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I am your best customer. I can't cook, at all. As a result, I eat out quite a bit. Way too much, in fact. I'm not the casual customer who shows up once a month. I'm the regular who comes in three to four times a week. Or, at least, I was.

When you tell me you are manipulating hours to avoid providing healthcare to your employees, what you are really telling me is that you don't care about my health. You are telling me that you believe it is perfectly acceptable for sick people to handle my food. In fact, if you are cutting people's hours back, not only are you preventing them from getting health care, but you are also increasing the likelihood that a sick person will come to work and touch my food, because they now really can't afford to stay home.

This does not lead to a positive association with you, your establishment, or your food. It leads to me imagining someone with Swine Flu coughing all over my pizza. It leads to me imagining myself not being able to work, because the person you refused to provide healthcare for has made me sick. Most importantly, it leads to me not wanting to eat out at all. Not just at your establishment, but anywhere.

So, I suppose I should thank you. In the last couple of weeks, since you've been speaking out, I've cut way back on how much I eat out. In fact, I haven't eaten out at all. I'm trying to cook more, because all the thoughts of sick people touching my food has made me fearful of all restaurants. I somehow doubt I am the only one.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I will not be eating anywhere that tells me they are willing to manipulate hours to avoid giving their employees healthcare. Not just for as long as you hold this position, but forever. I'd rather learn to cook myself and stay home.


A Fast Food Addict

PS. To Papa John specifically. To fully drive this point home. I am a single person who typically orders a small or medium pizza. In the last two years, I have earned 143 Papa John points. Including 18 points in my account right now. That 18 points will never reach 25 again.

Originally posted to Posh (and not so Posh) Thoughts on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 10:11 AM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions and Daily Kos Classics.

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