossack priceman himself!

Swirlscape is shop where you can find faerie jewelry and belly dance hip scarves.  Kossack Bright is the proprietor.

Craft Supplies

Blue Heron Gems is a lapidary business -- jewelry makers and/or gem collectors, look here for excellent deals on exquisite cabochons.  Run by Kossack lapidarygal and husband.

Kustom Rides has decal paper for lots of craft uses -- listed here by Kossack bluicebank

Laantigua sells exotic batik fabrics and threads -- run by Kossack angelamarcos.

Electronics is where you can find electronics and electronic design by Tom Stokland.

Your Cable Store is the place for cables for all your electronic things!  If your dog ate your cable, look here for a replacement!  Shop is run by sweettp2063's second son.

Fine Art (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture)

Alibi Fine Art is a gallery for art photography, run by Kossack Woodmann and partner.  If you are in Chicago, drop by!

Art by Michele Wilson is where you will find michelewin's imaginative fantasy art.  Find something romantic for your wall here!  Don't miss Michele's extraordinary photos -- you will find them here.

asterkitty asterkitty has a site for her oil painting. Dark, beautiful, strange and colorful contemporary realist and semi-surrealist oil paintings; featuring plush creatures, stuffed animals, slightly peculiar still-lifes, semi-abstracted landscapes, trees, urbanscapes and fragments of being. There is also a Special Sale page here, with certain paintings being offered at discounted prices to Kossacks and other friends.

BenWill Studio is a place for fine art run by Kossack CarolinW and husband -- have a "walk" through their lovely gallery!

Bigfoot Nature Photography is run by Kossack rhp.  Gorgeous images!  Go see!

boran2 has a shop for fine art paintings in acrylic -- visit his gallery and find something special for your walls!

Changing Woman Photography has lovely images of nature for sale.  If you are in Europe, use this link.  Photos are by Kossack vahana.

cobart is an artist in the Washington, DC area.  You can see her work here and contact her for prices.  She also has an Etsy shop here.  THIS IS OUR STORY

Cooksey Talbott Gallery has stunning landscape photos for sale -- find beauty here!

Daniel Marks Art is the website of Kossack sciencegirl's husband.  Beautiful work in mixed media is in the gallery -- contact Daniel Marks through the website for prices.

Dario Bisecco is a handicapped artist producing very vibrant work in Italy.  Message his mother, Donna in Rome, to purchase some of his work.

David Woodward Gallery is the place for watercolor fine art -- landscapes, custom portraits, and pet portraits are available.  Kossack DavidW is the artist.

Dayspring Images is the etsy site of Kossack desertguy, who does beautiful nature photography from the desert Southwest.

Deviant Arts is Bob X's page where you will find select fine art prints for sale. If you see something you want but is not available let him know and he'll make it so.

dish your walls by Kossack LivesInAShoe is a shop for contemporary prints for your kitchen walls! THIS IS OUR STORY

don mikulecky's watercolor paintings are available at Mathews ART Gallery -- ask for his work!

Fat Cat Design Studio offers beautiful, fine art photos -- by Kossack Debby

Hawaii Loves Art is a shop with lovely, tropical batik and digital art inspired by the islands of Hawaii -- by Kossack Msongs

Henry Gallery is ms scarlett leadpipe's site for her paintings.  Do stop by!

huephoria is where you will find handpainted silks, wearable art, and fine art in acrylic by Kossack simultaneous contrast

Imagekind is kpeddicord's website where prints of his work can be purchased. If you see something on my site that isn't currently available on Imagekind, let him know and he'll upload and make it available!

Inner Planet Artworks is where you can find the imaginative pen and ink drawings of Kossack wino -- very interesting work!

James Craig Photography has fine art B&W Photography by qua with a BOOK coming out "The Moon has been Eaten" – Images from a Year on Easter Island.  

Kurtoons Online -- get a cartoon from quarkstomper -- send him a photograph and he will turn it into a cartoon for you!

Larime Taylor is "a disabled artist. I draw and paint with my mouth, mostly portraits and caricatures, as well as pets." You know him here as Kossack The Gimp. THIS IS OUR STORY

Les Barstow Photography is a wonderful place for gorgeous nature photography -- check it out!

Lyne Art is where you can find the fine art of Kossack dot farmer and his wife.  Contact them through the website to enquire about purchasing their lovely work.

Liv Rainey Smith makes art with a Lovecraft theme, wife of Kossack maxomai

Marko the Werelynx painted a piece called "St Gracie's" for the people of Street Prophets -- there are still prints available! is Crashing Vor's GF's site.  He assures us that his GF's site is well worth a look for fine art!

Petuniaz is a shop for gorgeous macro photography -- it is run by Kossack doodlebug

RhodaA is an artist with prints to sell (Giclee or paper) -- click to see!  There are also original oil paintings in her gallery.

rserven's dazzling and compelling graphics are available on a number of products here.

Studio2C is where you will find Kossack cherie clark's poster style open edition Giclee prints and limited edition fine art Giclee prints. She has a wide variety of subjects from animals sports landscapes available.

Susan S. Birdwell Fine Art is the site of Kossack RantNRaven.  She says, "I am a professional fine artist with oil, acrylic, and prismacolor paintings in portraiture and figures, wildlife, landscapes and cityscapes and drawings in various media.  I have signed and numbered archival prints of my work and I also do clay sculptures.  Please visit my website!"  Contact her through her website or at

Wings: Hands on Silver is not just for jewelry -- Wings also is an art photographer! THIS IS OUR STORY

wolfhub is a fine artist in the DC area.  He has a new Etsy shop for his work here.  THIS IS OUR STORY

Food and Drink

Alsea Acre offers delicious Oregon goat cheese -- and you can get it by mail!  Oregon Gal is the owner.

Kitsap River makes very special jams -- such as chocolate blackberry, apricot vanilla, and apricot ginger marmalade.  Jars are $10 + shipping.  Message her for currently available flavors.

Household Sundries

dish your walls by Kossack LivesInAShoe is a shop for contemporary prints for your kitchen walls!  Shop for kitchen decor here. THIS IS OUR STORY

Laughing Coyote Woodworks is fat old man's shop.  He makes fireplace bellows and clocks, but over the years has built everything from a rocking alien creature to burial caskets to signs. He loves "oddball" projects.

Mixed Media Studio, run by Kossack Poz, is a place to find gorgeous fused glass plates and bowls for your home.

Native Twig Furniture is where you can find unique furniture with an elegant and organic design.  With her help, sewaneepat's husband makes these beauties largely from wood from their property.

Niecy's Antiques is a bricks and mortar antique shop in central Texas owned by postmodernista (equidistant from Dallas and San Antonio, and from Abilene and Austin).  She has many interesting and beautiful items for your home -- and she ships!  Contact postmodernista if you are looking for something in particular.

New 2 You Vacuums, run by emeraldmaiden's hubby, is the place to go to have your vacuum serviced, rebuilt, or to find parts.  He specializes in Kirby, Electrolux, Rainbow, Kenmore, and Tristar, with occasional forays into Riccar, Eureka, and Hoover machines.  Don't throw that vacuum out, make it good as new! THIS IS OUR STORY

Peregrine Spirit Heartworks is the place where Noor B offers placemats (quilted or woven), kitchen mitts, duvets, drapes and valences.  Contact her at for details and pricing. THIS IS OUR STORY

Primeau's Purls offers handmade seasonal wreaths, fleece blankets, and knitted afghans for your home.  Shop is run by Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN's housemate.

Sassy Sisters Soap is where you can find lovely soaps as well as natural cleaning products.  Run by Kossack celestina!

Washi Lights is doesnotworkorplaywellwithothers' gallery of handmade lampshades.  Like a magic lantern, they glow with color -- go take a look!

Winglion and/or Sara R will gladly make quilts for you -- or quilted tablerunners.  A lap throw might be the perfect gift for an older relative.   Contact them through Kos Mail. Or visit their Etsy shop.

Yankee Scents offers potpourri and scented oils to perfume your home, run by Kossack The Finite Times.


asterkitty has lovely beaded jewelry for sale.  The colors glow like the panes of stained glass windows!  

ArtWareNY is Kossack mememb's shop for the lovely, one-of-a-kind jewelry she makes.  Here you will find creations made with exotic silver beads, semi-precious stones, art brooches crafted from felt, and more.  Kossacks may contact her through the website for a 20% discount.

Blue Heron Gems is a lapidary business -- jewelry makers and/or gem collectors, look here for excellent deals on exquisite cabochons.  Run by Kossack lapidarygal and husband.

doodlebug is helping the women of Uganda sell their wonderful paper bead jewelry.  Check it out here -- a purchase will help brighten some lives in a place where living is very difficult.

edrie makes custom designed jewelry out of high grade pearls and jade and natural stones (amethyst, garnet, lapis lazuli and more).  She specializes in birthstone and healing stones.

fascinated finery is a shop with unusual jewelry made from leather and found objects -- very artistic!

Feather Forge offers the lightest of wire and bead jewelry.  It's a little's a little elven.  Check it and see! THIS IS OUR STORY

Jill Richardson is making earrings from seeds she collected in the Amazon rainforest and from feathers from her backyard flock.  Lovely, light, and easy to wear!

Jody's Creations has silver jewelry with lots of sparkle.  Find crystals, amber, marcasite, and more -- many pieces with a vintage feel.  Kossack Its any one guess is the proprietor.

Lightening Tree Designs is now carrying crocheted earrings, a fascinating new accessory!  They come in bright colors, too!

Melinda Downey Jewelry is a shop run by Kossack Lorinda Pike.  She makes handmade silver jewelry that shines with lots of accents of gemstone beads, charms, and shimmery drops.  Lovely and unique!

Michele's Jewelry has a lovely array of beaded necklaces by michelewin.  Message her for prices!

Mixed Media Studio, run by Kossack Poz, offers eclectic jewelry, some with a very contemporary look, and some that is charmingly Steam Punk!  He uses a mix of Sterling Silver, Titanium, Niobium, Glass, Rubber and Mokome-Gane (Wood-Grained Metals in Silver,Gold,and traditional Japanese precious metal alloys) in his creations.  See also his website for more samples of his work is now carrying bolo tie necklaces featuring sculpted, tiny devils and pearls in addition to larger sculptures -- unique art that you can wear.

North Star Armoury is a jewelry shop with beautiful necklaces with a feel of ancient times.  Kossack Alice Venturi and husband are the proprietors. THIS IS OUR STORY

Slipstream Blue is a jewelry shop run by hyperbolic pants explosion.  She offers coupons codes!  KOSHOLIDAY gets you 30% off through the end of December.  KOSKATALOG gets you 10% off all through the rest of the year.

stringsnsuch is a shop with gossamer silver jewelry by Kossack mayrose

Swirlscape is shop where you can find faerie jewelry and belly dance hip scarves.  Kossack Bright is the proprietor.

Windthin, run by Kossack allergywoman and her husband, sells hand-made jewelry, ably assisted by their feathered family members.

Wings: Hands on Silver Exquisite Native American silver jewelry by Wings -- the beautiful spirit in this jewelry is palpable.  Treat yourself or someone you love! THIS IS OUR STORY


Acme Fight Club has t-shirts with liberal messages -- also mugs, bumper stickers and more.  Kossack Flint is the proprietor.

Eileen B offers t-shirts and stickers with political themes -- lots of OWS stuff here!

Graphic Designs is where you can buy coffee mugs and sleeves for electronics (iPads, laptops, etc.), coasters and more  bearing art by Marko the Werelynx, an American artist living in the Czech Republic.  You can get his designs on t-shirts, too!

Ring of Fire Enterprises is the place to go for Flying Spaghetti Monster, Pirate Fish and Darwin Fish car emblems, magnets, jewelry, belt buckles, messenger bags, flags, etc. -- run by Kossack fishwars

rserven's dazzling and compelling graphics are available on a number of products here.

Shakludanto designs games.  At that link, you will find a card game called "The Mother Lode of Sticky Gulch" and a role playing game called "StoryCards".  Shakludanto is working on a new one, too...

SwedishJewfish does digital scrapbooking -- send her a message on Kos Mail to enquire.

Music, CDs, DVDs

Crashing Vor's music is available here and here.

critton hollow is the Web site of Kossack Joealan, selling CDs of both vocal and instrumental traditional music.

Gotham Wind Symphony is "a group of 45 NYC top-flight, liberal, union musicians who've played with: Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Kanye West, Queen Latifah, Wayne Shorter, New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, etc. and have created 3 CDs worth of beautiful music, both familiar and original that sounds like free-thinking America."  Kossack slooterdam is the leader and conductor! is where you can purchase all five of Julie Water's CDs via digital download, but you can also get one of them, Paths of Flight, via physical copy as well. is a website where you can find music by Kossack PianoGuy, including a musical in progress, "Iron and Gold", about robber baron Jay Gould and labor leader Martin Irons.

RhodaA writes music -- and you can find her work at this link!

Saint Euphoria is the site for 1950's style sci fi/horror films, described by Kossack SaintEuphoria as "safe for kids but not made specifically for them (although kids are a big portion of the fanbase). They have screened all over the world and have a growing cult following surrounding them."  Somebody get the popcorn ready!

Team Love mostly release music (LPs, CDs, digital) but partnered recently with film maker Roy Germano last year to release the DVD version of Roy's film, "The Other Side of Immigration." The film focuses on telling the stories and exploring the reasons why people migrate from Mexico and has been well received. You can check out the film at Team Love's website.

WhenInRome has a large collection of vinyl recordings -- jazz, classical and more.  He has a lot of vintage radios, and some instruments for sale, as well.  Message him to see if he has a recording you are looking for.

Pet Department

Creature Comforts is a pet sitting service in NW Indiana.  Let Kossack HoosierDeb take care of your furbabies while you are away...

David Woodward Gallery will produce a custom watercolor portrait of a pet from a photo.  Talk about a unique and special gift!

Henry's Healthy Pets has natural foods for hamsters, rats, mice, flying squirrels, and all squirrel species.  It is best quality.  Site listed by Kossack deerskie.

Larime Taylor is "a disabled artist. I draw and paint with my mouth, mostly portraits and caricatures, as well as pets." You know him here as Kossack The Gimp. THIS IS OUR STORY

Pawsitive Vybe is a place for canine themed art, online training for dog sports such as Dog Frisbee, "Disc Dog Bed and Breakfast" for in person dog training over a weekend, and more!  Kossack k9disc and wife are the proprietors.

Peregrine Spirit Heartworks is the place where Noor B makes dog coats.  Contact her at for details and pricing. THIS IS OUR STORY

Pootie Pads are small, catnip filled quilts for cats -- good for many behavioral issues and lots of fun for the cats.  Made by Sara R and her sister, Ann.  Aromatherapy for your feline friends! A new, petite version of the Pootie Pad is available here -- good for kittens and small spaces where you might want some catnip. THIS IS OUR STORY

Sturdi Products manufactures products for traveling pets and their people. The site has been managed by Kossack Pendell for seven years, following a long nursing career.

Zen Trainer has a blog, Zen Paws, that covers a number of cat and dog training and behavior issues.  Check there for free information and also rates for private consultation.


Aji is a freelance writer for hire -- send her a message for a quote on her services!

asterkitty asterkitty offers graphic design services, with experience in designing and producing a wide range of print and presentation materials, for an equally diverse clientele from individual artists to non-profits, municipalities, universities and corporations on all kinds of visual-based projects. Her web design and development portfolio is here too.

David B. Livingstone can help you with communication.  He says, "I'm a copywriter, content strategist, and business communications consultant. In practice, what that means is that I do everything from developing CMS-based websites to writing sixty-page white papers on logistics and ghostwriting bios and business books. And of course articles, ads, proposals, business plans, and whatever else requires words."  Get clear here!

Great Lakes Liberal works in a non-Wall Street investment firm.  Send him a message for more info.

Jan4insight is a professional intuitive -- click link for info on how to order a reading!  Here is Jan's blog which contains all her listings.  

Jan4insight also offers freelance writing, editing, proofreading and related services.   She says, "I specialize in SEO-friendly website and blog content, product descriptions, and PR material such as brochures, as well as ghostwriting. I'm not cheap, but I'm good. If interested, send me a Kosmail with a description of your project."

KibbutzAmiad is a CPA in the Chicago area -- check here for help with tax returns, business plans, quarterly reports, etc.!

labradog inspects workboats and pleasure boats in the Chesapeake Bay area.  Message him if he can be of help.

LGA Creative is a marketing firm in Portland, OR that specializes in work for small business.  Get logos, ads, websites, and more here at very reasonable rates!

mdmslle can help you with advertising trailers in the following ways.  See here and here for samples of what here studio can do with trailers for books.  Here is her corporate website -- through it, she can help with web or TV ads.  The studio can do web design and graphics for collateral material such as CD labels and flyers.

One bite at a time can help you with bookkeeping if you are in the Madison, WI area or training in Quickbooks software (training can be in person or remotely) -- message for info!

Oye Sancho is a bookkeeper and accountant.  "I offer professional-level bookkeeping and accounting services.  I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area but can work remotely for clients anywhere.  Potential clients can contact me via a DK message."

Patrick St. John is a graphic designer, filmmaker, writer, and organizer based in Boston. He designs primarily for clients involved in the small business, education, non-profit, and social justice sectors.  Firm owned by Kossack Liberaltarian.

Peter Herb is an attorney in NYC with practice in real estate law, estate law, and business law.  If you need an experienced litigator in NY, check him out.  THIS IS OUR STORY

Powell & Associates is an environmental science consulting firm with long experience.  If you need strategic planning on an environmental solution, data analysis, litigation support or other services relating to an environmental problem, check here.  Kossack ChemBob runs the firm.

rubyr has twenty-five years experience copy editing, fact-checking, researching and proofreading for international law firms and pharmaceutical/medical education advertising agencies in New York City.  She can work for you via the Internet, in a timely fashion, on jobs sent from anywhere in the world.  Kos mail her for more info and rates.

Sultans of Schlep will help you move!  More than that, they have a decluttering service (very helpful before a move) -- now that might be the perfect gift for the person who truly has everything!  The Sultans serve the Philadelphia*San Francisco*Seattle area. is where Kossack sister777 offers a healing modality.  She says, "ThetaHealing® is deep work that allows you to discover what hidden beliefs or programs are the cause of your lack of wholeness, health and prosperity.
For those brave enough to look within and review the programming errors, a whole new experience awaits.  Discount for Kossacks!"

Zen Trainer does in person and phone consultations on anything pertaining to dogs and cats; including training, behavior problems, and natural health care. Zen

Software and Webdesign

asterkitty asterkitty can help you with professional website design and development. She writes, “I do custom Dreamweaver sites. Most of my clientele are other artists, various non-profits, small businesses and colleges. My rates are super-reasonable.”

k9disc can help you put up a website to sell your wares.

LGA Creative is a marketing firm in Portland, OR that specializes in work for small business.  Get logos, ads, websites, and more here at very reasonable rates!

MoLoSo Mobile Apps will make a mobile app for your business at an affordable cost!  Run by Kossack Bionic.

ORGANIZE! is software by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal -- it is free while it is being beta tested.

Patrick St. John is a web & graphic designer based out of Boston specializing in progressive non-profits, political candidates, and small businesses.  Firm is run by Kossack Liberaltarian.

Project Reindeer Games has free computer games for kids.  Kossack MrBigDaddy is behind this project -- read more about it here.

Sporting Goods

College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles, two bicycle stores in Maryland, are run by Kossack Lujane.  Mt. Airy Bicycles specializes in tandems and recumbent bikes and trikes.  Healthy transportation!

Stationery (Notecards, Etc.)

Changing Woman Photography has lovely images of nature for sale -- and they are available as notecards.  If you are in Europe, use this link.  Photos are by Kossack vahana.

Chickadee Cards by Julie Waters is a place for greeting and note cards - take a look!

Jan4insight makes mini journals and cards -- click to see a selection!  She also has this site for calendars, mousepads, cards, and more.  Here is Jan's blog which has more listings.

mytrinkets offers greeting cards with a pootie theme!

One Pissed Off Liberal offers dreamy posters for your wall...

Petuniaz has notecards featuring beautiful macro photography

SanJoseLady makes handmade notecards and other stationery items -- and she can make to order.  Contact by messaging her here or through her blog, After Hours Stamper.

Yarn, Knitting, Crochet and Weaving

Jan4insight crochets -- click the link to see her shawls, scarves, and more!  Here is Jan's blog for more of her listings.

Lorelei & Tracy's Yarn and Vintage Shop is a place for crocheted items -- hats, scarves, doilies, and more! THIS IS OUR STORY

Lovin Leather is emeraldmaiden's shop for her yummy hand spun yarns.  Ask her to knit something for you!  Her designs are stunning. THIS IS OUR STORY

Monkeyhooks is a shop run by FloridaSNMOM, Caedy, and FloridaSNMOM's young daughter -- check it out for clever crochet gift items!  THIS IS OUR STORY

stringsnsuch is a shop where you can find woven fiber art by Kossack mayrose -- unusual and lovely!

Two Siberians Fiber Arts has sumptuous hand spun yarns and knitted items.  Kossack ceriboo makes them for you!

Warped makes beautiful, handwoven textiles!  The link is to her blog where it is easy to contact her...

Weaverville Woolens is where trinityfly sells her handspun yarns and woven goods -- beautiful!

Willie Ru Designs is where you will find Kossack Fineena's gorgeous hand crocheted scarves, shawls, and cowls.  Very chic!

If you would like to be added to the Katalogue, please give us your information in a comment: company name (or yours), contact (website, etsy, FB, etc.) and a little bit about your product or service. We will get it into the next Kos Katalogue diary and on the FaceBook page for the Katalogue.

And/or you can go directly to the Facebook page and put your info on our Wall.

If you have an Etsy shop, you are invited to join the Kos Katalogue Etsy Team.

David Kelly Gallery Kos Banner

photo from wikipedia

Whisper your Secret Santa list -- to be posted here:

betson08 (earrings by Wings)  DIARY HERE
Chacounne (a lavender quilt by Winglion Quilts)  DIARY HERE
emeraldmaiden (two Pootie Pads)  DIARY HERE
llbear (watercolor painting by David Woodward) DIARY HERE
Nurse Kelley (jam by Kitsap River)
peregrine kate (jewelry by Wings)  DIARY HERE
racheltracks (a lavender quilt by Winglion Quilts)  DIARY HERE
Sara R (watercolor painting by David Woodward)  DIARY HERE
swampyankee (two Pootie Pads) DIARY HERE
triciawyse (two Pootie Pads)  DIARY HERE
triciawyse (jewelry from Mayrose's shop, stringsnsuch) DIARY HERE
winglion (pendant by Wings)  DIARY HERE
ZenTrainer (jewelry by Wings)  DIARY HERE

Originally posted to Kos Katalogue on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 05:10 PM PST.

Also republished by Positive Intention and Lovingkindness, DKOMA, and Street Prophets .

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