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Last week was meh, went 8-6 for an overall record of 82-47. There is no unbeaten team, only Zuul. I’m thinking last weekend was a version of Last QB Standing because some went down, including a few for playoff hopefuls. The AFC playoff race seems clear at the moment while all kinds of things can happen in the NFC.

On to the picks:

Miami Dolphins (4-5) at Buffalo Bills (3-6) - Surprising, but Rebuilding at Overpaid
I feel for the NFL Network with the level of games they’ve had this season. Miami has hope for the future and the Bills need to find a blueprint for one. The Dolphins got whipped last week while the Bills whiffed. I will have to flip a coin. Pick: Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) at Houston Texans (8-1) – Just AWFUL at Great Expectations
 The Texans won a mudder in Chicago. The Jags are awful. They have lots of injuries and few answers. Texans will want to put this away early because they play first on Thanksgiving. This is a major mismatch and not a trap game because these teams don’t like each other. Admiral Ackbar can stay asleep for this game. Pick: Texans

Arizona Cardinals (4-5) at Atlanta Falcons (8-1) – Flightless birds at Prove it in the Post Season
 The Falcons have played with trouble all season and it caught up to them. The Cards are in freefall. I expect the Falcons to be focused and put this game away early. Cards have major issues and this won’t be pretty. I am still wondering how long it will be before the Cards need another QB.  Pick: Falcons

Cleveland Browns (2-7) at Dallas Cowboys (4-5) – Not as Bad as We Think at Egomaniacs
 The Cowboys are actually in a position to make a run…No Really! However, they are their own worst enemy. Each game is an elimination game for them from here on out. The Browns are bad, but they play hard. They don’t have enough to win though. Pick: Cowboys (Bleck!)

Green Bay Packers (6-3) at Detroit Lions (4-5) - They’re BACK! at Who Knows this Week?
 The Packers are a very good team, but they have injury issues. The Lions are confused as a team. They want to be the bad boys, but aren’t doing a very good job of it, so they’re bad in the wrong way. They too are fighting to stay in the race for the playoffs. The Pack knocks that notion down. Pick: Packers

Cincinnati Bengals (4-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) - Slumped Sophomores at Terrible
 The Chiefs are bad, but they are competing. The Bengals seem to be getting it together. They might be able to pull off a playoff berth if the Colts or Steelers stumble. But that requires something they don’t have – consistency. However, .500 is theirs today. Pick: Bengals

Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) at Washington -------- (3-6) - Bye Andy at Bye Mike?
 Andy Reid is pretty much gone now, but is Mike Shanahan too? This game means nothing except a game check and to see some rookie QBs play. RG3 can add to his stats and the Eagles can see if their rookie can play. The better rookie QB wins. Pick: Dan Snyder’s toy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-4) at Carolina Panthers (2-7) – Pillaging Pirates at Toothless kitties
 I didn’t expect these teams to be in these positions when the season started. The Bucs are good solid team and their QB has come back to life. Super Cam on the other had has had a steady diet of Kryptonite which has rendered him powerless. The Panthers may get an extreme makeover if this keeps up. Pick: Buccaneers

NY Jets (3-6) at St. Louis Rams (3-5-1) – Media Hos at Rebuilding Rollercoaster
 The Jets are imploding. I’m not a Tebow fan, but blaming him for that terrible team is like blaming the CPA for telling you you’re broke. He didn’t do it. The Rams are hard to figure out, but they should get this one because the jets are too busy fighting each other to worry about another team. Pick: Rams

New Orleans Saints (4-5) at Oakland Raiders (3-6) – Maybe this Year at Clueless by the Bay
 The Saints are climbing out of that hole. The Raiders are stuck in their black hole. I’m not saying the Saints make the playoff, but I’m saying they aren’t dead yet. No need to start looking for zombies around New Orleans. The Raiders are a mess every year. Will they fire this coach? Will they have a draft pick this time? Will they ever win again? Pick: Saints

San Diego Chargers (4-5) at Denver Broncos (6-3) – Beach Bums at Peyton’s Place
 Norv is leaving soon. Peyton has his team humming along. Rivers has fallen off the map as a QB and taken his team with him. The Broncos found a working Peyton on the scrap heap and have moved close to elite status. The Broncos will end the Chargers’ misery. Pick: Broncos

Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at New England Patriots (6-3) – Amazing Luck at the Empire
 Heavyweight bout one on the card for this weekend. The Colts hold the five seed currently in the AFC. The Empire looks vulnerable. Sith wannabe McDaniels seems to have found a groove in the play calling. I really like the Colts, even though they are in the Texans’ division, but not sure they can hang here all game. Pick: Empire

Baltimore Ravens (7-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) – Might be Contenders at Old & Rusty
 The Ravens have to have their offense clicking to win currently. The Steelers are without Big Ben this game. This is heavyweight bout two on the card. This game can place the Ravens in command of the AFC North or hand it over to the Steelers. The Ravens D isn’t what it used to be – neither are the Steelers. Pick: Ravens

Chicago Bears (7-2) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1) – Midway Maulers at We will Crush You!
 A tie? Really? A TIE! The Bears get to face another tough D and against a team that has something to prove. Cutler is injured and that hurts the team significantly. This is heavyweight bout three for the slate of games and should be a good one. Bears D against Niners D. I think the 49er O will get a few more points. Pick: 49ers

Bye: Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle

Note: I am triple stacked with meetings so it may be awhile before I can chime in.


Which coach is in the most danger of getting fired?

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